How to Seduce Dominican Girls

After spending a significant amount of time in the Dominican Republic, I found that the best and easiest way to hook up with HOT DOMINICAN GIRLS is by using Dominican Cupid Dating Site. I wanted to share with you my affinity for Dominican girls and how to seduce them. I absolutely loved my time in the country and I will be back. While the Dominican Republic is not perfect and Dominican women have their weaknesses – I find the country to be the best one I’ve visited thus far.

What are Dominican women Like?

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The Dominican Republic is an interesting country. The country is predominately black, but the vast majority of the people have some type of mixed blood. This means you’ll find women who are pale white and women who are dark black in the country. I’d never been a fan of black chicks, but damn – the DR changed me. I now consider myself an equal opportunity lover. However, my favorites tend to be the mixed and light skin girls.

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While you shouldn’t visit the Dominican Republic if you don’t at least like light skin or mixed black chicks, you’ll be surprised at how attractive some of the black girls can be. If you ever found yourself attracted to late-90’s and early 2000’s rap video girls (the thick, light skin ones) – you’ll love Dominican women.

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For me – it was incredible.

Dominican Cupid made it like shooting fish in barrel. The girls just wanted me.

The Bachelors Guide to Central Amerca  will help your Travels as well as Hooking Up with Hot Latinas

For me – it was incredible.

Dominican Girls


Dominicanas come in all shapes and sizes. They do tend to be a bit “thicker” on average than most women though. The one thing I literally came to love about Dominican women is that almost all of them looked even better naked than with their clothes on. She would look like a “six” online and when we went out on a date, but when I got her naked…

Sweet baby Jesus! Their natural bodies are hard to beat. If a Dominican woman looks good in clothes, you can bet she’ll look better naked.

Logistics for Seduction, Dominican Cupid made it easy

The Dominican Republic is a fairly small country. If you’re visiting the country to seduce Dominican girls, you’ll be deciding between staying in Santo Domingo and Santiago. I’d highly recommend Santo Domingo over Santiago. While many will argue with me, if you’re inexperienced dealing with Dominican women, then you should start in Santo Domingo.

In Santo Domingo, you can stay in a few areas. Most tourists on a budget will stay near or in Zona Colonial. This is a perfectly fine location, especially if you are on a budget. If you are on a short trip, but you have money – you should try to stay on the Malecon. If you stay on the Malecon, you’ll want to have a pool at your hotel or apartment.

If you plan to seduce Dominican women for three to six months, then you should try to find a place in Piantini. If you find a monthly rental with a pool in Piantini, you will have your choice of sexy Dominicanas. This could be costly, but you can find a great place in the area with some research. Boots on the ground may be required.

How to Seduce Dominican Girls

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Every person I met in the Dominican Republic who wanted to meet chicks was able to seduce Dominican women. The women are not difficult, but they are not that easy either. The one thing you should always avoid in the Dominican Republic is appearing broke. As the country is very broke, I found that all Dominican girls value money. You should at least appear to have some. Don’t ever ask her to pay. If you can afford it, you should stay somewhere with a pool.

Online Game

You’ll find Dominicanas on nearly every online dating site you could imagine. The girls often have nothing to do all day, so they sit online and message men. This makes Santo Domingo a great city for online dating. The best sites in the Dominican Republic to seduce Dominican girls are:

While I personally preferred the girls on Tinder, there are many more women on Badoo and Dominican Cupid. You should open girls online in English on OkCupid, Tinder, or if she has English somewhere in her profile. You should open in Spanish on all other occasions. If you look Dominican, then you should usually open in English.

P.S. While I did very well on Tinder in the Dominican Republic, most men prefer to use Dominican Cupid. If you’re looking to date or hook up some hot Dominican girls, Dominican Cupid is probably the best place to meet them. You absolutely need to use the site if you're on a short stay (one to two weeks).

While it'll cost you some cash, Dominican Cupid is definitely worth the investment.

Day Game

You should be approaching during the day in the Dominican Republic. Girls are incredibly receptive to a quick chat. While online game may be king in Santo Domingo, you’ll reap great benefits from day game as well. Here are my top five day game spots in Santo Domingo, in no particular order:

  • Agora Mall
  • Mega Centro Mall
  • UASD (large university)
  • Calle Duarte, near Chinatown
  • El Conde

Find out which spots you like the best and start seducing some Dominican girls.

Night Game, Dominican Girl

Nightlife isn’t great in Santo Domingo, but it’s not atrocious either. Through a fuck ton of trial and error, I did find some good spots.

  • In Zona Colonial

There are a ton of bars and clubs here. However, most of them are not great for pick up. Scratch that – most of them blow if you’re trying to run night game. Feel free to form your own opinions, but the only club Zoom and I consistently went to when we didn’t have girls on our arms was…

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Onnos: Fucking Onnos is a goldmine. However, I began running into too many chicks I had banged at the place as my time in the DR went on. Thursday is ladies night. Fridays and Saturdays are good. This is the best spot to pick up in Zona Colonial. The girls here love foreign men.

  • Outside Zona Colonial

I had some luck gaming in the center of the city at night, but it was sporadic. Here are some places I liked:

Sexy dominicana


75 Grados: This is the best club in the city for pick up – if it’s not too packed. My favorite night that I didn’t get laid in the DR was here when it wasn’t too packed. If you enjoy grinding then this is your spot. I dry humped more fat black chicks here than I had in my entire life before, but I was laughing the whole time and had a blast. I banged a chick from here. The blender slushy drinks are a lot of fun…

Zambra: This is a small club that’s frequented by people with money. Bring good game here or you won’t pull. I always at least grabbed a number here. The best place to approach is on the smokers patio in the front. Most of the girls who don’t have men buying them drinks chill there and it’s quiet enough to talk. I banged a chick from here too. Half euro/ half Dominican Wink

Mamma: This is the hottest club in the city right now. I never went because it’s one huge square and unless you buying bottles – it’s going to be rough. If you have some money for a bottle, I’d surmise it would be great.

While it'll cost you some cash, Dominican Cupid is definitely worth the investment.

La Barrica in Piantini: Usually started my nights out in the center here with Zoom or El Conquistador. It’s an ok spot to get some warm up approaches in and grab a number. You’ll have to comfortable opening groups though, but most of them are friendly.

La Barrica in Mega Centro: This bar is in the ghetto mall and has a ladies night on Thursday. I’ve never been, but I heard good things. Just be careful and don’t bring your phone.

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Overall Seducing Dominican girls

Seducing Dominican girls isn’t too difficult. While Santo Domingo isn’t as easy of a city to get laid in as Lima, Peru – you can do some damage here. Overall, if you love girls who look good naked while having average faces – you’ll love Dominican women. I’m a huge fan of Dominicanas and will be back in the Dominican Republic again.

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