Review: The Sovereign Man By Maverick Traveler

Another one of my favorite books in 2014 was The Sovereign Man by Maverick Traveler, a longtime Manosphere blogger.

The book details Maverick’s life philosophies on masculinity, women, money, and more. And while I occasionally harp on books that do not contain much actionable advice, The Sovereign Man was a great book without distilling too much specific or actionable advice.

This is due to the way Maverick breaks down his philosophies on life and love. Instead of telling you what he thinks about a topic, the book dives deep into stories from Maverick’s life that displays his thoughts.

sm-cover-smallMaverick shares tales from all over the world about his life and of great men he has encountered. He details why he has been successful in certain ventures while failing in many others. Then he breakdown why some ventures succeed and some fail.

Maverick then parallels this information to the dating world. He uses stories from his love life to show men what it looks like when a woman values you and what it looks like when she doesn’t.

One of the main tenants of the book was the chapter on value. The Sovereign Man breaks down exactly how men become a man of value instead of being a “cookie-cutter office drone chode” that we often associate with the modern western male lifestyle.

I also especially enjoyed the chapter on time. After reading the book and reflexing on this chapter, I realized while traveling I prioritize my time much differently than at home in the States.

While traveling I make meeting and seducing women one of my priorities, however when at home this is not the case. My priorities change. I value the time I spend working on my businesses and the time I spend with family and friends more so than the time I spending seducing women. The Sovereign Man helped me to come to clarify this realization.

Lastly, if you are struggling to live life on your own terms then you need to check this book out. The chapter Maverick wrote about entitlement shows men that we are all entitled to more, yet we are only entitled to what we believe. Any man that is not taking the ball by the horns in 2015 needs to at the very least read this chapter of The Sovereign Man.

If you’re looking for a well-written and mature take on masculinity from a man who has been living a life of option and abundance, I highly recommend The Sovereign Man.

Grab a copy here.

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