Review: Red Pill Dominance By Jeremy Sploosh

Variety is the spice of life…or is it?

After reading Jeremy Sploosh’s first book Red Pill Dominance, I was left questioning the basis of my sexual existence. As Roosh had previously noted, being a notch collector can only provide so much happiness. Yet, most women simply are not worthy of a relationship in any way, shape, or form.

No one seemed to have a solution for finding a happy medium between monogamy and being a full-time playboy. Sploosh attempted to fill this gap when he created Red Pill Dominance.

Red Pill Dominance is a book about completely and utterly dominating the mind, body, and soul of any women you choose to date. Red Pill Dominance provides readers with actionable advice on how to do so while telling the story of Sploosh’s relationship with his main, Kaitlyn.

Sploosh dives deep into how he trained Kaitlyn to be a perfect “girlfriend” and even allows Kaitlyn to give her take on certain actions Sploosh explains. By adding Kaitlyn’s excerpt, Sploosh gives readers a look deep into the mind of a woman. Instead of simply taking Sploosh’s word, you get to hear from the source that the methods described in Red Pill Dominance have the desired effect.

The basic tenants of great sex are covered in Red Pill Dominance. From choking, to spanking, to dirty talk; Sploosh gives you a detailed guide to ensure you fuck your woman senseless. But, Sploosh doesn’t stop there…

Jeremy covers squirting orgasms, frame control, and more. If you need just one reason to buy Red Pill Dominance, the section on only allowing your girl to cum when she asks is well worth the money by itself. A topic new to me and one I am anxious to test out soon, Sploosh’s main rule is that any woman he engages in cotius with must ask permission to cum. If they do not, they are punished or banished.

One of my favorite parts of Red Pill Dominance was on punishment. I’ve always enjoyed punishing women I date, both physically and emotionally. Not in a sadistic manner, but in a similar manner as Sploosh describes. However, Sploosh has laid out a “how-to” guide on how to properly punish your woman. Red Pill Dominance gives every man the tools to playfully punish his woman to punishing your woman until she is at her pain threshold because she has done wrong by you.

The one issue I had with Red Pill Dominance is how easy Sploosh thought it was to find a high-quality woman, a woman worthy of putting the time and effort into training. While I can think back to a few in my life, most women simply are not worth the effort in my opinion.

As pessimistic as this sounds, you can still apply the dominance tactics Sploosh lays out in the bedroom to fuck any woman senseless. While I will continue to collect notches and flags, the next time I find a woman worthy of putting the time and effort into training you can bet I’m going to open up Red Pill Dominance again and give it a quick re-read before applying the advice Sploosh dishes out.

You can grab a copy of Red Pill Dominance here.

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