Plastic Surgery For Men

Reasons Why Men Get Plastic Surgery

Reasons Why Men Get Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery: the topic you can find covered in almost every health and beauty magazine aimed at the female sex. These procedures have been aimed at women since their inception, citing the lower confidence levels of women and the need to make beauty easier. Women can tailor their bodies under the knife easily and openly.

Today, however, when you walk into a plastic surgeon's office, you won't just find female clients waiting for consults and procedures. There are more and more men turning to plastic surgery than ever before. While many seek similar procedures to that of their female counterparts, male procedures differ in many ways thanks to enhancements in plastic surgery.

What is the reason for this phenomenon growing? Why is there a larger trend now for men to receive many of the same procedures that previously were not acknowledged by the male community? And what are these new procedures that are being specifically aimed at men?

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media is one of the many reasons that men feel more able to receive plastic surgery than ever before. Health and fitness magazine talk about the procedures openly, now focusing on male procedures. Many of these magazines talk about these surgeries as a way to increase physical appeal and acceptance, allowing you to attain the image that you believe to be ideal. They even pair these articles with photos of desirable model bodies and splash pages of before and after photos.

In speaking openly about this surgery and showing us the shocking after effects, society has begun to compare themselves to these perfect specimens of surgery. This isn't wrong. We have begun to hold these examples as the norm in our culture. We are more open and accepting of these procedures than ever before due to the increasing ability for these procedures to look more natural and provide more desirable looking figures. Plastic surgery is becoming the norm.

There are many cultures that feel this way about plastic surgery. Korean society actually holds plastic surgery in high regard. Their culture focuses on the need to constantly improve oneself. In Korea, plastic surgery is a badge of pride. Not getting plastic surgery is less common than having plastic surgery... and bragging about it. The age of plastic surgery in Korean is becoming younger and younger. Men in their thirties receive hair transplants and eye lifts long before many Western cultures would consider the procedures. In attaining these procedures, men are attaining a longer lasting, more youthful appearance.

This long lasting and youthful culture is carried to their Western counterparts. The young and younger generations of men are making sure to get their surgeries and retain their eighteen-year-old selves.


The mainstream media has also perpetuated low self-esteem in the male gender. Low self-esteem now has a larger effect on men than it was previously thought. Until recently, it was more common for women to report feeling low amounts of self-confidence. In the current culture, this has changed. In several research studies, when asking both genders about their self-esteem and confidence, it was found that it was equally likely for a man to suffer low self-esteem as it was for a female. They even cited the same sources in mainstream culture for making them feel as if they were inept compared to their counterparts.

Men are now more comfortable admitting that they experience low self-esteem. There is no longer the overarching stigma of being unable to admit that you suffer this "feminine" problem. Men seek acceptable through the use of plastic surgery the same way that women do and are no longer ashamed to admit it. With this culture shift, you are more likely to see men seeking out advice from surgeons.

New Specialized Procedures

Plastic surgery has come a long way in a very short time. Surgeries used to be fit for both genders and were non-discriminatory. With new technological and medical advances, men can get specialized procedures that are meant specifically for their body. Instead of simple liposuction, there are procedures that are meant to tailor the body to fit the pages of men's health magazines.

For instance, new procedures allow for more realistic and functional phalloplasty, The SLE male enlargement procedures can work to tailor genitals to a man's ideal image. The enhancements of these procedures have meant more realistic procedures for men who suffer from self-confidence issues and also mean no more shame in the locker room.

Another newly christened procedure gives men dream abs! Instead of hours in the gym post liposuction, a new procedure vibrates fat post surgery to give your body the appearance of abs. Coolsculpting is even being used to enhance the muscle tone on the entire body. If you feel you have flabby arms or legs, coolsculpting can create the toned look that you want. Gyms are losing this battle with the beauty industry.

As more and more advances are made in plastic surgery, we will only continue to see new procedures like this become readily available. Your dream body is always within reach with procedures rolling out frequently.

Advancements In the Industry

In the last twenty-five years, the increases and advancements have been astounding. Overall, this increase in, men seeking plastic surgery only means good things for plastic surgeons. With men striving to attain their ideal bodies, the plastic surgery industry is booming. The increases in new procedures mean that more money is being driven into the surgical industry. This flow of cash allows for more research to be done to further the field and create more specialized surgeries for males.

The more surgeries men seek, the better off they will be within this medical industry. Men becoming more open about their insecurities allows them to achieve the same sculpted physique under the knife. As more and more procedures emerge that specifically tailor to the male body and ideal image, men are gaining more and more of an advantage in this medical field. As time passes, their advantages will only continue to increase.

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