The Beginner’s Guide to Re-Start Text

Re-Start Text

This article on re-start text hopefully will help many of us to look back and say, why not just try one more time with her. We've already laid some groundwork (we have her #), Let's just send a well thought out Re-Start Text.

Some Re-Text public offering suggestions we found:

Leave her alone.

For a while.

I know it’s tough. You’re probably developing “blue balls” and maybe not even in the sexual way, but you’re going to have to be patient.

There’s potentially a good reason why she’s not replying. You’ve done something or she’s busy. Either way, it’s going to behoove you to be patient.

I’m no Casanova, but I have violated this tenet more than once. And guess what?

It never worked by trying to “restart it right away.”

Almost everything you send will either bother her or she’s again too busy to reply at this point.

She’s gotta want you.

But if you do want her back and you do want her to reply, find ways to learn what she wants and possibly why she’s not writing back.

However, don’t stalk her so badly that she’ll never come back.

Patience is the key my friend.

The more you have it, the more likely you’ll have a chance not only with her, but with anyone you appreciate.


The Tinder Template

*P.S: If you enjoy this post, don't forget to check out The Tinder Template. The Tinder Template covers “Tinder game” from start to finish. You can read more about the book here. You can grab a PDF copy here. The Kindle version is available on Amazon. After online dating for a while, you will begin to gather a large number of phone numbers from women online. 

Re-start Texts

Some of these numbers will turn into dates; some of these numbers may turn into more than just a date. Inevitably, some of the phone numbers you get from girls online will go nowhere. You will find that a greater number of phone numbers you get from online dating will turn into dead leads,

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that phone numbers you get during the day or when out at night. This is just the nature of the beast. The girl who is using online dating to meet men is playing the field like nobodies business. They may be flakey, an attention whore, a whore, or all three.

 One thing is certain, they are playing the field. Don’t let this discourage you. The benefit of online dating is that if a girl does agree to meet you she views you as one of her top options. Thus, she is highly attracted to you and should be easier to seduce and hook up with in some respects.

 What Do I Do With All These Numbers.

Still, you are going to have a collection of phone numbers sitting in your phone waiting to be texted. A number could have gone stale on you for a variety of reasons. She may have been ill, she may have been on the rag, she may have had a stable of fuck buddies when you got her number, she could have been dealing with genital warts/herpes/AIDS, etc.

There are a million reasons

 why she decided not to pursue meeting up with you. One of these reasons is certainly that she was just not that into you, but I find that overly pessimistic. Personally, my ego never has come to that conclusion… There are so many other reasons she could not have been able to meet up. That is where a re-start text comes into play.

Some Re-Text public offering suggestions we found:

Imo the best way is no way. Give her a break and enjoy your holiday. Besides if she wants to to text you she will. Asking her how she is all the time can show desperation . When you see her in person talk to her. When you text her . Text her to see her in person . That way no one gets hurt and everyones happy.

If you really want the best thing to say is or at least what i say is

“enjoy you holiday. :)”

Then you don't respond and enjoy your holiday

. :

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 A Beginner's Guide to Re-Start Texts

An online dating re-start text is when you text a girl who you have previously interacted with, but never met up with. When sending a re-start text you need to realize you are essentially throwing a “Hail-Mary” pass. The likelihood of you meeting a girl that you sent a re-start text is low, but online dating is always strictly a numbers game. Re-start texts do work on occasion. If you decide to send out a few re-start texts, here are a few of the best ways to do so:  Non-Sequitar Re-Start Texts One classic

re-start text

re-start texting tactic made famous by Heartiste is the non-sequitar text. You send a girl you haven’t been in contact with for awhile something that sounds like you’re in mid-conversation with someone. The text will get her imagination running and the mystery will make her ‘need’ to text you back to find out what on earth is going on and why you texted her.

Examples of good non-sequitur texts:

sounds good leaving now we’ll see Theses texts all leave the girl wondering what the fuck you are talking about. She will respond and then you can say something like, “my bad wrong person” which will pique her curiosity more so. If she responds to you “my bad…” text then she is effectively re-opened and you can begin to get her out. Another incredibly basic half non-sequitur text, half normal re-start style text is to invite her when you are out on a weeknight.

Text: happy hour drinks?

 with co-workers is winding down or you had a bum date and now your having a drink on a Tuesday night. You can spam out a few of your dead leads a re-start text in this fashion: Fallon tonight. Come out You’ll want to tell her the bar you’re at and then tell her to come out. Do not ask. Do not go through pleasantries. This is strictly a numbers game. You are spamming to see if any girls are out and possibly horny.

I like this one, thought I'm one to always follow up if I really like her:

Restart a text conversation by replacing her with someone else. Someone who has the decency to respond to you.

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Here's one of our posts that has some great go-to points that will apply here : 

You should be able to send 10-15 girls this text if you expect to get one girl to come out. Basic Re-Start Texts The most basic restart texts of all time are playing off the weekend. If you haven’t interacted with a girl, you can restart her on Monday or Thursday with talk of the weekend. Use the Monday version if you want to get her out on a date or to meet up. Use the Thursday version if you want to have her to a party or pre-game you are throwing. Monday: How was your weekend? Thursday: Any fun plans for the weekend?

Last Ditch Re-Start Texts

Lastly, there are restart texts that are a bit more ambitious. These texts are “Hail-Mary’s” in the truest sense of the word. I have personally used both of these with minor success: Wow Ally just scrolling thru my phone and realized it’s tragic we never met up. What are you up to later  Hey what’s your thoughts on a lovechild? These are last-ditch efforts when you may have not contacted a girl for 2-6 months. They can work, but it is rare. If you have a 5-10% success rate with re-start texting, you are doing incredibly well. While that may seem low, over the course of a year it can add up to a decent amount of dates or meetups.

Don't Go Re-Start Text Crazy

Lastly always remember to not blow up girl’s phones with re-start texts. If you send her one and she doesn’t respond, do not send her another one for at least 6 months. You do not want to come off as a needy dweeb in her eyes. One of the best sites to use is the Cupid Dating Site, Click Here to check it out. 

re-start text

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