Plenty of Fish Hack Game

This Plenty of Fish “hack” has been around for awhile, but is still a great way to get girls messaging you first. I’ve personally used this hack in three different cities in the past three months. The Plenty of Fish hack I’m going to share with you requires almost no effort, but can produce incredible results if used properly. Girls will be messaging you first and you won’t even have to be on the computer!

Before you attempt to ‘hack’ Plenty of Fish, make sure you profile is optimized. Great photos and good profile text is a must! If you attempt this before optimizing your online game, you’ll just waste your time.

If you have your profile set up just right, here is how to get girls messaging you first on Plenty of Fish:

  • Download an auto clicker program: You can Google ‘Auto clicker’ and a number of results will come up. For Mac users, I suggest trying ‘Murgaa’ first. For PC users, I suggest trying ‘Murgee’ to start.
  • Log into your Plenty of Fish account. Then click the “MEET ME” tab.
  • A girl will pop up with ‘Yes’, ‘Maybe’, and ‘No’ buttons above her. 
  • Open up your new auto clicker software. Set the auto clicker to click indefinitely.
  • Start the auto clicker and move your mouse to the ‘Yes’ button of the first girl.
  • Watch to make sure girls are being clicked ‘Yes’ to. You want to make sure the auto clicker is working properly.
  • If so, let the auto clicker run for a few hours.

The auto click program will be clicking “Yes” to each girl on the “MEET ME” screen in your area as it runs. The auto clicker will not account for the level of attractiveness of any girl. Thus, no matter if she is hot or hideous each girl clicked on will get an automated email from Plenty of Fish notifying her that you would like to meet her. Basically, each and every girl in your area on Plenty of Fish will think you find her attractive.

When these women see you want to ‘meet’ them some will message you first, some will say they want to ‘meet’ you too, and some will ignore you. You should end up with numerous messages from random girls.

Now, you can use this trick in a couple of ways. You can either filter through all the messages you receive from these girls or go to the “Mutual Meet Me” feature and chose from the girls that are interested in meeting you, but decided not to message you first.

You will be contacted by some absolute dogs!

I’m talking hideous, disfigured women. Simply do not contact these women back. Personally, I’ve found maybe one out of every ten women that message me first after I run the auto click program I find attractive.

Personally, I do not mess with the girls that don’t bother to message me first when running this hack. I only work with the girls that message me. The girls that messaged me first, I quickly message quickly. I would attempt to exchange contact information with them after one to three messages. From there, it’s texting and dates as normal.

This auto click ‘hack’ can be used as often, although I would advise you to limit yourself to running the ‘hack’ once a month. If you are traveling, I recommend you run this hack in each city you find yourself in.

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