All you need to know Before Playing Strip Poker

All you need to know Before Playing Strip Poker

The game of poker has, in recent years, emerged out of the traditional playing venues and into wider areas of life. It’s very common now for pubs and bars across the UK in particular to have a poker night but for those who don’t want to venture outside, it’s a perfect partner for a fun evening in with friends.

To make things a little more interesting, it’s perfectly possible to replace the chips in the middle of the table and to use clothes for currency. Strip poker has been played for many years and with the festive season approaching, it will be a popular option with consenting adults once again.

A Little bit of History

​Strip poker has been with us for decades and has been at the heart of some great comedy movies of the College Fraternity genre. It has that long history but it seems that no-one is entirely sure how it all started.
​Some reports claim that the game first originated in New Orleans at around the time that poker itself was becoming established. All we know for certain is that the first reference to the game as a separate entity can be traced back to 1916.
​Strip poker has found its way into popular culture on many occasions and films to have showcased the game including American Pie 2, Friday the 13th and Welcome to the Cabin. There’s even a historic computer game dating back to 1982 and an online version where players can log on to challenge an opponent.
​With over a hundred years of history behind it, Strip Poker is clearly here to stay but how, exactly, do you play it?

​​Getting Involved​

If you don’t know how to play strip poker then the first step is to get back to basics and learn the rules of the original game. The most common variant of poker is Texas Hold’Em and it’s the one that many professionals play while it’s also the most popular option for newbies and for casual players with a broad grasp of how things work.
​The first step, therefore, is to brush up on the rules of Texas Hold’Em as you could be at a distinct disadvantage otherwise, and by that we mean that you could be shedding clothing at a rapid rate from the very first hand. Be armed with knowledge and you can retain your modesty for much longer.

Strip Poker Variants

​Of course, strip poker has some variations in the rules and in the absence of any official world governing body, it’s up to the players to make the regulations. Anyone who heads out to a party knowing that they’re going to get involved in a game might be tempted to pile on layers of extra clothing so here we have the first rule that needs to be established.
​Will you start the game with a set number of clothing items for each individual or is it essentially freestyle with each competitor simply going in with what they are wearing? As a general rule, it may also be the case that women wear more items than men so that’s another question to answer before the game begins.

Individual items of clothing should also be taken into account: Do shoes count as one or two items to take off? These are additional questions to be asked that fall outside the realms of the traditional game but are important at the start of any strip poker evening.

Ensure Everyone has fun

​Many strip poker nights have been thoroughly planned out some time in advance but others can result from spur of the moment decisions. The more spontaneous of evenings generally arrive on the back of some alcoholic intervention so do make sure that everyone is happy with proceedings before the first hand is dealt.
​Establish just how far the game is going to extend: In terms of removing clothing, are participants expected to go all the way or just down to their underwear? Establish this fact and then, make sure that everyone is fully on board and that no players feel compromised or cajoled into playing.
​Take care of those important points but remember above all to have fun with the game. Strip poker is an enjoyable variant on a popular game and the way to get the most out of it is to take note of the rules, exploit them if you can with multiple layers and go armed into the table, ready to just relax and enjoy it.

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