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Is Plastic Surgery In Colombia Rampant?

She was stacked in a way that one can only conclude was not god given. Her tiny frame was accompanied by giant melons that seemed to pop out of her shirt. Bursting would be an understatement. I knew plastic surgery in Colombia was common, but got damn!

I had spotted her from across the bar. A shorty, maybe 5’3″ – she had a pretty face and a cute smile. That certainly wasn’t the reason she caught my attention. Let’s be real here.

She kept sneaking glances at me while dancing with some fat chode in a blazer. I figured it was her mans and went about my night flirting around, but made a mental note to keep tabs on those cannons. And as luck would have it, she had tabs on me too.

My First Experience With Plastic Surgery In Colombia

I was grabbing bottle number two for the night. We had a squad five deep. I ordered in my autistic level Spanish then leaned back against the bar. Waiting, she glanced my way. Her mans was nowhere to be seen. Eye contact was held. I smiled. I waved. She laughed.

colombian fake titsCome hither motion. She faked an attitude before eagerly coming my way. Intros were made. She didn’t speak English. I didn’t give a damn. Those things on her chest were breaking down every one of my language barriers. Thank god for plastic surgery in Colombia.

The flirting was effortless. Her gigantic fake tits and cute smile brought out my A+ game. My blonde hair and bulging biceps had her making every effort to understand my gringo-esque Espanol. It was a match made in Colombian heaven.

One thing led to another and we were making out soon thereafter. I tried to take her home, but she wasn’t having any of that. One night stands are not commonplace in Colombia and she wasn’t about to look like a slut in front of her friends. No worries, though.

The tiny girl was disproportionately large fake cannons became one of my favorite girls in Colombia. We saw each other numerous times and had an amazing mini-relationship. She turned out to be a wonderful person, a lot of fun, and sexy as hell in bed. She knew I was sleeping around, but she didn’t care.

Is Plastic Surgery Rampant In Colombia?

Rampant is a strong word. Common. Yeah, plastic surgery is pretty common in Colombia, especially if you’re dating upper-class girls with lighter skin. If you’re sleeping with a decent amount of women in Colombia, you’ll find between 15-30% of them have had some type of surgery.

Obviously, every man will have different experiences. Plus, every city in Colombia has a different culture, people, and level of plastic surgery. You could be on the coast and not see many girls with plastic surgery at all. Then you go to Medellin and 20% of chicks have some type of surgery done.

  • Bogota: Plastic surgery in Bogota is common, but not at the levels of Cali or Medellin. Bogota girls are known for being skinnier than Paisas or Calenas – so many of the upper-class girls get surgery in the capital. I wouldn’t say plastic surgery is part of the culture in Bogota like it is in Medellin and Cali.
  • Cali: Plastic surgery is common in Cali. The city is the capital of fake asses, fake tits, and salsa. I’m a big fan of two of those things. You’ll find at least one in every five girls you’re seeing in Cali has something fake. However, the younger girls in Cali have been going away from the plastic surgery trend as of late ;(
  • Medellin: I’d say Medellin has a little less platsic surgery than Cali, but not by much. Calenas get surgeries that are hard to miss. Paisas often get lowkey surgeries that are harder to notice. You’ll still find a good amount of girls with some work done.
  • Barranquilla: It’s rare to find a girl on the coast who has had plastic surgery. You’ll find some of the whiter girls in Barranquilla get surgery, but most of the darker chicks don’t need it. Natural is much more common in this area of the country.
  • Cartagena: If she’s got surgery in Cartagena, I’d be willing to be she’s a pro or a tourist. Plastic surgery in Cartagena is fairly rare for the local chicks. Many of the girls here have great natural bodies due to their African roots and all the beaches.

Types of Plastic Surgery In Colombia

Most of you probably know about fake tits and have heard about fake asses. Fake cannons are commonplace all around the world. Fake asses have been gaining in popularity the last few years. Luckily, there is another form of plastic surgery in Colombia. And I’ve found the sexual benefits of this surgery to be immense 😉

  • Fake Tits: You’ll find lowkey fake tits in Colombia and giant, obvious ones, too. Pick your posion. Fake tits are common in many of the big cities in the country.
  • Fake Asses: Common in Cali, seen in Medellin, rare in Bogota, and almost non-existent on the coast. If you want to experience a fake ass, go to Cali.
  • Liposuction: My personal favorite plastic surgery. See, Colombia girls often have thick booties naturally. Then they get liposuction to make their hip-to-ass ratio next level. Try lasting more than 30 seconds round one from the back when her waist is half the size of her giant booty.

Common In Colombia, Not Rampant

You can find many girls with plastic surgery in Colombia, but don’t believe the hype. Not every girl will have work done. You can still find many natural beauties, too. If you’re spending some time in the country, I suggest you sample all the flavors of plastic surgery and come to your own conclusion about surgical enhancement. Literally.

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  1. Hey man now I know to take a trip to cali thanks for all the info on the Colombian fake asses I’m obsessed with big booty Colombians especially the big fake ones. I just wish I was there right now.

  2. Gota laugh when people believe all the women in Cali with big azzed are fake! Lol.. Yes some have fake azzes.. A azz job ain’t cheap in COP! Yes if you have USD or Euros hell yeah.. But you talking about chicks that don’t have money! ( the majority ) where a 30mil peso dinner is a frickn big deal… (Bout 9USD) .. Some body hit me with the last same in Cali you met wit here own apt..( solo) hummmm ..and car? Yep more than a few got work… But not as many as you are lead to believe!

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