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How to plan for a great first date

So you are ready to hop on to the dating scene, are you! For many teens who look forward to be a part of the single ready to mingle crowd, dating is a great way to find that someone special. And in this modern world finding a suitable partner is no longer a challenge. whispering ear dateFrom finding a date in school or college to joining an online dating site, there are plenty of options waiting to be explored. The sheer thrill and excitement that builds up with the anticipation, and the incredible adrenaline rush of going on your first date, is something that all of us experience at some point in our lives. For those who are novices and about to go on their first date there are a few basics to bear in mind such as: Be on time: Needless to say if you planning to go on your first date be punctual. Tardiness or reaching late is best to be avoided, as it will create a negative impression, something which you would not want on the first date itself! Don’t have roving hands: Do not assume that just because you are on your first date together, you can keep touching her frequently. It will send out a negative impression so while it is okay to touch, it should be limited. It should come across as friendly and natural, instead of coming across as heavy and indecent. While it is okay to offer her a hand to step out of the car or to lead her in a public place, don’t keep her held close constantly. Keep the conversation going: Avoid the pitfall of appearing to be a strong silent type of man as she will probably misconstrue it as being a bore or emotionally distant. Keep the conversation light and cheerful something which the both of you will enjoy talking about. You could also choose to do something which the both of you share a common interest in like perhaps seeing a movie or going to a baseball game. Avoid appearing cheap: While it is good to be circumspect in spending avoid looking downright cheap. Appearing to be stingy or cheap would create a very negative impression about you. That does not of course mean you have to spend a fortune to impress her. You could choose a place to take her for dinner where the prices are affordable. Keep the communication two-ways: While you may have to tell her about yourself if you continue chattering ceaselessly it will make you appear to be narcissistic. And even worse it will reflect that you do not seem interested in what she has to share. If you really want to make an impression, show that you are generally interested in what she has to say and share. At all times the conversation should be both ways so that neither one of you feel left out. A good way to get the conversation going is to ask her about her ambitions and what she wants to achieve in her career. Do not swear and cuss needlessly: While women do tend to like bad boys, swearing and using profanities does not necessarily impress them. In the process of trying to be cool do not keep using the F*** word, as it will appear unbecoming and shows a lack of class and sophistication. Try to be a gentleman:  While chivalry may appear outdated and a bit over the top it still has its merits. Mind your manners when you are with her and she will appreciate you even more. Walking ahead of her, being rude to those who serve you or spending time glued to your phone are major turn-offs. Try to be gentlemanly in a natural way without appearing to be too pretentious and she will be more captivated by you. If you anticipate getting lucky, you might want to consider using Horny Goat WEED before the date to ensure maximum readiness.    

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