PickUp Spanish Review – By El Conquistador

Learning Spanish in hopes of making a little love with a cute Latina or three is never a bad idea. It’s the best thing you could do before a trip to Latin America, and what PickUp Spanish was designed for. While I don’t advocate traveling just for sexual stimulation, there’s nothing wrong with a romp between the sheets with an exotic stranger in between trips to the beaches and tours in the mountains.

The Importance of Spanish

learn spanish meet latin girlsOutside of the basics you need to communicate, you’re bound to find one thing about women in Latin America. Me and my goons (shoutout Plies) have all found one thing to be true – the best women don’t speak English. If she speaks passable English, she has been at least marginally tarnished by western culture. There’s a direct correlation between English speaking ability and a lowering of cooking skills, ass arching ability in doggy style and hip-to-ass ratio.

As such, you’ll struggle to meet as high of quality women as you could in Latin America without Spanish. Sure, you can get by with Google Translate, but you better have a body like a Greek God. If not, hot chicks won’t put up with that bullshit. You need to speak a little Spanish, if you really want to make the most of your travels in Latin America.

How to Learn Spanish Fast

If you have unlimited time and some money, it’s a very good idea to take 2-3 months of Spanish classes and quickly up your abilities. However, most of us don’t have that luxury. Money doesn’t grow on trees and most guys who travel around have a few weeks or a month to have fun. This means hitting the ground running is of utmost importance. You don’t want to struggle with Spanish for your first three weeks, only to finally mutter a few words your final week of vacation.

You need to do a little prep and start learning the language before you go. Not just learning, you need to learn how to flirt. You need Spanish for dating and mating, not some generic bullshit that helps you converse with a taxi driver. Sure being conversational would be nice, but you don’t have time to drag through Rosetta Stone. You need a program that will have the Latinas going crazy for you.

Enter PickUp Spanish

sexy latin girl 1I’m not going to sugarcoat this. If you want a crash course that’ll have you flirting with Latinas the minute your plane lands, then PickUp Spanish is for you. Hell, El Conquistador even breaks down how to have Latinas waiting for you at the airport. The course is no-bullshit tips and tricks to get your Spanish to a level that allows you to seduce Latin girls proficiently.

Many guys find similar issues when thinking about their first trip to Latin America. Thoughts of Latin girls fill their minds and questions arise, including:

  • “What’s the best thing to say to start a conversation with a Latina in Spanish?”
  • “I cannot understand a word this girl is saying to me on WhatsApp…”
  • “I’d like to learn Spanish, but I have no idea what course is best. Pimsleur? Rosetta Stone?”
  • “Should I open a girl in English or Spanish to ensure she replies?”
  • “What’s the hook-up culture in Latin America like? Are Latin girls willing to go home with guys they just met?”
  • “Will white/black/Asian/etc. guys do well with the women in Latin America?”

The list could go on and on. Traveling can be nerve wrecking. You’re going to a new place where you don’t know anyone and probably can only speak a few words in the language. I get it. I’ve been there, too. On my first trip to Latin America, I was petrified, but excited. I remember the first time someone said, “Que Tal?” to me and it took me nearly five seconds to comprehend what had happened and sputter out, “Bien.

How PickUp Spanish Helped Me Meet More Latin Girls

I tried Rosetta Stone. I still have the program on my computer, but I barely used it. I got through a few modules and realized this wasn’t the type of Spanish I wanted to learn. I don’t give a damn about how to correctly say every fruit under the sun. I want to have that sexy Latin girl in front of me smiling while her big brown eyes remain wholly focused on me.

So after traveling Latin America for awhile, I stumbled upon PickUp Spanish and instantly, I knew I’d found the program I needed. El Conquistador was talking about the exact things I needed to be able to say in Spanish. I quickly went through the program and started to find the stuff I was looking for…

  • 80/20 Spanish

Instead of learning all the random bullshit about fruits, vegetable and how the child drinks milk, I instantly started to learn how to drop her panties in smooth Spanish, The first module in PickUp Spanish goes through basic vocabulary used to meet girls and sets the foundation for the course. You can learn around 2,500 words with El Conquistador’s model. Way more than enough to spit something smooth to that fine Latina.

  • Online Don Juan Spanish

Once you have the basics down, El Conquistador breaks down how to meet Latin Girls on the Internet. He goes into detail about what to say on online dating sites and Tinder. He offers advice on which sites to use, how to open and when to get her number. This section is ESSENTIAL to any man traveling to Latin America because of the culture. Most people don’t meet out at night in Latin America. They meet during the day or on online dating sites. When I say you need this module, I’m not lying!

  • Daytime Matador

And yeah, day game is just as important as online game when it comes to seducing Latin girls. El Conquistador covers this in this module. The stuff in this part of the program is dynamite. I’ve seen the man spit day game in Spanish, and let me tell you – it works pretty well. And he details exactly how he does it in PickUp Spanish. The guesswork is removed and you can walk off the plane ready to flirt during the day.

  • Nighttime Conquistador

Now, many Latin cities suffer from shit nightlife. It’s just the nature of the beast. Some cities do offer decent nightlife, like Bogota or Panama City, Panama. In cities like these, you’ll find stunning Latin beauties ready to dance and flirt the night way. This is where the Nighttime Conquistador module comes in handy. Packed with openers, ways to escalate and more. You’ll instantly be ready to mack Latin girls all night long after checking out this module.

My One Issue with PickUp Spanish

latin girls big boobsIt may seem like I’ve hyped this course a bit through this review. That’s fine. I truly believe PickUp Spanish is worth the money for men looking to improve their Spanish and meet higher quality women in Latin America. However, the course certainly isn’t perfect. My main issue with this program stems from the lack of screenshots and evidence.

I’ve personally tested the advice and language learning tips presented, so I know they work. Hell, a lot of the advice lined up with what I had found through trial and error. For a newbie to Latin America, a screen shot of WhatsApp messages and online dating conversations could add a ton of value to PickUp Spanish. El Conquistador could really show how a conversation flows in Spanish through adding these screenshots.

PickUp Spanish – Overall

Even without the screenshots, this course is absolutely packed with the info you need to learn Spanish in a short time. If you’re about to head on a trip to Latin America or are already in the region, this course will ensure you’re ready to flirt with Latin girls within a short amount of time. Even if you have a little bit of Spanish (like I did when I got my hands on this course), El Conquistador’s program will quickly help you improve your weaknesses and get with higher quality Latin women.

Click here to grab a copy of PickUp Spanish.

P.S.: If you’re traveling to Latin America for a short trip of a week or two and making love with a sexy Senorita is on your mind, you NEED to check this program out. The quality of women will be much higher with just a little flirting ability in Spanish – I promise you. 

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