Review: Cracking OkCupid By Kyle

Here’s a little secret… Before I became a huge Tinder fan, OkCupid was my favorite online dating website on the market. Sure there were more sluts on Plenty of Fish, but OkCupid was filled with cute, yet easy girls who oozed normalcy. If you’ve been around the block enough, you know normalcy is often a

Tinder Consultations

The Tinder Consultant Ready to meet more girls and have more sex? Then you're in the right spot. See, you probably already know that most Tinder dating advice catered towards men in the mainstream media is complete garbage. That's why you'll find a bevy of free information on this blog about improving your chances of meeting and seducing women

Rock A First Date, A How To Guide

[Editors Note: This is a guest post from Remy Sheppard over at] Congratulations, on your first date, my man. You have successfully used Tinder or Cupid to land yourself a first date with the hottie of your dreams. Or at least, a girl that’s good-looking enough. Okay, the first chick to agree to a