3 Online Dating Tips For Men From "Vets" In The Game

Within our side of the Internet there are a number of men who make a living (sexually speaking) off of online dating. Notches, fuck buddies, and girlfriends found with a few simple strokes of the keyboard.
I’m one of these men who like to utilize online dating to fulfill many sexual needs. Yet, there are some who hate on online dating. And that’s fine…
Many extroverted men will never understand why a man would want to meet women online. Some men claim the quality of women online pails in comparison to what you would find in the real world. Others claim men using only dating are avoiding approaching women in the real world because they are pussies.

James Franco Is A VirginCorny as fuck, but fitting…

And the truth is – all of these complaints can be quite valid. Extroverts who love to party and have built a social circle will never need to meet girls on Tinder. There are definitely some batshit crazy birds online. And yeah, there are a number of men who can’t speak a word to a woman in the wild, but will spam the fuck out of any living and breathing vaginal cavity with 50 miles on OkCupid.
However, if you’re somewhat socially calibrated (keyword: somewhat) and don’t stop approaching during the day and when you go out at night then online dating can be a fucking goldmine of hot, young, and tight women.

If you don’t believe me, check out a few of the online dating tips for men and tales from a few true “vets” in the online dating game:

Delicious Tacos

One of, if not the best writer in the Manosphere, Delicious Tacos has been telling tales of online dating for years now. His often detailed accounts of sordid lay reports, past alcoholism, and fierce masturbation are joyous to read.
However, he is supposedly sober and in AA as of now. Initially an OkCupid specialist, Delicious Tacos has begun using Tinder as of late. A few of his masterpieces include:
Delicious Tacos Online Dating Tips For Men #1
Delicious Tacos Online Dating Tips For Men #2

 The best online dating tips for men gathered from Delicious Tacos:

While it is widely accepted that 3-5 photos on your online dating profiles tends to work the best, Delicious Tacos doesn’t follow this school of thought. If you click through his OkCupid profile below, you will notice he has 10 photos and each one is captioned.
 Delicious Tacos OkCupid Profile
Once I emulated this style, my response rate on OkCupid skyrocketed. If you are using the site, I highly suggest you do the same and add 10 photos. Make sure to caption them as well and make an attempt to do so humorously.


An international traveler who spends his days seducing the local ladies in his current locale, 20Nation knows how to use online dating while traveling. 20 Nation has dropped data on a number of locales throughout the known pussy paradises that are Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.
The man has been all over. And if you follow his blog or twitter, you will get a glimpse of the women he sleeps with as 20Nation has perfected the art of getting and taking nudes of women worldwide. A few of his great blogs are:
20Nation’s Online Dating Tips For Men #1
20Nation’s Online Dating Tips For Men #2

The best online dating tips for men gathered from 20Nation:

20Nation adamantly advocates that a man should Skype with a girl before he meets her in person. He argues that while Skyping is more time consuming – you will drastically decrease your flake rate when you go to meet up with these girls. As well, you will find the hottest girls online may be more open to meeting after Skyping with you.
20Nation lays out his entire Skyping strategy in his book about online dating. Check it out here.


A writer who often looks at things from a slightly different angle, Halfbreed runs RedPillGame.com where he offers advice on sex, dating, and relationships. Another man who finds most of his girls on OkCupid, I was finally able to get him to give Tinder a try recently.
Halfbreed is an introvert and occasionally blogs on topics other introverts (like myself) really enjoy. Here are a few of his gems:
Halfbreed’s Online Dating Tips For Men #1
Halfbreed’s Online Dating Tips For Men #2

The best online dating tips for men gathered from Halfbreed:

Don’t break bread on these hoes! Not only is it not worth it to spend any money on these chicks because they are not loyal, but they simply don’t expect you to. If you scroll to the bottom of any stories Halfbreed tells of his love life you will see how much money he spent on a girl. Usually this cost comes out to $0-20 before he sleeps with them.
Be stingy while dating online. A man’s most valuable resources are his time and money.

2 Replies to “3 Online Dating Tips For Men From "Vets" In The Game”

  1. Hey man thanks for the linkage, appreciate that.
    Here’s my current dating stats (excluding roommates) in case anyone is interested:
    Average cost per first date: $9.33
    Average total cost per notch: $37.71
    Of course, those numbers shift but it gives you an idea…

  2. Good tips, i will try it! When i just started to use online dating there was a lot of successfull dates, but now i am looking for serious relationship there and i cant find the right girl or the right words. That’s why i am looking for tips like these. I will test it on Ukrainian girls on https://katedating.com

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