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We want to let you know that due to the size, age, and longevity of Cupid Online Dating sites.

Many of the prices and other variables contained within might be out of date, or have changed. We researched globally for insights on different platforms to give you the best content.

Here's a general breakdown of how the Cupid Online Dating sites works.

There are MANY different online dating sites that are associated with Cupid online Dating sites ( Cupid Media), these general rules apply to all. This particular post refers to Latin American Cupid, but again, all of the Cupid online Dating sites run very much the same platform

Pros & Cons:

  • Pros

  • Cupid Online Dating sites has a high volume of active members
  • Easy, exclusive match-making features like CupidTags
  • Good privacy system
  • Cons

  • 40% of the non-Latin men are looking for a foreign Latin bride
  • 28% of Latin females are looking for a foreign non-Latin husband
  • No forums, message boards or online activities

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The Cupid Online Dating sites Review Editor’s Summary

According to a 2011 review published by

The Cupid Online Dating sites hosts such great programs like,, was founded in March of 2003 by Cupid Media Ltd. (which also owns,,, among many other sister sites). The site now has over 1,000,000 members (2011 data) and the site is easy to navigate although the interface is busy and not as clean as other modern online dating sites. When I logged into the system as a free user there were over 2,259 active members online.


Here's a article on Vietnam Cupid:

When a user signs up for a free account with Cupid Online Dating sites they are limited to only the basic matching system, providing their interests on their profile and connecting only with other paying members (I assume this is a way to get free users to upgrade their accounts.) The profile questions themselves are long but the choices for most questions are in a drop bar and do not require a lot of writing on the user's part.

Users are asked to describe their ethnicity, martial status, job, smoking & drinking habits, etc. If a user does not complete their profile before playing around on the site, a pop-up appears every two minutes asking the user to complete their profile or else they will be “timed out” of the system. The site deeply encourages you to pursue your profile to avoid having fake accounts and people using the system for reasons other than actually trying to make connections with other members. This is an annoying, yet smart security technique.

Like most other online dating sites, requires its participants to be over the age of 18, however unlike other sites, if you sign up as one gender, the site assumes you are heterosexual and begins to show you profiles of the opposite gender. At the bottom of the screen, there is a scrolling list of profiles with photos showing you who is online and interested. Users may edit the criteria to get a more precise match if they do not see anyone of interest (this is where users can preface sexual orientation and even more detailed criteria like smoker or non-smoker, hair color, eye color and body type). Although the site is geared towards Latin Americans, it is not exclusive to only that ethnicity.

Overall, the Cupid Online Dating sites offers some pretty interesting matchmaker features that even free members can access to get a taste of the site. However, it is clear that this site is also being used by a lot of foreign Latin women to meet a non-Latin husband and perhaps leave South America. According to a 2013 report in Cupid Views, 28% of users are Latin women seeking foreign marriages and 40% are non-Latin men requiring the same. (The site even has an IMBRA section detailing immigration requirements and issues on bringing in a foreign partner into the United States.) As a male using the site, this might be something to look out for if you are not interested in landing a Latin wife. Although this mail-order-bride type of communication does happen on, over 20% of the site are people just looking to date or hook-up. Being straight forward about exactly why you are using the Online Dating sites is essential here.

IN-DEPTH Cupid Online Dating sites Sign-Up Process

The Cupid Online Dating Website is Fabulous. It offers Platforms all over the world. Many of the most beautiful women on earth are listed on this site. The girls here are looking to meet men that are coming to their home county. You can browse by country, age, and the language they can speak. Many of these girls can speak a second and third language, so don't let the language barrier hold you back.

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Hot Thai Girl, tons of them can be found on ThaiCupid It's the second largest online dating sites in the Thailand but it is by FAR the best site to get your kicks from – whatever that might be. ThaiFriendly is a good second choice so if you’re serious you should sign up over there too to make sure you have options. There are thousands of active profiles that have been accessed in the last 30 days or so if you filter for properly aged girls. This age range is between 18 and 35. If you’re a young buck you shouldn’t shy away from the 35-year-old gals at all either. These Asian women age better than any other ethnicity so they stay fit and good looking well into their 40’s. They don’t really have an age preference here – their profiles even tell you this!

One of the great Cupid Online Dating sites

ThaiCupid is super active with Thai ladies resourcefully looking for a foreign boy friend. Here in Thailand (I’m currently in Chiang Mai) we like to call these girls “Farang Hunters”. This just means that they don’t like the Thai guys anymore and that they only like foreigners. Some of these ladies just want friendship but that often includes the extras, if you know what I mean (sex for you slow guys out there). On the other hand, some of them are looking for love if you’re into that kind of thing

Cupid Online Dating Sites, Quality of Girls on ThaiCupid

The quality on here is about the same as it is on the other dating sites in Thailand. This isn’t necessarily what pushes ThaiCupid over the edge but it’s definitely not at a disadvantage. The quality is definitely much better than the strictly free online dating sites for obvious reasons. If the reason isn’t obvious to you, let me break down really quick. Some of these single girls are interested in the lifestyle a foreigner can provide them. If you make $1,000 a month(which isn’t a lot for us), then you’re doing better than 95% of the Thai dudes. The last thing to mention here is that there are definitely hookers and bar girls on this site. This is a GOOD thing in all cases, whether you’re into that or not. If you’re into it, you can have a cheap and easy booty call. If you’re not into it then it’s still great because they are occupying your competition’s time while you chat with the good girls. Quality score: 7 out of 10.

Are there Fake Online Dating Accounts? Is it a Scam? Cupid Dating

With Cupid Online Dating sites, like any dating site in any place in the world, there are going to be fake accounts. When they become excessive is when it’s a problem. ThaiCupid does a great job managing this as do all of the Cupid Media online dating sites. They’re able to control it better than most because they have the revenue to employ people to handle this task specifically. A lot of the members like us (assuming you will help) report the accounts we suspect are fake and they actually do something about it. This is actually a big issue on some of the other networks where ladyboys (men dressed as ladies) on are the site trying to trick people. There are also scams on some sites where the company actually sets up fake accounts just to entice people to pay. This is not the case on Thai Cupid at all. All of the Asian online dating sites ran by their company are great and work very well. Most of these girls that would scam you are in Bangkok so make sure you’re if you’re in that area that you’re very careful.

Want to know about Filipino Cupid, read this review:

Cupid Online Dating Sites, Paid or Unpaid? Which is Better and Why? ThaiCupid

Okay, obviously the paid version is going to be the best. With Cupid Dating, the main question is what are the benefits of using the paid version and are they worth it? You’re going to struggle a bit if you don’t pay because you’ll be very limited on the number of messages you can send out per hour. You can only send 4 messages per hour. That might not sound that bad but it’s actually limited down to 1 per 15 minutes. So for example, if you send a message to a girl and she replies, you have to wait 15 minutes before you can message her again. This is extremely limiting, especially if you want to talk to multiple girls.

  • Unpaid: Get The Longest Free Account

  • Severely limited search functions
  • 1 message per 15 minutes
  • Can’t message every girl
  • They think you are poor

The method that I use goes something like this. I sign up for the platinum version that is completely unlimited and has extra features that lets you filter better to narrow in on your area and the girls you want to talk to. With Cupid Online Dating Sites, I message almost every local girl within my preferred age range with a generic type message. The response rate is pretty insane but it’s a good way to just get the ball rolling. If they don’t reply I just cancel them out for the time being and save them for a couple of weeks later. So out of the singles that reply I just narrow them down to the ones I really want to talk to and go from there. This should give you a great example of how to do this efficiently so you can be well on your way to getting your needs met.skinny chick from thailandMore Tips to on How Meet Thai Women Online, ThaiCupid

You should set your profile up to be top notch. I know it’s tough to have good pictures of yourself but if you’re going to take this serious you should make an effort to get good photos. What these girls want to see in general is social proof. You can’t just have all pictures of yourself alone wearing a t-shirt because they’ll think you’re a weird loner that might cut them up and eat them. You need to have other people in at least one of your photos, if not more than one. You should also make sure you’re dressed very nicely in at least one the pics as well. The last tip about your pictures would be to have some that make you look interesting and wealthy. Of course, you don’t want the girls on the Cupid Online Dating Sites to like you just because you have money, but you do want them to think you’re poor either. I suggest having at least a few pictures of yourself traveling around with great backgrounds. That could be sitting on a plane (not that great but works for this), riding a motorcycle, on a beach, at the Golden Gate bridge, or at a mountain. Okay, that should be enough for you to get the point here.

Verdict, Cupid Online Dating Sites

This lovely and lengthy ThaiCupid review is coming to an end. I say go for it. This site is everything that you would want it to be. One thing to note about our reviews, we’re not full of it like the other sites. We’ve experienced it first hand and stand behind our recommendations. I’ve had the best experiences in Thailand and in the Philippines. I’ve used every one of the Online Dating Sites in all of the South East Asian countries and ThaiCupid is by far the best one.

If you'd like to read more on International Cupid, this article will help:

Cupid Media

Interracial dating and singles

Link: Rating: Try out for free NOW!

Cupid Dating review 2017:

Cupid Media, also sometimes known as Interracial Cupid, is a market leader network of Online Dating Sites for different ethnic groups in many of its international markets and has over 30 million customers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia and the Pacific. The whole idea here is for people to find exactly what they are looking for. As a result, singles on Cupid Media all belong to the same data bank but are divided depending on their tastes, preferences and what they are looking for.

Features on ( Cupid Dating)

There area lot of features on Cupid Media which provide singles with a way to communicate with and get to know one another. Language doesn't even appear to be a problem here as there are translation tools on offer. There is also a multi-lingual interface that allows people to navigate the site easily.

Communication is easy too: there is an internal messaging system as well as instant messaging. A lot of the features are spread throughout the various other sites that Cupid Media runs, which we have displayed in the list below.

Cupid Media - Costs:

You can sign up for free.

Paid subscriptions start at $11.66/month.

Military Cupid Review:

International Cupid Dating Rocks

Cupid Online Dating Sites International Site

International Cupid is a popular place for those who are into foreign dating and have prospects for marriages with foreigners. Here, they have gorgeous women from Russia, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and a lot more places. Here is the only place that is able to talk to someone from Russia and then someone from Africa at the same time.

International Cupid Online Dating Sites is designed to be used by members of all cultures and language. That is why when chatting or emailing, everything can be translated to a specific language. This helps cross barriers that was not possible before and find a lasting love.

Some other tools that makes it easier to communicate with foreigners is the video chatting and chat rooms. These 2 are important to getting to form bonds with women and men from a foreign country.

With a free membership to International Cupid Online Dating Sites, a wide variety of cultures are ready to be interacted with such as women from Russia, Asia or Europe. Start connecting with their members today.

- Members can make personal video greetings to share on their profiles.

- The IM chat feature works as a great ice breaker activity.

- The “CupidTags” feature allows members to chose select descriptors for themselves and match up with like minded suitors.

- The messaging system is simple and easy to use.

Japan Cupid Reviews

Japan Cupid hosts over 700000 members and helps Japanese men and women find their love in Japan as well as outside the country. Depending on the level of subscription, clients get an access to diverse communication tools

– live chats, video chats, automatic translation services, etc. Japan Cupid treats its reputation seriously and makes sure that the identities of all the ladies are verified.

Japan Cupid Online Dating Sites Overview

Japan is famous for its history, culture, martial arts, food, and many other things. Japanese type of beauty is unique and mesmerizing: ladies with slim silhouettes, silky dark hair, tender but intent sight leave men speechless. Therefore, a lot of gentlemen travel to Japan dreaming of coming back home with an Asian wife. Usually, Online Dating Sites help men to meet Japanese women online, to agree with them on the face-to-face date in Japan.

JapanCupid is one of the largest online dating platforms that focus on Japanese women. The noticeable peculiarity of this Japanese dating site is that it deals not only with local ladies – it contains also male profiles, for instance, profiles of Western men living in Japan. Hence, the site would be interesting not exclusively for men who are looking for an Asian wife but also for local ladies who want to meet a foreigner. was established in 2002 and belongs to the Cupid Media group. Being a niche website it cannot boast of millions of users as large international dating venues do. But the key point of the Cupid Media groups is in dividing audiences between targeted websites and in making their search more effective. Therefore, instead of dealing with thousands of random profiles any user of this site would be sure that he would get the expected search results – plenty of local girls that possess desirable traits.

Screenshots and Video

Ease of Use, Online Dating Sites

Being a part of the Cupid Media group JapanCupid inherited the majority of its key features in terms of functions and design. The site is simple and intuitive in navigation: the interface is user-friendly and you would not need any special hints or instructions to get used to dealing with it. In addition, if you have any previous experience with other sites that belong to the group you would see the similarities in tiniest details. Sites differ from each other in the color scheme used in their graphic design. The Japanese dating site has pink and light blue template which makes it look tender and feminine.

Online Dating Sites Services & Support

When you register on the site you get an opportunity to keep on using it for free. You can browse profiles of Japanese girls , you can send them so-called “winks” notifying the ladies about your interest, you can reply the messages you receive from the members who possess the prepaid subscription. However, it is hard to imagine dating Japanese women without sending her text messages, calling her, exchanging videos with her. Unfortunately, the free membership deprives you of such communication tool and to get an access to them you have to purchase either Gold or Platinum subscription. Two types of membership differ in term of the functions you would be allowed to utilize and services you would get. For instance, the Platinum members get the automatic translation of the messages.
Also, you can use the site to send presents or flowers to your lady. But if you want to visit her and to see her in person you would need to arrange the trip on your own.

Number of Members has over 700000 members. The majority of them are the ladies from Japan but you can also meet girls and gentlemen from other countries. Anyway, if you want to meet Japanese women you should start your search from this website. The number of the site members keeps on growing: new ladies register on the portal regularly. You check who has been recently added by browsing the list of the newest members of the site.
Almost 30000 users visit the site every month. You do not need to worry about the time differences between Japan and Europe or Japan and the USA: there a few hundred ladies active on the site day and night. Hence, you will not face the situation when you are online and you have no one to talk to. In order to find a partner for a conversation, you may check the list of online members.

Quality of Profiles

When you are over the registration and the JapanCupid login process you can start searching out the Japanese women who can potentially be your wives. All the ladies have detailed profiles which contain the information on their age, education, job, family, hobbies, habits, intentions, and plans. So, you can apply a few criteria to find those ladies who meet your expectations perfectly. Also, you might consider filling your own profile with multiple details. The reason why you should better do it is that the site offers you quite good matching options: if you have a lot of information in your profile the site can find a few girls that may be interesting for you. The more data you share – the more precise recommendations you would get.

Safety & Anti-Scam

The Japanese dating market is rather diverse and no one can give you 100% guarantee that none of the women would try to deceive you. Hence, you have to be attentive and to follow the tips and basic rules of online dating posted on the site: they would give you an outline of how you should behave in order to avoid unpleasant and harmful situations.
The JapanCupid scam policy is pretty simple: the site cooperates with trustworthy local agencies and the agencies are responsible for the women they allow to register on the site. Although the agencies have a good reputation, there are no guarantees that they perform in-depth verification of each girl’s identity.

Anyway, it is claimed that all the ladies are being interviewed and that all their documents are being checked.

Pricing, Online Dating Sites

From the very beginning, you can check the profiles of Japanese brides and search them out for free. However, if you want to contact a precise beautiful Japanese girl you would need more advanced membership – Gold or Platinum. They differ in terms of functionality and you can choose the one that fits your intentions more. Also, you can pay monthly or every 3, 6, 12 months. In a case you choose a long-term subscription you would pay the lower price per month.

Gold membership:

− 1 month costs $34.99

− 3 months cost $69.98 ($23.33 per month)

− 6 months cost $104.98 ($17.50 per month)

− 12 months cost $139.99 ($11.67 per month)

Platinum membership prices:

− 1 month costs $39.99

− 3 months cost $79.98 ($26.66 per month)

− 6 months cost $119.98 ($20.00 per month)

− 12 months cost $159.99 ($13.33 per month)

Catholic Match Online Dating Sites


Stylish, up-to-date online dating dites design
Large user base of faith-focused individuals
Clear focus on Catholic faith


No indication of when members were last online
No mobile online dating app
Three-month online dating membership is expensive

The Review

Editor’s Summary

Unlike its competitor, is a model of a modern faith-based Online Dating Sites, as it distinguishes itself in many ways both obvious and subtle. Its basic site architecture bespeaks a site that a lot of love, care and thought has gone into, as it’s easy to use, feature-rich and has a clean, elegant, modern design. It’s clear that the owners of CatholicMatch online dating are invested in giving its users the best Catholic dating experience possible. While the site doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles of the elite secular dating sites like and Zoosk, it’s still easy and pleasant to use, and its large user base (nearly half a million active users per month, which dwarfs most other all-purpose Christian sites, let alone its strictly Catholic competitors) means you’re sure to find a slew of faith-first individuals near you, either to pursue romantically or simply to befriend. In a final assessment, if you’re intent on finding a long-term partner who shares your Catholic faith, and you want a site that takes that faith seriously to help you do so, CatholicMatch has to be considered your best option.

This article deals with upcoming trends in online dating:

IN-DEPTH online dating

Sign-Up Process

It’s clear from the sign-up process that CatholicMatch takes Catholicism seriously, as members are asked to answer questions about their faith (such as how often they attend services, what their stance on Catholic teachings like premarital sex and transubstantiation are, and so forth) as well as to identify which diocese they’re a part of. While the sign-up here might take a bit longer than some other online dating sites, it’s clear that this is done in order to ensure a better experience for the users.

The whole process doesn’t take more than 20 minutes, although to truly flesh out your profile and improve your experience, you should consider taking the Temperament Test to see who you match with.

Members & Messaging

Catholic Match online dating sites features the most active monthly members of any Catholic-focused dating site by a large margin, with 449,393 to second-place Catholic Singles’ 100,000. A result of this cornucopia of members is a strong diversity; you’re likely to find single Catholics who suit your style no matter where you live, what your age, or what role Catholicism plays in your life. Furthermore, with engagement-driving features such as discussion forums and polls on hot-button topics, Catholic Match features a church function-like atmosphere, bolstered by the high proportion of members with filled-out profiles and profile images. Even if you don’t find your sweetheart right away, you might well come away with a real sense of community. Messaging your fellow members requires a paid membership, but if you’re still kicking the tires on the site, you can kick things off with a member who catches your eye by sending an Emotigram smiley to indicate your interest.

Key Features

- A compatibility test called the “Temperament Test” will automate the process of seeing who you’re likely to match up with based on both your personality and your approach to your faith, unlike some other ​Online Dating Sites

- Sign-up process puts explicit focus on Catholic faith

- CatholicMatch online dating Institute blog provides a wealth of Catholic-centered reading about relationships, romance and sexuality to round out your experience with faith-focused advice, opinions, and polls

- Emotigrams allow you to open a conversation with another member with just a smile (or a wink, kiss, or a number of other emoji-like icons)

- The “Personal Interview” allows you to set a number of multiple-choice questions (or choose from pre-existing ones) and then send them to users who catch your eye to see how they’d answer certain questions that might feel awkward to bring up naturally in conversation

Safety & Security with online dating sites users go by their first names rather than usernames, however last names are kept confidential. Catholic Match users can block users if they so choose, and you have control over who sees private photos. However, you don’t have control over who views your profile, and users aren’t screened with criminal background checks, nor is there any guarantee that they are who they say they are. For more information on the site’s safety features, you can read the website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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Noteworthy Online Dating Sites

Unlike many other dating sites, CatholicMatch is the sole site owned by its creators, indicating that it’s not just a cash grab.

Total Price Per Option

Free Basic Membership $0.00
1 Month $29.95
3 Months $19.98/month (33% Savings)
6 Months $12.49/month (58% Savings)

Masculine Profiles

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