Short men dating online, use your best qualities

Short men datingShort Men Dating

Just like in real life, your height matters online, short men dating need to have a plan. No matter what people say, the fact of the matter is height plays a role in all facets your life. Short men dating online can be tough… Using the Cupid Dating Site can really help you land the girls you want.short men

If you are tall, take advantage of your blessing. If you are short, don’t make any excuses. Analyze the market and find ways to achieve your goals no matter what. I know two 5’5” men that absolutely kill it dating online. On average each of these ‘short’ men smash 2-3 new cute chicks each month strictly through online game. If done right, short men dating can do great.

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Your height does not make or break you, only YOU make or break you. Your actions or lack of, lead to your success or lack of.

Short Men Dating Online

Ok, so how do I minimize the effect of my height, therefore maximizing my online dating opportunities?

Well let’s think about this…what is the average height of a girl in North America?

I think the average height of a North American chick is about 5’3″-5’5″ or somewhere around there. However, when I scroll through profiles online, I see a vastly disproportionate amount of girls listed in the 5’7″-5’10” range. Short girls in the 5’0″-5’3″ range seem to be especially rare online.

This leads me to estimate that the average girl height of online dating women is 5’6″-5’7″ or the statistical equivalent of 6’0″-6’1″ for men.

Here’s a video clip on dating taller women:

So what gives? Why are there so many tall chicks dating online? My guess is that it is due to one or a combination of the following factors:

*Girls do not live in reality. Due to their ego, poor spatial perception, or whatever, girls are widely mistaken about their heights – For example: a girl at my office who’s no more than 5’3″ thought she was 5’5″

* The SWPL/hipster white girls who make up 80% of online dating women tend to be taller than the average woman.

* Girls are lying. They are not being honest about their heights, listing what they’d be in heels.

* Taller girls are pickier or unluckier in love and have to resort more to online dating.

* The human race is just getting taller with each passing generation, survival of the fittest and all.

But, I put my money on one of the above. The fact is that women do not live in reality. Typically, they legitimately have no idea how tall they are and in turn, how tall you are. Short men dating need to take all these into account.

As well, what one might conclude is that taller women have a harder time getting dates in real life and have a greater need to go online looking for love.

If you think back to high school, who were the shy chicks, the “wallflowers” so to speak? If your high school was like mine it was usually the taller girls (minus athlete chicks).


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As well, I believe there is a study somewhere that showed that women who are a few inches shorter than average height breed more — so that might play into it too.

Eliminating The Height Factor, Short Men Dating

Still, how do short men dating combat the fact that they are not a tall men?

First, lie.

Seriously, just Lie. Online dating for short men is not easy. Remember when I said women do not live in reality and usually cannot even tell how tall you actually are…

Use this to your advantage and add 2 inches to your height on your online dating profile. These girls will NOT notice it or call you out on it.

  • Here’s another video clip showing girls response to the question, would you date a shorter guy:

See, multiple women I met through online dating have commented about my height. They said I looked taller than my photos or that they were not expecting me to actually be close to the height I listed on my profile. I listed myself as 6’1” on my profile when without shoes I am 5’11” and maybe could pass for 6’ with shoes on.

Another way to skip the whole height debacle while still dating online is to use Tinder. Tinder does not force you to list your height. Therefore, height is a non-issue when securing numbers and dates using Tinder. This makes it an easy start for short men dating.

Short Men Dating, Actually Looking Taller

Ok, but what if I actually want to add a few inches?

That’s the easiest part. You have to wear shoes that add an inch or two. And no, not some crazy platform shoes that look like shit. Nope, just a nice pair of boots.

In order to add an inch or so to your height, you need to invest in a good pair of boots that go well with dark blue jeans. Then you simply wear them on every first date.

Here are a few pairs I’d recommend:

Mark Nason Fulton Boot

Florsheim Gaffney Boot


Here’s a link to some great boots to give you a LIFT:

Here are some great insoles for a little BOOST:


Lastly, if you are looking to squeeze every last drop out of your height I recommend looking into insoles. I started wearing these after an injury a while back. They are comfortable and add about a quarter inch to any pair of shoes. They are definitely worth a shot if you want to appear as tall as possible.Short men dating








hort Men Dating

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This article is from Cosmo,

Explaining to girls why they should date shorter men. We are including this article here to show shorter men what points they might have as attributes that they can subtly point out in order to get a taller woman.

7 Reasons You Should Date Guys Who Are Shorter Than You

You’ll never look at short guys the same way again.

short men dating

I know many an otherwise open-minded woman who swears that she would never date someone shorter than she is, and I used to count myself among them. I clock in at 5-foot-10, a good 6 inches taller than the average American woman, and had never considered dating a guy shorter than me until I ended up falling for one — and I’m happy I did. So much for that deal-breaker.

One 2012 study in the U.K. showed that in 92.5 percent of opposite-sex couples, the man was taller than the woman. According to the CDC, the average height difference between men and women is 5.5 inches (coincidentally — or maybe not — that’s about the same length as the average erect penis. Do with that what you will). And both men and women feel pressure to adhere to height norms: One 2008 study of college students found that about 50 percent of guys wanted their partners to be shorter than them, while 90 percent of women wanted their partners to be taller than them. I’m here to tell you that this requirement is overrated. Here’s why.

1. Guys who are comfortable with you being taller are likely comfortable with your ambition, intellect, and talent too. A guy who can look at all those statistics and societal pressures and say “eff that” is less likely to be threatened by other ways that you buck gender stereotypes — for example, instead of feeling weird about you getting a raise or showing off your superior sports knowledge, he’ll celebrate the fact that he’s with someone who doesn’t make herself smaller to accommodate others.

2. You don’t have to make any calculations about the height of your heels. While other women might feel like they have to pass on a perfectly cute pair of shoes or stick to flats so they stay shorter than their dates, you’re already taller than your man in bare feet, what’s the difference between being 2 inches taller or 5? Wear whichever killer heels your heart desires.

short men dating

3. You’ll dramatically expand your dating pool. Finding someone who is socially, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually compatible with you is hard. Yes, it makes sense to narrow your pool of potential suitors based on what you value — it’s very reasonable to look for someone with a basic understanding of grammar, for example — but too long a list of non-negotiables can blind you to people who could make you very happy. The CDC has reported that about 59 percent of U.S. guys from 20 to 29 years of age are under 5-foot-10, the average male height, while only about 20 percent of guys exceed the 6-foot mark. If you “only date” men at least 6 feet tall, you’re shooting yourself in the foot as far as selection.

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4. Dating shorter can help you get over your own insecurities about size. When I first started dating a shorter guy, I felt insecure: not about my own height but about whether I would read as “feminine” to my partner and, admittedly, to the world when we were out together. I even wondered with some concern whether I weighed more than he did, again, not because I felt like I needed to lose weight, but because I had absorbed the cultural script that says that women should be daintier than guys. But it’s not the Upper Paleolithic, and I don’t need anyone to defend me from a saber-toothed cat; it’s 2016, and we know that femininity is a social construct. If two people make each other laugh and want to have sex all the time, who cares which one is more compact?

Short Men Dating
Short guy with a hotty

5. Research suggests that short men do a larger share of the housework. A 2014 working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research on men’s heights and relationship dynamics found that on average, short men (here defined as 5-foot-7 and below) did eight hours and 28 minutes of housework per week, or about 28 percent of the total. Tall men (6-foot-2 and above) completed about seven hours and 30 minutes a week, while men of average height did seven hours and 38 minutes. Yes, men of all statures are doing less housework than they should (how tall are the men who do 50 percent of it?), but short men are apparently less likely to leave their dirty dishes in the sink. Score.

6. Short men may also earn a larger share of the household income. The same paper found that 78 percent of short men out-earn their partners, as opposed to 69 percent of average men and 71 percent of tall men. That isn’t necessarily in and of itself a good thing (cough, gender wage gap, cough), it does suggest that short men are doing more to support their partners in terms of both housework and finances.

7. Short men are least likely to divorce. Finally, the paper showed that while divorce rates for tall and average-height men were comparable, they were 32 percent lower for short men. Maybe short men’s partners are enjoying sharing the housework, financial support, and willingness to flout stereotypes in favor of a strong relationship.

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