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Online Dating First Message (3 do not write’s)

Online Dating First Message

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jenny Guns, and to ask her about the Online Dating First Message. She's a fitness model with a very large following on Facebook. She reached out to to ask about our Tinder Consultation Services. When she did, we connected and started talking about online dating and how so many of our readers have had so much luck on International Cupid dating site. Jenny decided to join, we were thrilled because it's not often we get the opportunity to follow a woman when she first starts an online dating adventure.


Here's a previous article did on online dating opening messages: 

Online dating First Message, Jenny Guns experience on International Cupid Dating Site

online dating first message

Jenny was thrilled to work with us, it's so great to have connected with here like this. It was not planned, she searched the web for "how to write your tinder bio" and was right there up front.

We talked about the Online Dating First Message, then we talked about all the different dating sites. When she started the process of creating her profile we came to the conclusion that she might be very well off to give International Cupid Dating Site a try. She then said WOW, you just reminded me, one of my best friends used International Cupid dating site and is now in a great relationship with a fabulous guy. So, we asked her if we could do a case study. She gave out a big laugh and said she would love to be involved in a case study, she made it clear that she would not do any writing, LOL. We could use her story as it unfolded and she would tell us what is happening on a day by day basis. Of course, everything would be kept anonymous and no identities would be revealed.

** Here's the link to the article that Jenny actually found and ultimately connected this fabulous woman with our team at**

Jenny Guns

Here are some of the Online Dating First Message responses she received on International Cupid Dating Site and how she felt about each one. We really felt that this was valuable insight from not only a woman's insight, but a beautiful fitness models insight who is accustomed to getting many "opening messages, whether it be online of in the grocery store. 

Jenny is excited to work on this with us and is being very open and forthright with her opinion and reaction to each Online Dating First Message she receives.

Here's Jenny's response to us, she hasn't responded to these massages, and probably won't. These messages are basically examples of what not to do.  These are examples of the actual messages she received in the first 24 hours. 


Let me start by introducing myself. I’m a 31 years old fitness model and a cam girl. I have a busy schedule which as you probably guessed includes spending a lot of time in the gym and working on my physique. 

I also love riding horses and travelling around the world. Currently I’m living in Panama City Panama, a place in which I’ve felt at home from right from day one. Usually I'm a loner and an introvert, this is the first place where I’ve made girlfriends instantly. This brings me to the point of writing this article, my first experience on a dating site (International Cupid).

Online Dating First Message

Let me start by saying the biggest reason I decided to sign up for International Cupid  is that my friends keep making me jealous bragging about meeting cute guys on these sites. So finally, a couple of days ago, I decided to join the game and sign up to one of these websites. Originally I was going to go with Tinder since coming from Canada it’s the one website I’ve heard of the most but my Panamanian friend, Carol, told me that my best bet in Panama was International Cupid where she’s had the most success. 

Not knowing where to start my profile I googled how to make a successful profile and that’s how I ran into Masculine website. So I decided to contact them by email and one of their staff was kind enough to explain me the basics of online dating sites, what to look for and what to expect, what picture to set as my profile and so on…

In return they asked me to write this article 24 hours after signing up about my initial experience… so here we go.

Online Dating First Message

Jenny  in Competition, the real deal

I have not met anyone from International Cupid yet, I simply have not gotten an online message yet that I felt moved me to wanna meet any of these guys, or even reply to start a conversation. 

3 Don't Writes

1) I’ve had about a dozen messages and three of them already spoke about my boobs. Yes, I am happy that I do have nice breasts, but it's not the first thing what I want to hear from a guy that I’m considering dating.

I can be a very sensual person, when the time is right and with the right person,  but if the first thing he says to me is of sexual nature that is a major turn off and I consider it poor taste. 

If you're traveling to Latin America, Latin American Cupid is the site to use. It's full of hot Latina's in every country.

2) MARRIAGE on the opening message? !! I can’t believe a guy would actually mention the word marriage in the first sentence he ever says to me. Nothing scares a woman away more than a guy talking about marriage before we’ve even met each other.  How would a man feel if a woman brought up marriage right away.  Let's use common sense, which, of course, is not so common these days, especially when it comes to online dating. I am looking for a long term relationship, and hope someday to get married to a great guy. A woman like me wants to meet a guy and casually get to know them. It should, I feel, take a great deal of time to really get to know a person before you even consider spending the rest of your life with them. So, PLEASE guys, don't mention marriage on the opening message.

If you're in Asia, or on your way there, Asian cupid is the way to go.

3) Another thing I found a big turn off is guys' weird greeting messages like:

"Howdy, partner!" or "Yo!": Who do you think you're talking to? I'm not in Texas, I didn't grow up in a ranch, and even if I did, it's not in my profile, so please use basic greetings that are common and are meant to be used in all situations and please at least complete a full sentence. "Yo", that is simply disrespectful, and sounds like street slang, not to be used when you are trying to create a conversion with a good woman.

I don't want to hear that you're rich in your first approach to me. Good for you but I wanna know that you're a good conversationalist first. I realize that this is a debated topic, but there are sited created just for this, girls who want a man for his money. That's not me. I'm an independent, self sufficient woman. I have a mind, and I would not start seeing a man only because he has money. Success is attractive, but let a good woman see that success in you as she gets to know you. In most cases it will not take a woman long to see whether a man is successful financially or not, But when a man boasts about it, or shows it off, it screams of another, hidden, inadequacy.

Don't forget:  International Cupid where she’s had the most success., this is a quote from here friend.


Online Dating First Message, this will be a topic we will cover ongoing, Jenny has happily agreed to continue giving feedback and we will  bring it to you.

We welcome your feedback on this topic, if you have any input, suggestions or questions we can try to find answers to please contact us or email at: [email protected] 

      Thank you, from Jenny  Gunns and MP

Online Dating First Message

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