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OKCupid Review: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

Compelled the popularity, we decided to write a 100% honest OKcupid review straight from a mix of our experiences. In case you haven’t heard about it before, OKCupid.com is considered one of the best dating websites available. It is also one of one of the biggest, though is probably because it is completely free.

There’s all sorts of people on this site: anywhere from your average girl next door to the super freak cougar mom who wants to pounce on a young man. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find it on OKcupid.

Who Is OKCupid for?

We mentioned OKCupid will probably work for anyone, no matter what they may be looking for. However, after a combined 4 years of experience there is a couple of trends that we noticed.

1. Younger Crowds [No shit!]

Young Party Crowd

There are a variety of characters and all types of people that participate in online dating. However, like all of the other top online dating sites, okcupid is better for younger people.

There are simply a lot more people under the age of 35 and as you get older from there it will be harder to find people. I know, I know it’s a pretty obvious statement but some people seem genuinely surprised by the fact that they can’t find a 60 year old partner. The older you get the harder it gets to find someone – and this is especially true of online dating.

If you are in that 45 or older range I would suggest a site that caters specifically to your demographic — this site won’t do you much good.

Now if you’re on the younger side, there will be a ton of opportunities to go on date. You’ll see attractive people with tons of selfies, wild activities, and you’ll be able to message plenty of other people looking to hang out and have some fun. 

2. Affairs and Threesomes

Polyamorous Relationship

Okay, so this is an odd one and probably doesn’t apply to about 90% of you. However, okcupid seems to be one of the best online dating sites for swingers, amorous couples, and people looking to cheat on their spouses.

The fact that it is extremely popular and free makes it home to some very interesting people. In fact, the weirdest message I ever got was from a woman named Bernice who wanted to tie me up so that we could have a threesome with her husband… I definitely wasn’t down.

Of course there are people who are turned on by that and if that’s the case then I encourage you to join! For those who are less interested just don’t be surprised if you get some weird ass requests.

3. The Artsy Fartsy Millenial

Millenial w/ Sick Art Tatoo

 It makes sense that there are a ton of millenials  on the site — after all we popularized online dating. While there are a ton of different kinds of millenials, we noticed that there seem to be a lot creative and artistic girls – a trait that we think is really hot. 

For some reason there is something about the site that attracts these artists – whether they are into poetry, painting, singing, or acting-  we’ve ran into all of these kind of girls multiple times from okcupid. So what does it mean for you?

The nice thing about these girls is that they are passionate about something — even if it’s usually the coolest thing in the world. They’re pretty sweet (but obsessive) girls who probably aren’t the best for dating because sometimes they are a little strange and can get attached pretty easily.

Hayden Panettiere
Susan looked like a less angry Hayden

Honestly, one of the best one night hands I had was with a little blonde named Susan who was really into poetry. She was pretty fucking crazy but honestly was a great fuck. You gotta love girls on birth control…

Anyway, too long, didn’t read: Tons of artistic girls that aren’t great for dating, but are fun to mess around with.

Paid Features

There are a number of paid features that may make it worth it to you. Although most of them are pretty helpful, there are only a couple of "must haves". We'll go over the most important features first:

  1. Seeing who liked you - Both paid and free versions have a feature where you can "like" someone's profile. However, if you have the A-list, paid version of okcupid.com then you'll be able to see who liked you. 

    Obviously, this is a pretty big game changer because you will know who is interested in you so it'll be pretty easy to like them back so you can begin messaging and hanging out.

    It's definitely useful, and can save you hours of digging through profiles so you can get that easy date or one night stand.
  2. Filter messages - With this feature you can see filter out the people who messaged you that don't fit your criteria. Not into older women who love cats? No problem. Filter them out and you'll just see people who meet your criteria.

    It's a good feature so that you don't have to check all the messages and you can avoid potential spam. Filters range from age, ethnicity, and a bunch of other factors.
  3. Additional search features - The free version already comes with some searchable things like hair color, eye color, etc. However, with the paid version you can use it to narrow down your searches.

    If you don't want an older woman who lives alone with 7 cats you'll be able to filter that out (maybe not that specifically, but you get the point). On a more serious note you can filter thing out like doesn't want kids so definitely a feature worth having.
  4. Can change username - This isn't totally useful, but it's not really going to help you get laid more or find more dates. It's helpful if you picked a pretty bad name and don't want to create a new account. Just don't get stuck changing your username every day as it will confuse the people you are currently messaging.
  5. No ads - Pretty self explanatory. It doesn't make a big difference, but I guess it slightly improves your experience.
  6. Browse Anonymously - This feature is just about being able to view someone's profile. Honestly, it's not that useful since you probably want the person to know you're seeing their profile.

    However, if it's something you're worried about then it'll let you do your shameless stalking. Overall, we felt like it isn't that useful and might actually be counterproductive.
  7. Read receipts - Just like with Facebook, you'll be able to see whether or not the person has read your message. I guess it's kind of useful, but honestly it's not something you'd miss if you didn't have it. 

    In fact, I hate having it on my Facebook. This feature is kind of w/e just like being able to stalk anonymously. However, I guess it has its uses and you'll know for sure whether or not someone is ignoring you.

So Is the Paid Version Worth it?

Being a part of the A-list is a pretty nice bonus, but it's not totally necessary for everyone. If you're in no rush to find someone or just want to meet people then it's probably not needed.

However, if you're looking for some casual dates / hook ups, are really trying to find someone, or are really picky then you should definitely consider paying for OkCupid.com 

It's features are great to use to meet new people that you might otherwise not might because you can see who liked you and go on a few more dates.

You'll find yourself using the awesome search features and dying to see the newest person who just "liked" your profile.

Things We Liked

  • Lots of different people
  • Easy to use to get some fun you're looking for!

Things We Didn't Like

  • Need to do a lot of filtering

OKCupid Review Conclusion

Okcupid.com is one of the best online dating websites for a reason. With tons of different people, it's a great site to use for anyone. It might be skewed for younger people, but you would expect that for any type of online dating platform.

It might be more relationship oriented than Tinder, but you'll still be able to screw around plenty on it. I created this book so that NO guy has to go through the painful process again. Instead of spending a year figuring out Tinder imagine mastering it after only a couple of months. Try out the free version first, and if you end up liking it then definitely spring for the A-list.

It's slick features will more than make up for the relatively cheap price.

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