#NoNothingNovember – Where Will My Orgasms Come From?!

While wet dreams are great and all…Giving up masturbation and online dating has me gravely concerned about where my orgasms will come from in November…

First off, shoutout to Kid Strangelove, and The Red Pill Reddit for working together to put together #NoNothingNovember for all of us.

If you don’t know about #NoNothingNovember, check it out Kid Strangelove’s post here to get the inside scoop.

My #NoNothingNovember 

Initially, I was going to give up a few smaller things that I knew would be easy. I could say I would go the gym 6 days a week, but I already do that. It would not be too difficult. However, Goldmund decided to lightly call me out on Twitter and that was all it took…


Here are the vices I am giving up and the goals I hope to achieve in November:


No Online Dating

This will not be easy for me. I enjoy grabbing a handful of numbers in every city I visit before I even arrive. There is nothing like having a woman begging to meet you before you have ever stepped foot in her city. However, like all good things in life moderation is needed.

I have become an online dating addict to a certain extent. I still actively approach at night and occasionally during the day, but my preferred method of getting women is through online dating. This will change in November.

I will give myself two caveats: Tinder is still acceptable. I cannot go cold turkey here and the quality on Tinder where I am is incredible. As well, if a girl I am already interacting with continues to respond I can continue gaming her to get her number

Still, no more spamming every cute chick in a 25 miles radius with a scripted opener. No more trying to get with girls using:

I have deleted the apps on my phone to resist the temptation to spam. This will be difficult and I will be updating my progress weekly. I hope to improve my day game as a result of giving up online dating for November.

No Beer

I am traveling and I enjoy drinking while on the road. I refuse to give up alcohol as it is an integral part of my current lifestyle. However, with alcoholism looming in the near future I need to focus on my health in some manner.

Thus, I will not drink any beer during #NoNothingNovember whatsoever. Actually, I will not drink a majority of alcohol in November. The only alcoholic beverages I will allow myself to consume in November are:

  • Vodka & Soda w/ a Lime
  • Red Wine
  • Rum & Water w/ a Lime

While alcohol is not healthy, the above drinks are somewhat healthy when compared to Beer, Red Bull & Vodka, Jack & Coke, and most other drinks.

No Masturbation

This one is easy for me as I rarely if ever masturbate. Actually, I’ve only masturbated in the last three months when 1 of 3 things happen:

  • A girl sends me nudes
  • I’m sick
  • I’m hungover

Still, I plan on eliminating those instances of jerking off as well. Not too worried about this one except for the fact that I will not be dating online…

Here are a few more goals for #NoNothingNovember that dropping my vices should help to achieve:


One Approach Before Noon Everyday 

I usually have great endorphins flowing in the morning as I work out in the mornings. As well, there are two malls within walking distance to my house. I have no excuse to not do an approach or two before or after my morning workout every day.

I want to improve my day game abilities drastically and this goal certainly should help with that.

One caveat is that I do not workout on Sundays and usually stay out late Saturdays. So I will be lenient with myself on Sundays.

Three Blog Posts Per Week

I will not be lenient with myself on this goal whatsoever. My traffic has almost tripled in the past two months and I want to keep the momentum going. I will be posting three times a week in November.

I will attempt to stay on a M-W-F posting schedule, but I am more concerned with getting three new pieces of content out each and every week.

Best of Luck To All #NoNothingNovember Participants

I look forward to keeping up-to-date with everyones progress this month. Best of luck to you all! Let’s change ourselves for the better in November.

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