Nightclubs 5 Ways to Have More Energy and Charisma

Nightclubs 5 Best Ways to Have More Energy and Charismanightclubs


Making the decision to go to nightclubs comes with a commitment that some guys dread. You’ve got to look top notch, gather your buddies, prepare to spend some money and be on your game when it comes to flirting. Sometimes just thinking about the night ahead can cause stress and ruin it before it even starts. When you hit the Nightclubs, you want to be relaxed, confident, focused & full of energy. After all, going out is about having a good time, meeting new people, and avoiding the trip home alone. While you’re typically a club kind of guy or not, there are some steps you can take to becoming the man of the hour.

Here’s a few starter tips:

You relent and decide to prepare for the night, this time as a single man ready to mingle. You call your best friend and tell him to come over with a few handles of whiskey and the crew at 10:00. For a moment, as nerve-racking as going out maybe you hop into the shower, amp yourself up, get a clean shave on, pop the deodorant on, trim the nose hairs and the hair in between your eyebrows, pop open your medicine cabinet and grab the good ol’ Aqua Di Gio cologne and spray it behind your neck, ears, armpits, across your chest, and a little down below on good ol’ Big Ben. Just to prepare.

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Don’t worry about money at nightclubs

While you’re probably not looking to max out your credit cards on one night at the nightclubs, you have to be ready to spend more than you would for a date out at the movies. Drinks are expensive, and if you’re looking to impress, being stingy isn’t going to work. You can consider putting a spending limit in your head before you even leave your house, but a few drinks in and this hypothetical budget may stretch. Try bringing strictly cash. This way, even when the alcohol and ladies are telling you to spend more, you simply can’t. Just keep your mind off your wallet, if you’re worried about your finances while in the nightclubs, your energy levels are going to be way down. Be realistic with your budget, you definitely don’t want to catch yourself in a jam as the nights about to end.


Go in with no expectations at the nightclubsnightclubs

Everyone says that you have the most fun when you’re not expecting it. While you’re obviously looking to have a good time at the Nightclubs, try not to think that it’s going to be a “Hangover” in Las Vegas kind of night. You’re probably not going to wake up married to a stripper or with a Mike Tyson tattoo on your face. Just think about this as another night out, and let the good times roll. The second you put it into your head that this is going to be the peak of your life, that unforgettable night, you’re going to be majorly disappointed when it turns out to be simply average. If your spirits are up, you’ll give off better vibes. Disappointment brings misery, and misery loves company.

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Choose the friends you go to nightclubs with wisely

As cliché as it sounds, the people you hangout with are a massive reflection upon you. There are four types of people in the nightclubs, and you only want to be around one of them. Your friend is either a total ass, a wallflower, a fight starter, or the perfect wingman. There’s nothing worse than finally working your way into dancing with the girl you’ve had your eye on, and your buddy gets all handsy with her friend. The friend is then going to give your girl “the look”, and they’ll both find a new spot far away from you. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than the friend that stands against the wall sipping his drink as he people watches. You might as well go alone at that point because you’re on your own when it comes to having any fun. Even with those two scenarios, the overly drunk friend takes the cake. You knew the night was taking a turn for the worse when he spilled half his last beer on his button down. These friends almost always get into a fight for a) touching a girl with a boyfriend b) a smaller and weaker guy accidentally bumps into them on the dance floor, or c) just because they’re feeling it. If they don’t get kicked out for fighting, it’s going to be you dragging him around looking for a cab before he pukes. Do yourself a favor and pick the perfect wingman for going to the nightclubs.


Confidence at nightclubsnightclubs

Going to nightclubs is the experience that you make it. Spend some extra time on your hair and outfit that night, look your absolute best. If you look good, you feel good; and if you feel good, you’re bound to have a good time. Remember that the reason you’re out at the nightclubs is to let loose, so don’t take yourself so seriously. Odds are, unless you’re a regular, you won’t see 99% of these people ever again, so have fun at the nightclubs!

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Make your moves respectfully at nightclubs

The night is not going to end well if you can’t perfect your moves. It’s okay to be nervous or simply not a great talker, but common courtesy is a must. When approaching a woman, approach from the front. Respect the dodge comment like “I’m sorry I have a boyfriend”, or “it’s a girls night”. Get a feel for the vibe before making any move that can come off as creepy, and keep the dance floor aggression to a minimum. Follow these rules and your chances will increase astronomically at nightclubs.   

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Step 1: Mindset & Energy at nightclubsNightclubs

  • Before ever going out to nightclubs whether it’s with your bros, friends, crew, or even by yourself it’s essential you get yourself into a good mindset before you ever get the night started. I’m not going to tell you to repeat any positive psychology mumbo-jumbo or do any type of positive visualization before going out however if that gets you into a good mood or gets you in a positive frame of mind then, by all means, do whatever works for you. First and foremost, you need to remind yourself that no matter what happens at the nightclubs, you’re going to have a good time, have fun, and enjoy the night. Oftentimes men psyche themselves out and turn a night of going out into a pre-fight or pre-game ritual, kind of like what you see professional athletes do before the game even starts. Like I said, this isn’t the Super Bowl, really remind yourself your primary purpose before ever going out is to enjoy the night and to have fun a the nightclubs. A few things I’ve always recommended to my students and even something I always do to help me relax, get in a fun and silly mood is:
    • Watch something funny, doesn’t matter what it is. My personal vice is watching Dave Chappelle’s stand-up and even old episodes of Chappelle’s Show to get me laughing. Laughter is contagious and once you start going you’re already in a good, relaxed, and easygoing mood to you keep it at the nightclubs. I always find myself turning everything into a joke or getting everyone to laugh around me because I’m already self-amused from watching an hour of stand up comedy.
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    • nightclubsStart singing along to all the top hits. Music whether it’s the top hits they play in the club, old school hip-hop, or whatever your preference is to bring out good vibes and good emotions. There’s a reason why everyone in the bars and nightclubs sing along when the DJ puts the top hits on. Enter the Rockstar Effect, this is very important to keep in mind with any of the music at the nightclubs or any music for that matter. The Rockstar Effect is the release of oxytocin during singing. Oxytocin is a hormone that produces feelings of trust, morality, and love in humans, it’s released by both sexes during the act of sex. Hence, besides bars and nightclubs, there’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of people will go to music festivals, raves, and concerts because of this phenomenon. Music and emotions go hand in hand, and the key takeaway is here even if you’re in a bad mood at the bar or want a quick hack to get into a happy and easygoing mindset. Sing, go play and listen to a song from the top hits to get you into a good mood. As stupid as this sounds I used to do this a lot to amp up my energy and get me into a going out mood, I used to sing along to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift to get me in that frame of mind or even rap music like Work by A$AP Ferg for example. Point is, lighten up and use whatever you can to get you in a good frame of mind whether it’s music, comedy, or even hanging out with your friends and playing cards and getting a few drinks into your system (that doesn’t mean get drunk)
    • Energy is an incredibly important thing and is one of your most valuable assets if you’re going out to nightclubs. Emotions are contagious and girls are out for a night of fun. Whether it’s your stereotypical “woo!” girl or your Average Jane, women are receptive to energy. So a few things to keep in mind, I’m not telling you to act like a coked out maniac like Scarface but it’s important you get a read on the venue you’re going into and a feel for the room or the group of girls you’re trying to interact with at the nightclubs. A good rule of thumb is always to keep your energy level one notch above the group you’re trying to hook and once you hook you bring your energy level back down to theirs. So if it’s a wild and crazy group, you want to bring your energy up a little higher than their’s or even if it’s a laid-back and somewhat energetic group, just one notch up from theirs, not 20. Point is knowing how to manage your energy, creating it organically, and leveraging it to meet and connect with attractive women is a valuable asset. If you struggle with energy at the nightclubs, I recommend taking a step back and doing the things I just recommended, start laughing, get into a self-amused state and watch some comedy or sing along to music that gets you in an uplifted and energetic mood. Take all of these little hints into account, use as many as you can and you’ll be surprised how your night at the nightclubs will be better than ever because you helped yourself have a better time, and the people around you will also have a better tome at the nightclubs.
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