Do You Need Spanish In the Dominican Republic For Dating?

dominican girls beachThe DR is my favorite place in the Caribbean despite the Spanish in the Dominican republic. The island is home to white sandy beaches, and everywhere you go you’ll find an atmosphere of fun and drinking, The sex culture is very liberal, and the girls have some of the thickest, craziest bodies you will ever see.

Dominican Spanish

Do you need to know any Spanish to do well with women in the DR? Yes, but you don’t want to learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic. Here’s why: Dominican Spanish is messed up. Their accent is very fast, and they use lots of slang words. I would recommend you learn as much as possible before your trip (I’ll link to some resources here).

If, God forbid, you learned Dominican Spanish to an advanced level, you would be cursed with a very noticeable accent. You’d be better off learning Mexican or Colombian Spanish.

While spoken Dominican Spanish is often incomprehensible, their written Spanish can be even worse. Because of limited education, many Dominicans write in a way that would give the Real Academia Española a seizure. Google translate can’t make head nor tail of a text message you get from a Dominican girl. Here’s an example:

Dominican Spanish: estoi aqui amol, no la enpesado
Standard Spanish: estoy aqui amor, no lo he empezado (I’m here love, I haven’t started)

I don’t mean to put you off or suggest that the Spanish you learned in Madrid is useless in the DR, far from it. Knowing Spanish in the Dominican Republic is a must for many reasons, two of which are:

  1. Hustlers
  2. English Levels

Spanish & Local Scams

Knowing some Spanish in the DR will help you avoid getting ripped off by girls and cab drivers. Without knowing what is going on, you will be a sitting duck to all sorts of local hustles. For example:

dominicanas playaMany Dominican guys who lived in The USA will try to befriend you and offer to be your guide. They’ll try to be your buddy (using the broken English they learned before they got kicked out of New York) and they’ll eat and drink on your tab.

To avoid taxi scams, realize first that girls ask you to pay their fare to come see you because they are poor. It’s not a big deal and don’t lose out on the bang by being penny-wise and pound-foolish. To make sure the taxi drivers don’t rip you off, tell the girl to get the fare from the driver before she arrives. You could also ask a local how much it should cost from where the girl is coming.

I’ll cheerfully throw a Dominican girl a couple of dollars for a taxi if it means I’ll get laid but I draw the line at personal money requests. The ironic thing is, the better your Spanish, the more sob stories you will hear so keep it to yourself if you’re fluent. Act like you don’t understand what she is asking for and change the subject.

English Levels in the Dominican Republic

Here is where you will find girls who know some English in the Dominican Republic:

  1. Resort areas in Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, you will find girls who know English. These areas are also infested with prostitutes and gringos. If you just want to chill at the beach, great. If you want to meet some girls, I would avoid.
  1. High-end clubs in Santo Domingo and Santiago there will be some English. Day game around the universities requires Spanish unless you catch a girl coming out of English class.

Outside of these options, Spanish is a must.

Pre-Trip Preparation

  • Online Game

Sign up for a couple of online dating sites (Dominican Cupid and Badoo are the best). This will ensure you get a good pipeline established before you arrive and will also give you some exposure to Dominican Spanish. If your Spanish is any lower than intermediate, I would avoid communicating with girls via Skype or Whatsapp voice messages because what they say will be incomprehensible to you.

  • Study Spanish

While I may be biased, Pickup Spanish is the best course for learning Spanish for dating Latinas. The course also contains detailed intel on nightlife and day game venues in the Dominican Republic.

  • Learning Spanish in the Dominican Republic

Finding Spanish classes in the Dominican Republic is no easy task. One reason for this is that most foreigners are only there for a week or so to enjoy the beach and indulge in “pay-for-play”. The best place for Spanish classes in Santo Domingo is at the Dominico Americano language school. You will have lots of opportunity to game hot students there.

presidente girl DRThe Official Language Of The DR 

Money talks louder than any other language in the DR, and you can do well online without any knowledge of Spanish. However, if you plan on doing any day game and don’t want to get scammed, you need Spanish. After a few days chilling on a tropical island, sipping ice-cold Presidente beers and banging multiple girls with sick bodies, you won’t ever want to leave.

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