Why You Need At Least Two Dates to Feel a Spark

Some dates leave you with a definite feeling that you don’t want to see this person ever again. But sometimes you say goodbye experiencing ambiguous feelings. On the one hand, the date didn’t go off without a hitch and the person didn’t impress you much but on the other hand, there was something that prompts you to give your date a second chance. “If you have doubts, you should always go on a second date” – experts from Roman Compass where you can find photos of beautiful Russian girls advice their clients. It’s pretty naïve to expect a storm of feelings immediately on the first date. Of course, feeling attracted and connected is important, but often it takes two people some time to realize that there is a spark between them.

According to the latest surveys, most men and women would like to have another date even if they didn’t have a crush on a person right away on the first date. Attraction is a complicated phenomenon. While for some people it is associated with physiology, for others it involves the coincidence of interests, traits of character, talents. Also, attraction is dependent on different circumstances, and it can or cannot emerge when a person is in a particular mood. Additionally, people tend to change their preferences throughout their life and over the years those individuals who didn’t attract them in the past may appeal to them later.

First dates are pretty nerve-wracking events, and sometimes nervousness prevents people from behaving in their natural manner and results in uncertain impressions. They say it takes a person 30 seconds to form a first impression about their interlocutor. The rest of the date is meant to prove or shatter it. If in the long run, you can’t say for sure whether you liked the person or not, you should definitely have a second date with her or him. Most people decide to give themselves and their dates a second chance because attraction or passion doesn’t have to strike them immediately on a first date. Life proves that the success of relationships does not depend on the speed with which connection is established. In most cases it happens not so fast as in romantic comedies.

There are different reasons why you may not feel a spark on your first date. One of them is a lack of physical contact. Touching helps people feel a connection, and if you fail to touch your partner, you prevent both of you from this feeling. Most people don’t think a good-bye kiss is an indicator of a good date. Moreover, if there was no touching throughout the date, a kiss may come as a surprise for the other person or cause an awkward moment. That’s why remembering the importance of accidental touches, holding hands, playful touches on your partner’s shoulder, etc.

A spark may appear with a delay. When you start analyzing your date on the next day, you may realize that you really had a great time with that person. You had a lot to discuss, laughed a lot, and felt absolutely comfortable in his or her company. Sometimes you need to have a fresh look on your date to understand that there really was a connection. And in this case, you especially need a second date to test it.

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