My Diet Struggles

Growing up I played sports like volleyball and mostly stayed in decent shape, although I remember a few times struggling to put my jeans on from the extra eight I would put on and would follow it with a strict diet. When I was 23 I went to Ibiza and at a party I met a former bodybuilder that is an IFBB judge. He insisted that I had the perfect body to get into fitness/bodybuilding. As soon as I got back home from holidays I decided to get a trainer and take diet seriously.

                                                                                              Within 3 months I was on stage and placed 2nd in the figure/body fitness category.

Right after the competition I binged on everything that I could think of that I deserved to get to eat after being on such a strict diet.

My diet Struggles

This is where I began I cycle of competing and then binging and gaining a lot of weight back very fast only to prepare for another competition and lose it all again just as fast.

I was trying to promote healthy lifestyle and being in shape however underneath I was struggling myself, as fluctuating in weight like this is not a healthy lifestyle.

Two years and seven competitions later I decided that competing was not for me. For myself I now know that I am unable to go to the extreme in dieting required for competition without having the inevitable binge after that. I am envious of people who are able to do this and finish a competition and just go the next day to a restaurant and order chicken and vegetables not to appetizers a meal and a dessert or for myself.

My Diet Struggles

Now it has been 2 1/2 years sinc​​​​e my last competition​​​​ion and it is still a struggle.I find myself still either eating 100% clean thinking I need to get back in shape or I’m eating completely over-the-top in a binge style where anything and everything is game. I know for myself now that my goal in life is to live a healthy lifestyle also in moderation where it doesn’t have to go to these two extremes. But since this isn’t my natural instinct or natural reaction to diet it is going to take conscious decisions and a plan to eat like a normal person. 

My Diet Struggles

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