Military Cupid Review [Is it a Scam or is it Legit?]

Below is a guest post from my buddy Johnny who I've known since high school. He's been serving our nation for over 7 years now and wanted to contribute to MP.

I have often heard that women love guys in uniform. However, as a guy in uniform, I find it hard to believe so. I have been deployed several times, and finding anything long term can be pretty tough.

Yeah, it's easy to get flings. Those can happen anywhere and anytime. The thing is most girls aren't down to date an army guy - not that I can blame them. I had already tried some military dating sites like and but didn't use either of them for longer than 2 months.

 So when I found out about Military Cupid I figured I wasn't too interested. My buddy George who served with me was telling me about it but I just thought it'd be another military dating site. However, he offered to pay for my first month and so I decided to give it a shot.
In this MilitaryCupid Review I discuss my own personal thoughts and experiences. Mileage may vary!

Is it Free?

Military CoupleLike most dating sites sign up is free, but military cupid actually doesn’t let you use a lot of the features in the free version. For example, you can search and get matches, but you need to pay to actually communicate with matches.

 So it's technically free, but not fully functional.I would say don't upgrade until you get some matches so you can make the most of your membership. MilitaryCupid offers a couple of different membership types.  However, if you get a membership just go for the lowest paid membership, the gold package.

The platinum isn't worth it unless you really want a video profile (not worth it IMO) so don't bother wasting your money.After you get some matches you'll probably want to get a membership so that you can actually talk to your matches. I've decided this section into those looking for

1) Casual Relationships

2) Long Term Relationships.

1. Looking for Hookups/Flings/Casual Relationship

For your first paid package just buy the 1 month. It's more expensive per month than the other packages but you'll want to take it to a test drive for commitment (after all commitment isn't what you're after anyway).

It might be hard finding something within 1 month based on where you are located. There are a lot of members all over the place so it can take longer than a month to meet up.

After the initial month if you were able to strike gold then I would recommend 6 or 12 months since they are a lot cheaper per month than the 1 or 3 options.

However, if you haven't had much success yet purchase a 3 month package before continuing to a longer package. You want to make sure you can at least get some first getting a 6 month/ year deal
The longer packages require an all at once payment, but it easily pays itself off if you use it consistently (FYI: George always used it just for casual hookups and has gotten the 1 year membership twice now.

2. Looking for a Serious, Long Term Relationship

Military WeddingFor the first payment just pay for 3 month package before committing to longer packages. Larger packages are cheaper per month, but you want to at least test it before committing.For most dating sites I recommend the 1 month for starting out, but for Military Cupid it’s better to do 3.

This is because a lot of the people you'll meet are international or not in your area and meeting them within the first month isn't always possible.It often takes longer than 1 month to match and establish a better connection with them before eventually meeting up.

3 months is a good amount of time to actually commit to trying it out and is the minimum package to really see results.After that, the packages I recommend depends on what you're looking for.

It often takes longer than 1 month to match and establish a better connection with them before eventually meeting up. 3 months is a good amount of time to actually commit to trying it out and is the minimum package to really see results.

After the initial payment you'll want to keep purchasing the  3 months package (6 is okay too). You don't want to commit to anything longer because if you get in a relationship you'll essentially stop using it. 

I made the mistake of paying for a full year after the first month. Within 4 months I was exclusively "dating" ( we hadn't met up yet but we talked on skype a lot) and ended up being in a relationship with her for 2 years.  That means I wasted 8 months of my membership. This is why I recommend 3 months, but 6 months might also be fine.

Signing Up

The process to sign up for in joining this military singles dating site involves building a profile which serves as representation to your profile. First, you need to provide basic details, specifically about your appearance, including body type, height, hair color, ethnicity and eye color.

Other details may also be shared, such as your personal lifestyle, occupation, specific branch in the military which you serve, and the relationship type that you seek.

Afterwards, you can start creating a profile headline which will attract users. This usually includes a description of the match you would want to meet.Military Cupid Sign Up

I particularly like the Match Criteria section, as it allows users to choose a specific factor that you are searching for in a potential match, including religion, physical traits, drinking or smoking habits, as well as nationality.

What Countries it is Good In?

The website is available in all countries, with most military members coming from the USA and Canada. There are some from the UK, but not as much as the US & Canada.

However, you should expect some location difficulty with your matches. Most of the members are serving so they are likely to be abroad or in different areas. This is where the search and filter features come into play.

Although the search and filter are pretty standard, they are particularly useful in Military Cupid. You don't have the same amount of selection as traditional dating sites since it's for people serving (still better than related sites) so it's important to be able to search particularly what you're looking for. 

Does it Work?

Yes the website really works for both long term relationship and casual fling seekers.

As a matter of fact, it has served military and civilians alike for a decade already, with almost half a million singles as users. George and I are fans, and there were 2 other guys in our troop who liked it.

I was able to get a long term relationship out of it and am currently in another one. George loves using it and after a little more than a year of being on the site he now has girls to anywhere he will be at.

It took him a while to build up the network, but now it's really easy for him to use MilitaryCupid instead of having to just rely on some of the locals.

What is the Selection Available?

Military Women has options for all types of relationships - straight, gay, lesbian, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and everything. However, most of the people are straight and white so you may have some difficulty finding someone if you're picky about a particular non-white ethnicity or are into same-sex dating.

I haven't tried it out personally, but this is what I hear and just based on my own observations.

Like I said there is some diversity, but it is mostly dominated by white people.

You also have option on the type of relationships that you can look for. This includes dating, friends, long-term, marriage, or penpal. I chose both long-term and penpal at first, but it can be changed anytime according to your preference.

A lot of pen pals tend to either turn into relationships or casual hook ups so being pen pals is a great way to start engaging with someone.

Is it Good for Match Making?

After the profile is completed, next is the fun stuff! I enjoyed browsing at profiles. I filtered the search according to location and gender, and even lifestyle choice. I found some girls I was really interested in. One of my deployments brought me to Bangkok, where I met a girl whom I also chatted with in It was a memorable night for me, as she was the first woman I met from the site.Military Wedding Kiss

Military singles who are looking for potential civilian matches would certainly find this military dating site a good choice. What I really like about it is the safety features used in order to avoid risks of encountering fake profiles. Also, since it is clear in stating that it is a website for military dating, there is no need to explain everytime my field of occupation.

I have personally encountered women who shies away just because I am in the Army. With this dating site, however, everybody expects the kind of people they meet. Most women, in fact, find a military man using these sites. With its matchmaking capabilities, finding someone either to talk with, or even get laid, is possible.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

The website is very easy to use. It does not have a lot of buttons or tabs which make it confusing.

The sign up page is pretty explanatory and straightforward. At the same time, it also comes with language translation services which can help. The drawback to this, however, is that it does not support all languages.

This is also one reason why I prefer women who can already speak English, because it’s the only language that I know.

Search & Filter and messaging are also quite intuitive. If you're comfortable on the internet then you'll have no difficultly.

Is it a Legit or a Scam?

What I particularly like about this site is that it comes with the ‘Verified Badge’ feature. This reduces the risk of encountering fake users. Military cupid has been around for over a decide now.

While the website itself is certainly not a scam there are scammers on it, but these scammers are pretty easy to identify. They typically have model-esque type photos that are very high quality. 

They also tend to be very aggressive in terms of what they'll do for you/with you, but they just need some money to visit you. If matches behave like this then beware!

The easiest way to know for certain is to get them to take a picture of themselves with a sign that says your first name + a random sentence. This they'll have a hard time faking their photos and you'll know quickly whether or not they are legit.

If they refuse then they are most likely a scammer

Major Pros and Cons

Things I Liked

  • Verified profiles
  • More members compared to other sites
  • Good amount of civilian women

Things I Didn't Like

  • Some technical issues that require site maintenance
  • Very simple site gets the job done but is plan

Conclusion: Is it Worth It?

I can easily say that this is the best dating site for those serving in the military. As what I have read from other militarycupid reviews, I also agree that this is the best military dating site I have ever used.

I have met other women serving as well as a good amount of civilian women and am now in my 2nd long term relationship. It also works well for people who just want something casual like my boy George who has had a lot of success.

I am on my break now, and have decided to focus on that one girl that loyally spent her time even when she had to send snail mails during my deployment. So far, I am enjoying everything it, but don't currently use the site since I'm in a relationship.

9 Replies to “Military Cupid Review [Is it a Scam or is it Legit?]”

    1. Don’t sign up or youvwill be scammed.. I met a guy who said he was in Special Focrs in Kuwait, n I did some research an found that thebIP Address was from Nigerian so it was an African scanners.. I tell u they r good at what they do also had mevfalking in love with some guy I thought was in the Army in Kuwait an American solider.. Je asked for money in a subtle way so to speak whiting 5daus…All ofbthese sites are to be avoided go to your local public and pick up a man or at some other event.Dont waste or time on theses Scammer..

  1. I tried this site last year bad experience three guys were scammers. It was very hurtful you talk to someone for s few months then bang the money crap starts in and then you know he’s a scammer

    1. Or within a week i thought this site was supposed to be safe. I was in the military so i thought it would be safe nut, nooooooo

  2. There are TONS of African American guys in the Military IM A VETERAN! RETIRED AFRICAN AMERICAN….There are none on the site AND this guy CONFIRMED the site ‘ONLY’ has predominantly WHITES (?)

  3. I’m a 50 year old attractive professional non miltary female from Australia. Is this site just for younger people.

  4. Johnny-It is true. Women do love men in uniform! That’s why I went on it. I did meet a few real people and had some real dates. The problem is that I also got a million scammers on that sites. I knew they were right away. This one guy was really good though and it took 10 emails until I knew. Primarily because he used the phrase “good to read from you.” Other then that his writing was perfect. I even thought hey maybe he is real since that was the only thing that was wrong. Yet he said it twice so I thought why bother. I now don’t even talk to them unless they provide me with a email address ending in mil. If they don’t provide it the chances are they are fake. I was also told to ask for a CAC card. I also read online to have them take a picture of himself for you and have him write our name on a piece of paper for the photo. I figured them out in only a day or two so that is what I am going to ask for now. Yes I love guys in uniform. I think women love them because we have the feeling that they could protect us if needed. All women want that:)

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