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Mexican Cupid Review | Is it Worth It?

Ever since armies of conquistadors sailed from the ports of Spain with Hernando Cortes, single men have been traveling to Mexico looking for girls to mate with. While technology and the dating landscape have advanced since the times of Columbus, male desires and the rules of attraction haven't evolved.

This Mexican Cupid review will take an in-depth look at the most popular tool that modern men have at their disposal when they go hunting in Mexico.

Is Mexican Cupid Worth It?

Mexican Cupid is a dating website owned by Cupid Media. There are many other sites under the Cupid umbrella: Colombian Cupid, Latin American Cupid, Brazilian Cupid, etc. They all have a similar interface and target girls from a particular country - apart from Latin American Cupid, which covers every country from Mexico to Patagonia.

Unfortunately, being a paid member (it's free but has paid upgrades) does not grant access to all of the other Cupid sites. If you want to widen your net, you will have to become a member of each site separately, but the best one for all site is definitely Latin American Cupid.

If you are trying to decide between investing in a membership for Latin American Cupid or MexicanCupid, for example, here is what you can do:

  1. Create an account at both sites (it's free to create an account)
  2. Set your filters and search for girls on both sites
  3. Compare the results side-by-side
  4. Invest in a membership on the site that has better/more prospects

mexicana buttIn general, it will have more girls from the bigger cities and is great if you’re only going to Mexico to find some hot Mexican women. However, there will also be more gringos on the site (competition).

I’ve found Latin American Cupid to be better for finding diamonds in the rough that haven’t been bombarded with messages from foreign guys. But…don’t take my word for it, do a split test on both sites and go with the one that has the most girls that give you a hard on.

While there are many scam sites out there with fake profiles and people asking you to send them money (Tagged anyone?), I can personally vouch for (Masculine Profiles will back me up on this) Mexican Cupid. There are legitimate Mexican girls on the site looking to meet foreign guys.

Click here to meet hot Mexican Girls on MexicanCupid.​

Where to use Mexican Cupid?

I'll cover the best Mexican cities for girls in another article but for now, rest assured that Mexican Cupid will have girls from all over the country. The majority will be in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey but I've used the site to hook up with girls from smaller places like Oaxaca. With that in mind if you're visiting anywhere close to these areas you'll definitely want to check out Mexican Cupid.

Advantages of Mexican Cupid

1. A Starving Crowd

There is a saying in business marketing: "Look for people who are looking for you". Instead of wasting time on prospects that are not serious about meeting up and dating (as can happen on Tinder) on Mexican Cupid you will find girls who have already "opted in" and have raised their hand saying they want to meet a guy.

Doesn't it suck to be talking to a woman and buying drinks for her only to find out she's not looking? Yeah, using will definitely help you out of that and do a lot of the filtering for you.

2. Meet Girls Without Knowing Much Spanish

Many well-educated Mexican girls from Mexico City will know English. Don't judge her English level by her profile because Cupid Media sites translate the profiles from Spanish to English. If she messages you first in English, you can proceed without Spanish.

This is a huge plus if you don't know Spanish. It makes sure that you can at least communicate with the girl before taking off her pants - which makes it a helluva lot easier.

3. Fill Up Your Calendar With Dates

Travel can be lonely for the first few days before you meet somebody or make friends. You can use Mexican Cupid to build rapport with girls and arrange dates with them so that you hit the ground running and have girls to meet as soon as you get off the plane. The best way to go about this is to double book some dates. Mexican girls will bail on you a lot so it's okay if you do the same.

If you ever have to choose one girl ecause you overbooked then just reschedule. This is a classic method I use wherever I go and it makes sure that I'm able to meet with ton of women and line them up before I even get there.

4. Use Mexican Cupid for Research

If you know you want to go to Mexico, but you're still undecided on which city to visit, instead of reading reviews from idiots on Trip Advisor, use Mexican Cupid to see which city has the best female talent. It's easy to take advantage of their review system - people on Trip Advisor aren't necessarily hunting tail like we are.

5. Quality, Hot Mexican Girls

If you meet a girl on Mexican Cupid, you can be sure she at least has an Internet connection and a smartphone. That barrier to entry will eliminate super poor girls that will set you up and send their barrio boyfriends around to rob you.

A lot of girls in Mexico don't have too much money so this the fact that they at least have phone is encouraging.

The Downsides Of Mexican Cupid

1. Cheap, but not free is not expensive, but realizes that you will have to break out your credit card if you want to interact with girls. Many guys assume the site is free and get excited when they see a chica wrote them a message, then get pissed when they realize that they can't read it. It's not expensive, but not free is enough to turn some people away.

2. Some Gold Diggers / Green Card Hunters

Like I said earlier, MexicanCupid is a legit dating site. However, some girls will ask you to send them money. It is not nearly as common in Mexico as it is in The Dominican Republic, for example. One Mexican girl actually offered to have sex with me to bring her over. She was hot, but I was afraid she was a cop or something.

This doesn't happen too often, but you just need to be on the lookout. Of course, there's nothing wrong with taking her for a night if you're leaving the area pretty soon. No shame, no game.

3. Keep your Shit Together

Mexican Cupid is not "Seeking Arrangement" by any means, but you won't be getting any sex with 100 pesos in your pocket for the date and nowhere to take her back to but a dirty hostel room you are sharing with eight other guys. Put on a nice shirt, talk to her a little bit, then buy her dinner and some drinks. It's that easy. Don't force it too hard or you won't be able to thread the needle, because Mexican girls aren't as easy as some other latinas.

4. Older Guys Have an Advantage

Most men round down their age on dating sites but a friend of mine saw his response rate skyrocket when he upped his age from 29 to 37 on Mexican Cupid. Yes, he added eight years to his real age and got more interest. We're not sure, but we assume this is due to the culture. Mexican girls tend to really like and respect older guys - plus it probably means they have more money. To them, it's a huge win-win.

5. Might Not be Good on a Short Trip

Many girls on Mexican Cupid require multiple Skype sessions and a couple of dates before they feel comfortable enough to go back to your place. With Tinder, on the other hand, you can often bang a girl within 2-8 hours of matching with her. If you're only staying 2-3 days then use Tinder instead of MexicanCupid.

The best way to get around this is to just join a couple of weeks before you go and start talking and meeting some matches. That way, by the time you get there they are primed and ready to get down after getting to know you for a couple of weeks.

How to use Mexican Cupid

Here are a couple of hacks you can use to improve your results on Mexican Cupid:

The Keyword Hack


  1. Log in to the Mexican Cupid Homepage
  2. Click on "Search"
  3. Click on "Keyword"
  4. Enter keywords in Spanish describing the kinds of girls you like e.g. tetas (tits), alta (tall) delgada (thin), etc.
  5. Click "Submit"

The Not-Jaded-Yet-Girls Hack

These girls are the ones who have just joined the site and haven't been bombarded with messages from thirsty gringos yet. Here's how to find the fresh meat before anybody else does:


  1. Log in to the Mexican Cupid Homepage
  2. Click on "Members Online"
  3. Select Country
  4. Click "Submit"
  5. Click "Order By - Newest Members"

There are more secret ways of gaming the Latin American dating websites in the Pickup Spanish course.

Is Mexican Cupid worth it?

Definitely. If this is your first trip to Mexico and you don't speak much Spanish, get on it because you'll definitely see some success using MexicanCupid. If you are already an experienced Latin American playboy, you might use the site to supplement your day and night game efforts and it'll help speed things up.

Don't fly all the way to Mexico and lock yourself in a hotel room messaging girls all day (do this BEFORE you get your ass there to pipeline girls), but do take advantage of all the technical resources you have at your disposal.

With MexicanCupid you'll be able get a lot more action to quality Mexican women that you wouldn't otherwise. They're generally pretty high quality so if you want to conquer Mexico the way MP and I have then definitely sign up and check it out.

Un abrazo,
El Conquistador
P.S.: Mexican girls are often of the traditional variety. If you grab a membership to Mexican Cupid (which you should), get a few hot chicks numbers and then treat them like a girlfriend before you arrive. Skype calls, photos on What's App, etc. If you do, I promise you'll get your money's worth on Cupid πŸ˜‰ If you enjoyed this Mexican Cupid review let us know in the comments!

8 Replies to “Mexican Cupid Review | Is it Worth It?”

  1. That was pretty much a very disgusting review. Really you need to resort to that kind of childish teenage tactics to get laid? You obviously have no respect for women. Why not just pay the cash and get the ass instead of your childish little games. If what you are saying has any truth to it whatsoever I’ll just stay away and rely on common decency!

  2. TOUCHE!
    I won’t stay away… but hope that you and others like you, will. Give up! Get a passion for decency and concern for humanity.

  3. Mexican cupid is a dating site where you can look at profiles and send messages or likes to a profile you like. However, the person cannot read your message unless you upgrade your membership to a paid one. 98 percent of the women on the site do not have paid memberships which means you must have a paid membership to have them read your messages or read the messages they send. I also a notice a heck of a lot of profiles of the women are hardly filled out , populated by no answers. It raises a couple of red flags if the women on this site are really eager to meet , why are only 2% have paid memberships, and if they really don’t bother to fill out their profiles, how really motivated are they to meet. One other thing by having men have to pay for membership to correspond , it is very easy for scammers to make multiple profiles since it cost nothing to post a profile. Bottom line, I would not recommend mexican cupid

  4. I tend to agree with Bill. I’ve been using MC for about 5 weeks and I get several unsolicited emails each week after a woman has expressed interest or “Favorited” me. Almost all of those are from much younger women, from outside Mexico, whose profiles are blank. That is a major red flag and I just ignore them. Unlike the author, I’m not looking for “hook-ups” since I’m considering living and working in Mexico. Additionally, being 62 and American, I’m limited in my choices. I have made contact with a few interesting women but nothing has really gelled yet. There also appear to be some “technical” issues that I can’t put my finger on. Overall, I think I’ll do better being in the country since I think the type/age of women I’m looking for are more hesitant to engage with someone 2,000 mile away.

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