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How TO Message Girls Online

After last weeks post about the wrong ways to message chicks online, the next step is figuring out the types of messages that women respond to. So, what types of opening messages actually work? What type of opening messages will have girls responding to you consistently? Well, there are two types of messages that actually get responses from women.

Not only do these type messages get consistent results, they are efficient with a man’s time, which should be his most valuable resource. The two best types of online dating opening messages are:

Copy & Paste Messages: Some will argue and say a message that clearly has been ‘copy & pasted’ to girls is not the way to go when dating online. They will say girls can clearly tell they are ‘copy & pasted’ messages. They will say the girls will have already gotten the same message before and therefore, will not respond to yours. If these are there rebuttals, they are not using ‘copy & paste’ messages correctly.

See if you use ‘copy & paste’ messages that every other guy on the block has used, you will not get any results.

 As well, if a message seems completely copied and pasted, then you need to find a new message to spam out. That is not how to use ‘copy & paste’ messages. Ok, but why would you use them?

Well, there are two reasons ‘copy & paste’ messages are a personal favorite when I am messaging girls online. First, it is the most time efficient method of online dating for men. Hell, it is the most time efficient form of dating physically possible. With a good ‘copy & paste” opening message, you can be in conversations with 5-10 girls online within the first 15 minutes you log on.

Another reason ‘copy & paste’ messages are a great way to open online is because of the ironic mindset of women dating online. See, if a woman knows you crafted a messaged based upon something in her profile, she knows you read her profile. Thus, she knows you invested time into her before you even had any type interaction with her. This is a turn off for her. By, simply sticking with ‘copy & paste’ messages, you avoid another obstacle to turning her off.



Template Format Messages: The benefit of using a template format message instead of a copy & paste message is that a man may be able to secure dates with women above his attractiveness level using a template. The template gives women the idea that a man viewed and read her profile, yet did not invest too much time in his initial message. This is only true if done correctly.

To correctly send template format message, one first must have a template to follow (more on this coming in the future). Then the man simply reads a girls profile and fills in the blank parts of his template with the information he gathered from her profile.

While a template format message may be great to use in some situations online, it also takes more time than sending a copy & paste message. Still, a man with a solid template can send 10-15 messages to pretty girls in 20-30 minutes and expect a reasonably high response rate.

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