Medellin Women, How to meet Medellin Girls (4 Ways)

Colombiana, Mmmmm, that has a nice ring to it. Say it with me, Colombiana, meeting Medellin girls in Colombia is very easy for a foreigner. Medellin Women are on a Gringo Hunt!!! 

Medellin Women

They might deny it, but I'm here and I see it, the Colombiana is hoping to meet a Foreigner. Medellin Women see security, a man that will treat them better than the local men. Whether that's true or not, they think it and you can use it to your advantage.

If you want to meet Colombian women in Medellin, walk down the street and say hi, it's as simple as that. The streets are packed with one beautiful Colombiana after another. I've been using LatinAmericanCupid dating app to score HUGE. 

.Meeting  Medellin girls is much easier than I thought it would be. They don't care that I don't speak Spanish well at all yet. They are on ColombianCupid waiting for you.

 I've been using Latin American Cupid because I started my journey in Panama and really wasn't sure where I'd end up going. Meeting Medellin Women with Latin American Cupid Online Dating site has been great fun.

 With LatinAmerican Cupid I could go anywhere in Central and South America and use the dating site. I made friends in Panama and one guy was a Panama native who lived in Medellin, and he told me about some great pick up and date spots.


Luckily I met him and we became friends in Panama while he was home visiting family. When I came to Medellin he introduced me to people and help out a lot.  Lucky guy, he's around Medellin Women everyday.

I've been lucky making friends in my travels and then using their experiences to help me decide where I will travel next.

Medellin Women

 All the while using the knowledge I've gained writing for and learning the Tinder Template.

Tinder has really been great here also. Plenty of hot latinas just waiting for a Gringo to Swipe Right.  In Panama I met many Latin girls on Tinder, most of them wanted to charge a fee for a massage.

Panama  City is not cheap, by the way, many things cost the same as the US. So these girls are here for your convenience if you like. There are good girls on tinder as well, you just won't know for a while. Medellin girls are a lot less expensive.

Medellin women are beautiful and they have positive attitudes, which is always nice. The Medellin girls dress sexy, and they know it. It's the culture, they are very open to showing some skin, there boobs on display as much as they legally can be. 

Medellin Women

                                                                                            I've been in touch with a few guys who chose ColombinCupid online dating site and they said that they are amazed at the beautiful Colombiana women they are hooking up with.

Colombian Hookers abound, they, like Panama use the dating websites to find their clients. It's really a great way for Medellin women to meet their men. Colombian hookers are very upfront about their fees on the dating app. If, while in Medellin, this is what you're looking for it's very easy. 

Colombian Hookers are much less expensive than Panama. In both places, Panama Hookers and Medellin Hookers start high with their fees and can be easily negotiated down 25-50 % really depending on their current financial situation that day.

​​​​I've been using  Traveling With Tinder also, it really makes you feel comfortable traveling and using Tinder.

Medellin women are fabulous. You can take your pick of many beautiful girls. They are strong and proud women, Medellin girls have much to offer, but will not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. 

                                                                                                  If you're planning a trip, use Colombian Cupid online dating site or Latin  American online dating site. Start before you leave your home country, build some relationships early, you'll be ahead of the game when you arrive.

Medellin Women

Please give me some feedback, if you've been to Medellin, or have met a Colombiana, tell us about it.

                                                               Thanks, Chris, MP

The Bachelor's Guide to Central America has been an invaluable resource for me while traveling and chasing Latonas

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