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Can Keto Diet Affect Someone’s Sex Drive?

Can Keto Diet Affect Someone's Sex Drive?

Have you ever visualize yourself as the hotshot muscular guy who’d got all girls drooling over him? Or as the super skinny hot model who can wear a bikini and turn all eyes on her? Do you wake up from your daydreaming and quickly pass by the mirror, avoiding to look at the layer and layer of fat piling up on your body?

Well, lucky for us, we’re in an age where science has advanced to the point where almost every other day there’s a new trend in weight loss or fitness programs. You can find people on every kind of diet program out there, each endorsing the regime they’re following and swearing by it.

You can also hear a lot of other people, maybe even medical professionals, talking about how a certain program is only a huge fad that does more harm than good. The same was true for Keto Diet, for instance.

Can Keto Diet Affect Someone's Sex Drive?

With Keto Diet, however, questions were raised beyond its weight loss efficacy. People are wondering about the more serious aspects, as to how it affects your whole lifestyle. One of the flags raised were: Can keto diet affect someone’s sex drive?

To answer that, we first have to know more about keto diet.

Keto Diet & How it Works

The Keto Diet, short for Ketogenic Diet, is a regime of high-fat, moderate-protein, and very-low carbs consumption. Our bodies rely heavily on carbohydrates for energy production, and the keto diet plays in such a way to turn that around.

The secret behind the keto diet is that it hugely reduces the carb-intake, forcing the body to use fats for energy production instead. By doing so, it forces the body into a metabolic state of “ketosis”. In other words, your body starts becoming much more efficient at burning fats all over your body.

Opposing Opinion: Keto Diet is Bad For Your Libido

People against keto diet have their own science-backed argument. They argue that not only is keto diet bad for health as it interferes with the body’s natural need for carbs, but following the diet also has detrimental effects on your libido.

Their argument is based on the following:

  1. Following the diet results in decreased thyroid activity, which is responsible for regulating the sex hormones in both men and women. It also results in a low mood and increased fatigue.
  2. Some evidence says that the very low carb intake negatively affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which are the three glands responsible for balancing and regulating our hormones.
  3. Long-term decrease in carb-intake reduces the production of “Leptin” hormone, which regulates sex hormone production
  4. Consuming carbs helps our bodies produce the mood-regulating “Serotonin”, without which mood disturbances are more probable.

Counter Argument: Keto For Increased Libido

Keto diet followers have another say, they argue that a keto diet actually increases libido for the following reasons:

  1. Sex hormone production is directly correlated with fat intake.
  2. Increasing the fat intake produces higher levels of estrogen and estradiol (female sex hormones) in women
  3. It also increases the male sex hormone, testosterone
  4. Keto diet is very effective at losing weight, which will give you a boost of confidence about yourself and your body.

However, they point out the following too:

  1. Starting the keto diet, your body first passes through a “fat-adaptation” phase. This phase starts with what’s commonly known as the “keto-flu”, and going into the process your body first becomes easily fatigued and low-in-energy until it can fully adapt. Patience is key at this point.
  2. You might not feel it’s working, but it’s probably because you’re doing it wrong. Consuming alcohol may be getting in the way, so is the other food you’re eating without realizing the number of carbs they contain. Make sure you’re sticking to the proper keto diet regime, you can check the best foods to consume from

If it works, it works. While both sides of the argument have their backed-up scientific evidence, there’s been little accredited scientific research to settle the matter for good. If you’re thinking about following the Keto Diet, make sure to consult with your physician first. That’s especially necessary if you have other health conditions or in case you’re on certain medications. Keto Diet may interfere with the meds you’re taking, and you might need to fix their doses.

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