Japan Cupid.com is the best Japanese online dating site that offers its members with the wonderful opportunity to be introduced and potentially meet lovely  singles. These singles may either be in the same locality as the member, or even internationally.

I was pleasantly surprised, so I wanted to write out this JapanCupid review so everybody who is interested can check it out!

Japanese women have a unique way of interacting and socializing, making them extremely fun to chat with. They are a combination of being conservative and modern, and if you are lucky enough, you may even get to hook-up with one of them in time.

Site In a Nutshell

I'm not going to make you read through this entire Japan Cupid Review if you don't want to! Here, I've outlined SOME pros and cons.

Things We Liked
  • Caters to different countries
  • Translation service is awesome
  • Good free membership
  • Good search function

Things We Didn't Like

  • Most members' English is not good

Things We Didn't Like

Membership Options

General membership with Japan Cupid is free, though you can opt for the paid profile in order to take advantage of more features. The process is also easy. Within just a few minutes, the basic profile can already be completed, and you can start enjoying the standard features. These features under free membership includes the capability to upload up to 5 photos.

While other dating sites online come with ‘wink’ or ‘flirt’ features, Japan cupid has the ‘show interest’ feature. You can use this towards other members in the website. I decided to start with a free membership first, but I was still able to get in contact with other paying members, as I could still receive and read messages from them. If you want to see the other features, you can always opt to have the paid membership.

  • Upload a maximum of 5 photos (primary photo included)
  • Create a personalized profile describing yourself, and the details and possible qualities of the matches you are searching for
  • Contact premium members (receiving and reading messages)
  • Show interest’ to other members of the community

Available Options

Under membership options, you have three choices in front of you: free, gold/premium and platinum memberships. Here are the features under these options:

Honestly, the Platinum isn't worth the extra money. My advice is to just go with the premium as the platinum features really don't do much for you and just aren't worth it overall UNLESS you want the translation service. That would be the main reason to get it Platinum.

If you want to give JapanCupid a try for free just sign up and click this link!

Premium Profile

  • Features included in the free membership
  • Instant messaging services
  • Personality profile
  • Personal details can be added in the messages
  • Match potential shown in the searches for above standard profiles

Premium Prices

  • $29.99 for 1 month
  • $20.00/month for 3 months
  • $16.66/month for 6 months
  • $10.00/month for 12 months

Is It Worth It?

This wouldn't be a full Japan Cupid Review if we didn't have this section. Fortunately, I can definitely say it's worth it and plan on using it next time I go to Japan (probably July/August of 2017).

One major competitor of Japan Cupid is another online dating website called Asia Friendfinder. The latter site comes with a free trial option, but it is only limited in attracting a smaller group of audience. However, it charges more than Japan Cupid and most of the reviews I read said that Japan Cupid is better too!

If you are interested in meeting Japanese single ladies, either for a casual chat, hook-up, or to engage in other activities that are interesting, no doubt that JapanCupid.com is a good choice for you. Just a reminder, however, it is very important to be at least 18 years of age in order to sign up with this website.

Japan Cupid is also a member of the well-respected CupidMedia network, a community of dating websites that are location-based. While this is primarily focusing on Japanese ladies, there are also other members who create their profiles in this website. With this, you can be guaranteed of the overall experience that you will enjoy. This includes the legitimacy of the website.

If you are still hesitant whether or not you should try this out, you can still start out with the paid membership profile. Afterwards, you can then observe the rest of the community first. You will definitely know whether it will work for you or not. This will be based on the actual interactions you will have through your profile.

Personally, I have already tried being a member of other online dating websites (granted, I only tried some for 4-7 days), but I am just glad that I signed up with Japan Cupid. At first, I only opted for the free membership, but later on I availed of the Platinum membership. I was able to take full advantage of the features I was looking for. As someone who was particularly interested in meeting single Japanese ladies, my experience with Japan Cupid was a total success and fun.

How it Works!

Japancupid.com is home to about 500,000 members. As a match making service, this number of members is a proof that it really works.

It's easy to sign up and create an account. In fact, below I've shown you the actual form to sign up - it's SUPER easy.

Platinum Profile

  • Features included in the premium membership
  • Match potential shown in the searches for above and gold standard profiles
  • Translation to other languages
  • Send and receive video mails from other members
  • Watch other members’ video profiles

Platinum Prices:

  • $34.99 for 1 month
  • $23.33/month for 3 months
  • $20.00/month for 6 months
  • $12.50/month for 12 months

If you're convinced, just sign up HERE!

After trying out the free version, I decided to avail of the premium membership. It worked to my advantage especially when I went out on a trip to Japan twice last year. By the time I had left Japan ( 12 days) I had met with 7 girls.

Not a bad run if you ask me!

As expected, the real Japanese girls I got to meet in person were different from the ones that I have anticipated based on the things I see on TV, or with the way they interact online. However, it was a pleasant experience.

Japanese girls are mostly conservative. They do not flirt right away on first meeting. In fact, it seems that men need to make an effort to show their interest on the women. With that, Japan Cupid does help provide the following:

1. Match Making Capabilities

If you are interested in meeting Japanese girls, no doubt that Japancupid.com is a good option to choose. While other online dating sites offer general dating options, Japan Cupid is specific to a country.

This is definitely the best online dating site if you want to meet ladies from Japan. If you also want to meet them in person, you no longer have to worry about language barrier, as the website offers translation services, making communication a whole lot easier.

2. Convenience of Use

Japan Cupid is also very convenient to use. This works for both the free and the paid membership options. On top of the features that makes this site very convenient to use, browsing is also easy.

With its language translation services, even those who cannot speak English or Japanese can still join. This, however, is particular for platinum paying profiles. The searches are very easy to filter depending on various criteria, including the date of signing on, member profile and appearance, as well as cultural background.

3. Legitimacy

When dealing with any online dating website, it is very important to be extremely careful. Safety and legitimacy is one thing that Japan Cupid offers. If not because of the safety guaranteed by the website, members will not flock in, and stay as members. This website has been in the industry for several years, serving as a testimony to the quality of services provided.

If you're looking for cute Japanese girls then you seriously need to check out Japan Cupid. Sign up for free here!

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