Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

What Is Tinder Plus?


A couple of years ago, Tinder gave us Tinder Plus, an updated version of the app which unlocked some really great new features and allowed you to stand out from the enormous community. If you would like to use these benefits, you had to fork-up real cash – $9.99 per month to be precise. ($19.99 if you’re over 30) This announcement came with much criticism, though the change didn’t really interrupt your Tinder progress if you didn’t want it to happen. Really, if you’d been a Tinder member ever since the beginning, you certainly expected something like this to happen someday.

Many individuals were somewhat disgruntled by the change and thought Tinder would die. Yet, the change really didn’t affect the bulk of Tinder users. Users can still swipe away in their current locale to the tune of 20 “likes” per day (some individuals get 100 “likes” and I’ve yet to figure out why). So many individuals don’t have a need for the upgraded, Tinder Plus — probably because they already mastered the tips found in this book – The Tinder Template.

What does Tinder Plus actually offer?

Tinder Plus does offer Tinder users a few advantages. Tinder plus allows Tinder users three extra features:

  • Unlimited Swiping: By paying for Tinder Plus you can swipe indefinitely. This means you can go back to unlimited right swipes like in the past. No more swipe limits.
  • Passport Features: Tinder Plus allows men to change their locations to different parts of the world and match with women in these locales. There are girls on Tinder in every locale on earth. The Passport Feature allows you to pipeline all over the world.
  • Rewind Feature: Tinder Plus also allows individuals to go back and re-swipe someone whom they accidentally didn’t mean to not like. No more accidentally left swiping a stunner.

Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

Tinder Plus is beneficial for some men, while worthless for others. In my opinion, any man actually using Tinder to get laid will want to purchase the Tinder Plus subscription. If Tinder is something a guy uses for shits and giggles every now and then – Tinder Plus may be a waste of cash. However, if you use it a fair amount then it’s probably worth it. Think of it this way – if you line up a date or two a month off Tinder then you do need Tinder Plus because you’re not utilizing it well.

If your Tinder game is rather average a cheaper alternative is to just to learn how to use Tinder effectively. With this guide you’ll save money and increase the dates and bangs you get from Tinder.

You also can to hide your age, control who sees your you and a great Passport feature to find hotties when you’re on vacation. There is also something called Boost but I don’t know much about it as I haven’t used it and Tinder doesn’t tell you much. Just that it puts your profile card close to the top of people’s queue for 30 minutes. Which sounds like a pretty cool feature

Check out the Tinder Template here before the price gets increased!

Is Tinder Plus Worth It for Traveling Men?

The biggest benefit outside of the unlimited swiping is the passport feature. A man can use Tinder Plus to view the women on Tinder all over the world. Tinder plus allows men to switch their location to different places and interact with the women in these locations. This allows men to plan trips much easier, even allowing them the ability to have women drooling to meet them before landing. Traveling with Tinder will be a great help.

If you are a traveling man or plan to take a trip soon, I highly recommend you invest in Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus is worth it for any man on the road. There is not much better than having a girl waiting to meet you right when you get to a new country.

Tinder Plus & My Updated Book

Tinder TemplateI recently updated my book on getting chicks on Tinder, The Tinder Template. I cover Tinder Plus in the book also. If you’re looking to get more girls on Tinder, then you should definitely check it out.

The updated version of the book really drills down into exactly how to score the hottest chicks on Tinder. The advice is no-nonsense and created to ensure your Tinder success rate shoots through the roof. For the price of one month on Tinder Plus, you can buy The Tinder Template here.


17 Replies to “Is Tinder Plus Worth It?”

  1. Looks like we agree on this one, didn’t see your article until now actually. Not bad work at spot 2 😉 I got page 2 in 2 days not bad either. I know this post is old my bad…what’s the next adventure?

      1. yeah man and Sweden is getting high on my list for part of the run. Been tearing it up there in Tinder and girls look on point. It’s gonna be nice to have a little exotic flavor again since I look almost Latino/Italian gringo.

          1. yeah my Dominican buddy who looks Latin got into a threesome with a Scandavian mother & daughter. It was a classic tale and epic feat. I’d love to check that one off my list. Thanks for the support, I plan to keep more up date reporting on the next one.

          2. That sounds legit! I’m jealous. Some Dominican guys have great natural game and charisma. Their over the top aggression is definitely different than anything those scandi chicks had seen.

          3. The aggression is classic. My buddy in Cabarete ran that type of game while rocking 80s style nike wind suits. He did well because he was a fun person to be around also was generous with quality cigars.

          4. 100% agreed. You can’t fully trust them, but you can have a great time with them – provided they think you’re a cool dude. Plus, they don’t give a shit if you’re fucking a bunch of their women. They are, too. No such thing as cockblocking in the DR

  2. Idk I think paying for tinder is silly, and if you change locations they it shows you are, and can be creepy /desperate imo

    1. Tinder Plus is pretty great if you live in a large metro area or travel. It’s worthless in smaller cities and towns. Girls don’t care if you’re traveling and change your location. You’re “exotic” and therefore – interesting. Only creepy or desperate if you let that frame sink into the interaction.

  3. Lol tinder template? How could someone need help? It’s literally based off of mutual attraction. Once you match, sack up and ask that person out. That’s the only template needed.

  4. You don’t need tinder plus if your pics are good enough. Before I started testing pics on photofeeler I had around 10 matches in tinder. A few days after now I have 389.

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