Latin American Cupid Review | Is It Worth It?

Latin American Cupid is an online dating site used specifically throughout Latin America. I’m sure you know this and you can use this article to find out if the site is worth the price of a monthly membership. With so many “scam” online dating sites trying to get your money – I understand your concern – which is why we wrote this latinamericancupid review.
The great news about this online dating site (and almost all Cupid Media sites) is that it’s legit. You can meet a number of cute Latinas on this site. Keep in mind this is NOT for US dating and is intended to be used to find women in Latin America.The best part is all of these girls will be looking to meet a foreign man just like you.

Here is a breakdown of the best online dating site to meet Latin women while away from home:

Where to Use the Site?

Before we dive deep into the specifics of using this site – I wanted to show you where you can use the site to meet girls. Some countries are better than others. Some countries have country-specific sites that are better to use than this one.
I’ll try to breakdown as many countries as I can for you. You’ll always find more women on this online dating site in the capitals of Latin countries. However, many countries have smaller cities that the site works well in.

Latin America Cupid is the best latin dating site. The best countries to use it in are:

  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Paraguay

The site will work well in all the countries above, even if there are only 50 or so active girls in the city you visit. That’s actually more than enough because as a foreigner you’ll have a really high conversion rate. Women on this site love matching and going out with foreigners – particularly white guys and black guys. Foreign latino guys don’t do too well since it is harder for the women to judge them as foreign.
However, the bigger cities will have over 1,000 chicks active on the site. You could be using this site for months and still be meeting tons of hot latinas looking some gringos. Take advantage of these girls!
LatinAmericanCupid will work in a number of other countries, too. You’ll find tons of girls online on the site in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. The problem is there are better sites to use in these countries. Unless you’re on a long trip throughout all Latin America and purchased a long-term membership on LAC (a good idea if you’re traveling around), then you’ll want to use these other sites:

You won’t want to waste your time or money if you’re in / going to:

  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Belize
  • Haiti

In many of the countries listed above that LAC doesn’t work well.This is because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of opportunity for LAC in these other countries.I’m not sure whether it is because they don’t want to pay or if it’s not as big in some of these other countries. Regardless, you’re better off using Tinder to meet girls while traveling.

The Benefits of Latin America Cupid

There are a ton of great features that the site offers. What else do you expect from the best latin dating site? Here are the top benefits:

  1. Great way to scout girls in different countries: One of my favorite things to do on LAC is going on “scouting missions” using my laptop. Sometimes there’s a city or town in Latin America that doesn’t get talked about a lot. So I get on LAC and check to see what some girls look like in the city. Not only can you check the girls out from all other Latin America on this site, but you could also switch your profile and see what type of interest you get from girls in that area.
  2. Millions of girls online: There are millions of Latinas using LAC. While the numbers may be smaller in the specific city you’re going to – you’re going to have a lot of sexy Latinas to chat with and possibly meet. Often, I’ll have girls from all over Latin America get in contact with me on LAC (even when my profile isn’t set to their city or country).There’s so many girls on these sites that are begging to meet men from the west. The best part is they know a long term relationship isn’t going to happen… so it’s pretty easy to conclude that they want the same thing as you. Seriously, they love their white guys.
  3. Quickest way to meet girls: You can sign up for an account on LAC and be talking with latinas all over Latin America within minutes. You can get Latin women’s Skype or Whatsapp information and begin communicating with them before you ever set foot down south.No need to hit the bars for a few weeks when you get to a country just to meet chicks – you’ll already have girls aching to meet you when using the site.Many times I’ve had girls meet me my first day in a new country, or even pick me up at the airport! Just sign up a weekor two before arriving so you can get matches and start talking to them. By the time you arrive you’ll have them lined up and ready to meet you!
  4. Girls on LAC like foreign men: And yes, you’ll find most women on LAC are looking to meet a foreign guy for one reason or another. It could be the pure attraction. It could be she’s tired of the men in her country (Latin men are known as notorious cheaters). It could be she wants to leave her country. It could be money.The fact of the matter is if a girl in Latin America signs up for this site, then she really wants to meet a man. Yes, they’ll still date some local guys, but almost all of the latinas using this site prefer foreign guys which makes this perfect to use while traveling.
  5. Quality girls: If a girl is a member on, then she at least has enough money to have a computer or smartphone with WiFi at her home. This usually means she’s not a barrio girl that will rob you blind when you fall asleep.Most girls you’ll find on LAC are upper-middle class girls who are struggling to meet good looking guys who aren’t cheaters (again, a wealthy Latin man has his choice of many women). She is at least interested in foreign men and may speak some English. Girls on LAC usually have some college degree or experience.As for the looks like always there are some ugly women, average women, and hot women. However, I noticed that the ratio for hotter women to be higher than on other sites. I might be a little biased because I love latina chicks, but there is definitely a ton of hot girls on this site.

The Downside to Latin American Cupid

  • Caters to older men: This site isn’t for every traveler. Women on this site are not looking for backpacking types staying in hostels. They prefer a man who at least has his hotel room or even better – an apartment. Any man under the age of 25 may find online dating sites like Tinder to be more beneficial than LAC. Guys between the ages of 25-55 should strongly consider Latin America Cupid when in the region.This is because in their culture they respect MEN more than boys. Men also tend to be more mysterious than eager kids under 25 and also have a lot more money to blow on a date or to get laid.
  • cute latin womenSome countries better than others: Not every country will have a lot of women (or decent ones) on LAC. If you’re only visiting one or two countries, then I’d suggest checking my list above and seeing if LAC works well in the countries you’re traveling to. No need to waste your money on a site that only has four girls where you’re headed.However, if you’re visiting a lot of different countries, even if some of them aren’t in the recommended list it’s worth it. While you’re in the “bad” countries you can still talk to women in the good countries so that when you finally arrive it’s as easy as cake.In a couple of countries I recommend using both LAC and a site that is more country specific (such as ColombianCupid, MexicanCupid, DominicanCupid, and BrazilianCupid).
  • Costs money: To actually interact with girls on this site and eventually meet them in person – you will have to pay some money. Prices range depending on your currency and the length of your membership. For a one month membership, you’ll usually pay around $30 USD. If you purchase a twelve-month membership because you plan to travel a lot – the monthly rate usually drops down to $10-12 USD a month. There are also good options at 3 and 6 months.Yes, unfortunately it isn’t free. However, it’s good because you know the women signing up also have to pay so you’re not getting bottom of the barrel ratchets. In their country even $10-12 a month is a lot more to them than us so you’ll usually get high quality girls who are looking for a good time.

How to Use the Site

Your travels will ultimately determine how you’ll use this Cupid Media site. Every country, city, and length of trip will create a different situation. You’ll have to factor in how long you’ll be in a place, what cities you’re going to, what types of girls you want to meet, and how many girls you hope to meet. No matter what you plan to do – here’s a few quick guidelines on how to meet girls on

  1. Sign up two to three weeks before you’re set to arrive in her city
  2. Message her in Spanish if she doesn’t use English in her profile or say she can speak it (if your Spanish is bad be up front with it – you are meeting her in real life at sone point)
  3. Briefly chat and get her Whatsapp number
  4. Continue the conversation in Whatsapp by sending her messages, voice notes, and photos
  5. You can FaceTime or Skype with her if you want to
  6. Make plans to see her when you arrive (the plans will be tentative as she is latina)
  7. Close the deal and enjoy

In some countries, you’ll find more women on LAC wanting to meet you than you could ever handle. In other places, you’ll only have a handful of women to chat with. Either way – you’ll want to get the women you really want to meet off of the online dating site and into your phone.
If you’re going to be in a city for several days to a month, then I’d start with a one-month membership and go from there. If you’re going to be travel Latin America for a long time, then it’s a better investment to pay for the long-term memberships (because they are a LOT cheaper).

Is It Worth It?

Latin American Cupid is definitely worth it for most men – especially if you’re a white guy looking for some latin tail. A few men find the site somewhat worthless but as long as you know how to talk to women online and create a decent profile then you’re good.
The places you’re traveling and your age will determine if you should sign up for the site or not. Follow my guidelines. Most men who do – find their monthly investment in LAC to be well worth it. I think it’s safe to say even if you get laid once and you pay the maximum amount of $30… that’s a damn good deal.
If you found this review on helpful or have any questions then let us know in the comments!

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  1. If guys are not sure whether to pay for Latin American Cupid or Colombian Cupid, Latin American Cupid or Dominican Cupid, etc. do the following:
    1. Create and account at both sites
    2. Set your filters and search for girls on both sites
    3. Compare the results side-by-side
    4. Go for the site that has the better prospects

    1. That’s solid advice. If the results are close for the city you’re in – I’d actually recommend using Latin American Cupid, too. There will be less guys on LAC than Colombian Cupid (i.e. less competition). The issue is there will be so many more girls on Dominican Cupid or Colombian Cupid in the capitals.

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