Dominican Cupid Review [Is It Worth It?]

Dominican Cupid is an online dating site specifically used in the Dominican Republic and is a great place to meet Dominican women. While I’m sure you already know this – you may be curious about dropping some money for a membership on the site. The monthly price isn’t that cheap and there are a number of “scam” online dating sites online. The good news is this site is not a scam site. There are Dominican girls on the site that are looking to meet foreign men – A LOT of them. Because most of the current Dominican Cupid reviews suck, we wanted to write a REAL review to share some of the love.

Here’s a quick breakdown of one of the best online dating sites to meet Dominican women:

The Benefits of Dominican Cupid

  • Best online dating site in the Dominican Republic: If I’m being honest – Dominican Cupid (also called Dominica Cupid) is the best online dating site to meet Dominican girls (as of right now) by a long shot. There used to be a couple of other good ones – Badoo was once great, but it has fallen off. Tagged had a lot of girls, but most of them were hoodrats and you wasted your time more than actually getting some action. Tinder has some fine upper-class Dominican girls in Santo Domingo, but there just aren’t that many of them so it’s hard to consistently get matches and girls. Plenty of Fish is pretty garbage in the DR. Even though it’s good in the states it just didn’t get much love in the Dominican Republic. Like Tinder, OkCupid just doesn’t have enough girls on the site. Even the ones that are on OkCupid are just mediocre thou
  • Lots of girls: The site is so good because there are so many active girls online unlike the other dating sites/apps we mentioned. You’ll continually find new girls using the Dominican version of Cupid Media. Not only will there be girls online all the time, but they will be actively looking to meet foreign men like you. Seriously, they love foreign guys and the Dominican women that are on  DR Cupid have better English than most. Better yet, they’re also pretty down. This is what we call a win-win for your dating life.

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  • Easy girls: Not all girls on Dominican Cupid are easy. Don’t get me wrong – you can find some sweethearts on the site. The vast majority of girls using the site will have been around the block before so it’s definitely not hard to get some action. I’m not saying they’re slutty girls, but they will have met other international men before you so they won’t just fall into your parents and take off their clothes for you in an instant. It’ll actually take a little bit of work unlike some other latinas. Overall, you’ll find most of the girls on the site will have sex with you before the third date (as long as she likes you, but she probably wouldn’t have showed up for the date if she didn’t). If it takes more than 4 dates to sleep with you then she’s probably just stringing you alone, but that’s fine. It’s best to pipeline girls and be seeing a handful of them at a time. Who doesn’t like successive bangs?
  • Perfect for men on a short trip: Due to the vast number of girls on Dominican Cupid, their interest in foreign men, and their promiscuity – the site is perfect for men on shorter trips to the DR. If you’re visiting the Dominican Republic on a trip of three days up to a one month journey and looking to make love to a sexy Dominican – this site is the best way to make that happen. Nightlife just isn’t great in most areas of the country.

The Downside to Dominican Cupid

  • Loose women: While some guys may find the ease at which some Dominican women on the site get down to be amazing – other men may find this a turnoff. If you’re not into women comfortable with their sexualities and willing to express them quickly, then this may not be the site for you. I’m not talking about instant bangs (because who doesn’t like that?). I’m talking about girls who are publicly very sexual and enjoy teasing. The good news is that if you have a longer stay in the DR, then you may not need to use the site to meet girls, but it also depends on your Spanish. If it blows then you’ll probably have to stick with Dominico Cupid. If it’s decent then you’ll have time to meet girls during the day and get them out.
  • After your money: Dominican women care about a man’s finances more than girls raised in other latina cultures. This is simply a fact. The Dominican Republic is a poor country and money matters when you’re living in the third world. As such, you’ll find some girls on Dominican Cupid who are looking for money and guess what. They consider foreign guys to have a lot of money so be prepared to pay for all the dates (this is just a cultural thing). You’ll need game and intelligence to sort through the girls who want money and the girls who don’t so don’t be an idiot about it. Some girls will be very poor, but they will really want to see you. They may ask for taxi money. This is fine and perfectly normal (provided she asks for a few hundred pesos and not a few thousand). Other girls may just want to be with you for your money – this is hard because it means you have to take a step back and review exactly why a beautiful girl wants to go out with you. In the DR though it’s worth it because then you’ll know when you’re getting ripped off.
    • Costs money: This online dating site does cost money. This can be a downside for some men. If you’re willing to spend the money to travel to the Dominican Republic, I would recommend shelling out some money for Dominican Cupid, too. It’s been well worth the investment for my friends who have visited the country and for myself. Even if you’re able to have sex with just a few girls here you’ll find that the site definitely will pay off. The best part is you can start “dating” them before you even arrive. This is done by just matching and talking to your matches before you come to the DR. That way, you can have girls eagerly awaiting for your plane to land by properly pipelining this online dating site.

    How to Use

    How you will us DominicanMedia site depends on how long you’ll be in the Dominican Republic, and how many Dominican chicks you want to meet. I recommend using this online dating site as a pipelining tool when heading to the Dominican Republic. Here’s how:

    • Sign up two to three weeks before you arrive and begin talking with girls.
    • Message her in Spanish unless she has English in her profile.
    • Get her number pretty quickly and continue messaging her in WhatsApp.
    • Send her photos and voice messages in WhatsApp.
    • Skype with her, if you want to.
    • Make plans to see her a few days before you arrive.

    fine dominican girl*Protip: make sure to double book dates each day. Dominican women are Latin women. They can and will be flakey. 

    If you hope to make sweet love to some Dominican girls during your travels in the DR, this site is perfect. Men with scheduled trips to the DR from three days to one month can benefit from using the site. If you’re in the Dominican Republic for longer – I’d recommend using a “one month on/one month off” strategy on the site. Sign up and pipeline. Work the site for a month and see what happens. Then take a break and work your other leads from day game and the nightlife. It’s a good idea to keep alternating so you’re not too dependent on one source and can improve your overall game in the country. That, and it helps to rotate and refresh on the girls.

    Most men I know living in the Dominican Republic use the method above. They use this online dating site “hard” for a month and then take a month or two off from the site. New girls join after a few months, and they get back on to start messaging the new Dominican chicks so there is a ton of opportunity. However, if you’re new to the DR then you’ll want to stay on the site for a couple of months until you understand the culture a little better. If you don’t, it’ll be hard to pick up some Dominican Republic girls.

    Dominican Republic Women

    If you’re into latinas and want some latin flavor, but don’t want anything serious then these are the women for you. The women of the Dominican Republic aren’t exactly the dating type. They’re a little crazy so they aren’t great for long term dating, but man do they make for some great sex. Fortunately, they’re still very beautiful women and have some kicking curves.

    They also have decent faces, but definitely aren’t as nice as some other latinas. However, once they are naked you’ll forget about that and instead will be enjoying just looking at  their rocking, sexy body very quickly. Also, Dominican girls have some rocking tits – seriously, they don’t need plastic surgery to get double D’s. I’m personally boob guy so I love this about Dominican Republic girls. Overall, they’re just pretty curvy though. They also have nice, plump asses so if you’re looking for some thick, curvy women then you’ll be more than satisfied here with the Dominican chicas because whether you’re a tits or ass guy – they got them both.

    Dominican Cupid Review: Is the Site Worth It?

    Dominican Cupid is definitely worth it for men taking short trips to the country, especially if this is your first time visiting the Caribbean island. While the site costs a little bit of cash, you can easily line dates up until your heart desires. And a monthly membership only costs about a much as one date. It’s definitely the easiest way to get laid in the Dominican Republic so if you’re looking for some relatively quick bangs (again, they’re not THAT easy) then check out the site.

    It’s definitely worth it.

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    18 Replies to “Dominican Cupid Review [Is It Worth It?]”

      1. that is common in any poor country, the easiest way to handle it is to ask them politely and respectfully if they want money, most are smart enough to understand you aren’t accusing them and are just covering your bases

    1. I’m interested in the various dating sites, (Russian, Ukraine, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, European and Latin). I’m a American black man in my 50’s and I would like to know where would be my best chances in finding someone who wants to be with a black man. I have no experience with foreign relationships, and I don’t want to get taken. Thank you.

    2. I been playing on Cupid network (beginning with Black Cupid and regular Cupid 10 years ago) and it was my main go to source for getting laid. It was like a magic toaster that you put bread in, press down the knob, and hot $50 bills popped up! I made friends with a bunch of fine MILFS in their mid 20’s up to my 30 something age, and the occasional hot 18-23 year old looking for fun. Black Cupid has all but dried up, but the Latin and Dominican Cupid web sites are still going strong! A couple of hints for newbies: Dominican Girls are the MOST concerned about status of all the Latin people you will meet. Venezuela has problems financially ,Mexico always had it’s ups n downs even though it’s right next to California, but chicks in the DR have got that material American Dream crap bad. The reason why she can’t feed her baby is because she gave her money to her Dominican boyfriend who is also her pimp. Sadly, this may even be her Father, cousin, or brother. DON’T fall 4 it. The police there are in with the locals. They arrest you and then RUN YOUR CREDIT REPORT to determine how much they are going to extort you. Their country THEIR RULES. A great way to shake off scammers is to tell them you must know a woman one calendar year before you give her money/gifts. CUT OFF anyone who is asking for money after knowing you for a week or a month. I have sent money, but since they have no intention of paying me back-they never say -can I borrow the money-they just say I need money, and you want to send, make her strip or send you a nasty video for your funds. For a third world country them chicas are way better at calculating dollars than you are. They go right to $50! Right now one US dollar is about 45 Dominican Pesos DOP! Treat them with respect until they disrespect themselves. Sexuality is natural for them, and they are taught we are fools with deep pockets. They ask you for money, you can cut them off, tell them you do the one year thing, or negotiate to get a nice peak at some sweet DOMINICAN PUSSY!
      I tell them I got $25 if they want $50, but I want something in return first: after they send me what I’m after I get them the money. Most don’t even thank you or tell you they got the money! Be advised: once you do this she will try to show you that ass once a week to make more money. My best guess is they already have a number of guys with this arrangement, and use Whatsapp as a private sexchat room with their “clients”. Yes they really do spend all their money on trinkets and not buy food! Out of roughly 500-1000 girls or more I’ve talked to over the years, and only about 4 have been actually been cool with me over the years. Dominican Republic is the poor man’s Brazil! Tourism has massively declined because the Dominican government is trying to stop Prostitution/Mongering, and the new sex tourists are Gay males looking for some pretty boys instead of pretty girls, so these poor hot lil mommas are desperate. For all the girls on Dominican Cupid, 1,000s more can’t afford a phone or access a computer, so their are many more beautiful women you don’t see on Cupid! My advice, Plan a trip, bring a few friends, grab a Spanish friend, amd use Dominican and Latin Cupid to build your own collection of potential hookups to guarantee you have a fun time!

    3. Of course they’re asking for money They need to eat. Dominican Cupid has lots of middle aged beefy women and very few attractive thin women To find a young hottie on Dominican Cupid is a lot of work. If you’re willing to put in the time it’s probably worth joining the site. Tell your wife in Canada you won’t give her any money and see what happens

    4. Mostly. middle aged overweight women A few hotties but not many Will have to do your homework if you have time for this site Yes the girls ask for money so what. You would too if you were hungry Send a girl 50 bucks and she will be very grateful The girls will invite you to see them and many will ask you to stay at their place. Dating a Carribean girl is still 10 times cheaper than dating a North American girl Try working 60 hours a week in Canada to pay rent car insurance food yadee yadee after half your income goes to taxes and then tell me that Dominican girls are expensive give yeah right

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