Introducing The Red Pill Round Table

The Red Pill Round Table is something that Kyle and I came up with. We’ve decided to take a format that’s been proven successful on sports and business websites and have a red pill version of it. If you haven’t read the Red Pill Orgasm Yet, get your copy by CLICKING HERE. The

Make Her Screem With Dekight

goal is to provide entertaining commentary and advice in an entertaining and easily digestible format. Hopefully our readers will find it fun and give you a more personal look into our lives. You can find the rest of this week’s questions here. Below is a brief snippet and FAQ: What’s your worst or most embarrassing failure with women and sex? Masculine Profiles: Lord, there’s too many to count. The worst had to be when I was 19. Hotel room with two friends and three chicks after a night out. I had a lot of status at the time and the hottest chick in the group wanted it. We had been making out, but due to there being 4 others in the room – we didn’t have a place to bone. She was determined though… She walked into the bathroom, “MP, can you help me turn the water on?” I turned around and gave her a look of bewilderment, “Huh?” “Yeah, I just can’t seem to get it on. Could you help me?” She said as she gave me a look. I was oblivious, “How in the hell can’t you turn a faucet on?” She frowned and came out of the bathroom. I turned around and my friends jaw was on the floor. He face palmed and I knew I had fucked up. She wanted to fuck in the bathroom, the only private spot in the room. I had no idea what she was up to. The girls left the room shortly after my mishap. I never ended up fucking the girl even though we continually saw each other around for the next year. This Is Trouble: I could write a book of these…but if I have to pick one, it’d be with one of the first girls I fucked after discovering game. We’d had a few drinks, and frankly she wasn’t very attractive. She didn’t put up any resistance, but I couldn’t get hard with a condom. So I let her blow me for a while (probably 10 mins), and got it going. Put another condom on, went flat again. Finally I got up, took a piss, and made a conscious effort to sober myself up. We started kissing again and I got a third and final condom. I managed to stay hard and penetrate her. Two strokes later, I came. Never talked to her again. Don’t forget, CLICK HERE to get your copy of the book that she will thank you for reading, The Red Pill Orgasm.

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FAQ Here’s a few questions we’ve anticipated might come up: How often will the Red Pill Round Table run? The plan is for this to be a weekly column. It will rotate between Masculine Profiles and This Is Trouble. The usual posting day will be Wednesday. Can I join in on the Red Pill Round Table? We’d like to ultimately have about five people on the “panel” so to speak. So if you have a blog and are interested, drop one of us a line. We started off with three but one dropped out, and we’d definitely like to add a third person sooner rather than later. Where are the questions coming from? Right now, we’re writing them ourselves. But we absolutely want questions from our readership. If you have a good question you’d like answered next week, drop it in the comments and we’ll try to get to it. Click here to see the rest of this week’s Red Pill Round Table.

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