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International Dating (10 Tips) International Cupid Dating Website

International Cupid is hands-down one of the best tools you can use to meet women when you’re attempting International Dating. Tinder one of the best hookup sites while abroad. In the past, a player who was traveling to a new country in the hopes of meeting some sexy girls would be forced to hedge all his bets on meeting a girl in person. Most of the time, this required long nights out, the necessary skills, and of course – the little bit of luck that constitutes every new notch in a player’s belt. International Dating Sites are great fun, you will learn a great deal about the culture, and you will get some real action on these hookup sites.

Hookup sites

International Cupid Dating web-site, Tinder (and the Internet in general) has changed the game of International Dating:

Rather than flying into a city blind, a man can find entire datasheets of where to stay and what the women are like. He can look at maps to pick a centrally located apartment.

This way you can get so much accomplished beforehand, build friendships, trust, and really get a jumpstart on your international dating.

Finally, hookup sites, he can use Tinder (and other online dating funnels like International Cupid, or Thai Friendly, or Russian Brides) to have a dozen girls looking forward to his arrival before he even leaves for the airport in his home city for International Dating. While there are a lot of options as far as online dating goes, Tinder is still one of the best options out on the market, due to it’s incredibly shallow - therefore efficient, nature.

      This guide is not meant to get you a girlfriend or fall in love. It is meant to give you the best chance of touching down in a city, and having a girl riding your cock at some point on your trip; whether that trip is for three days or two weeks.                                                          

 It is designed for quick sex with foreign beauties while you only have a few days in her town. I’ve been the guy trying to get his foreign flag/notch going into the last night of a trip. It’s horrible – your balls ache, you’re frustrated, and the imminent fear of failure with International Dating haunts you.

After my trip to Budapest in April of 2015, where it took the tenth night of a tenday trip to get my Hungarian flag, I set out to break down the formula of how to travel abroad and get laid quickly and efficiently. It’s a skill every man should have.


International Dating Tip #1 – Start Two Weeks Out

Your average worker with two to three weeks of vacation every calendar year will probably take a trip somewhere between a week and ten days. Of course, you should time it properly so that you fly in on a Thursday or Friday night and then stay ten days. This way you can utilize your vacation time properly, only using five to seven vacation days, but still getting to spend a total of ten days in a city.

So how far out do you start pipelining for International Dating?

I’ve found that two weeks is the golden rule. Any longer than that, and you’ll usually fade from the girls' mind and it will become harder to get her to meet up with you. The two-week mark is a good time to start, because any leads you get on the first day will still be fresh, and any girls you meet on International Cupid or Tinder during the two weeks leading up to your trip will be very good leads.

With foreign girls, you don’t need to play constant “when do I text her” games. If you have her number, keep in light contact throughout the period leading up to your arrival. When I say light contact, I mean a text about every other day, give or take. Don’t keep the conversations going on forever, but at least check in and say hi, that you found a bar you really want to try, ask about tourist sites, etc.

International Dating Tip #2: How Many Girls?

This is a tough one because it coincides perfectly with number one. In addition, the number of girls you should have in your pipeline is also dependent on where you are traveling. Using "Traveling with Tinder" will be a great help,.

For example, International Dating in South America, the girls are flaky as hell. You can have four dates set up for one night and there is a 99% probability at least two of those will flake out. Putting all your eggs in a basket for just one girl might as well be a blue balls suicide mission.

In comparison, International Dating with European girls tend to be a little less flaky (not as bad as American girls, for some insight), so you don’t need as many girls in the pipeline.

Colombian Cupid, one of the best Hookup sites

Let’s say you’re going to Colombia, land of the flakiest women on the planet. Use Colombian Cupid to meet these HOT women. In this theoretical trip, the length of your stay is ten days, including the two weekends. Assuming you want to get two or three notches, and assuming that two-thirds of your girls are going to flake out on you, this means that you need to have three girls lined up every day. International Dating Sites are great fun, you will learn a great deal about the culture, and you will get some real action on these hookup sites.

Of course, if you go on ten dates and only bang two girls you might want to work on your date game - but this is making the assumption that you might take a couple of nights off, see some friends or tourist sites, etc. Life happens: But realistically, if you want three notches you should probably prepare for at least six or seven dates; a 50% batting average certainly isn’t bad.  On these hookup sites, you should have good conversions.

 There will always be the girls you just don’t click with, girls that don’t speak English, or girls that you simply run out of time with.In a nutshell:

This means you should have roughly 21-30 girls pipelined before you even set foot on Colombian territory. You can adjust this accordingly for less-flaky parts of the world (for example, I’d say a 15 would be a reasonable number for a similar Europe).

International Dating Tip #3: Use The Tools for Tinder Pro App

Tools for Tinder is one of the best investments I ever made. The professional version is just $2.99 in the App Store (iOS only, though I believe there are some Android alternatives in their store).

International Dating

Tools for Tinder auto-likes every girl in the radius you set until it literally runs out of targets. When I lived in Los Angeles, I would turn it on with a fresh Tinder profile, and it would swipe through 50,000+ girls while I slept. I’d wake up to a couple dozen matches the next morning, and they would keep pouring in throughout the rest of that first week (as the girls come across your profile and swipe).

This article is about online dating sites click here: 

Of course, to use Tools for Tinder, it means that your Tinder subscription plan needs to be Tinder Plus in order to utilize the unlimited swiping feature. However, this is peanuts in comparison to the rest of the costs of dating. As of writing this, the cost for Tinder Plus is $34.99 for a six-month subscription. It’s easy to spend $34.99 on a single date these days, so pony up the laughable $6 a month and invest in Tinder Plus for your trip.

Hookup sites

Oh, and don’t cheap out on the $2.99 for Tools for Tinder Pro, either.                                                        You won’t regret it.

To utilize Tools for Tinder, simply login with the same Facebook account that you use for Tinder.

 Make sure you are subscribed to Tinder Plus and set the distance/age/location settings in your Tinder app. Don’t forget to change your location to the city you’re planning on visiting!

After this just hit auto-like and let it do it’s magic.

Note: your screen has to stay on for it to ‘like’ properly. Supposedly it doesn’t have to, but I’ve found it works better with the screen on; hence why I usually do the auto-swiping at night when my phone is plugged in.

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International Dating Tip #4: Write a Good, but Simple Profile

You should have a good profile, but it’s important not to go too overboard for these while International Dating with foreign girls. Many of them won’t understand your American sarcasm and jokes, or will think you sound like an idiot because English isn’t their native language.

Instead, short and to the point works the best. Simply state where you’re from, what you do, and the reason for visiting her city. Assuming your pictures are good (this is Tinder after all – they should be), that’s all it takes.


Hookup sites, A couple of tips:

§ If you’re from New Jersey, say you’re from New York. If you live in San Diego, say you live in Los Angeles. Basically, if you are near any major, worldwide-known city – use it. Girls overseas have a dream of seeing some of the major American cities after seeing them in movies their entire lives. You won’t believe how often they will go out with you just because you’re from a certain place. This is an advantage while International Dating.

§ Give a half-assed decent reason for visiting her country and city. If you’re visiting buttfuck-nowhereville in Croatia, she’s going to question (and rightfully so, I might add) that you’re just there trying to have sex with girls like her. While this is the truth, it’s okay to say you are interested in moving overseas and wanted to scout her city out. This is enough plausible deniability for her to rationalize going on a date with you.

Foreign girls like men with stable careers, they won’t think that being an engineer or an accountant is “lame” like many American girls do. You will likely be expected to pay for the date, so showing some signs of stability will often work in your favor.  On these Hookup sites, let them know  you have a stable income, or are comfortable financially.​​

International Dating

Be ready to up talk your carrier and social status while International Dating, Foreign girls like men with stable careers, they won’t think that being an engineer or an accountant is “lame” like many American girls do. You will likely be expected to pay for the date, so showing some signs of stability will often work in your favor. Be ready to up talk your carrier and social status while International Dating

This article is about foreign girls

International Dating Tip #5: Stop The Goofy Lines

A funny thing happens when you leave American girls behind and go overseas.

You realize that all of the things that society says you’re supposed to go for girls actually works – things like being a gentleman, complimenting her, etc. In American culture, that often backfires on you completely, but it’s not the case when you go overseas. Generally speaking, being a nice (but confident/strong) and genuine guy will get you pretty far with these girls. You do not have to ruthlessly manipulate and game them like you must do for American girls.

Truthfully, this starts from the opening message. In America, you might have a corny-but-effective go-to line that you copy and paste to all girls you match with. Want to know what my favorite and most-used opening line is for girls overseas?

“Do you speak English? <monkey covering eyes emoji>”

That’s it. Amazing, isn’t it? I bet you don’t believe me, but try it out for yourself and see if it works. If you have a good profile and she’s attracted to you (and if she swiped right then you know she is), that’s usually enough to get her to respond. My response rate is 70% with this opener when I use it overseas.  International Dating Sites are great fun, you will learn a great deal about the culture, and you will get some real action on these hookup sites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Click Below for hot LATINA"S

International Dating

                                                                                                                                                 The only time I don’t use this opener is if she clearly speaks English; i.e. her profile, or part of it, is written in English. If this is the case, I simply send this:

“Your English is great, have you been to America? J ”

Many girls are insecure about their English abilities, so this is a great way to make them feel good about themselves and get a response. Again, complimenting a girl overseas actually works – they won’t hold it against you. Be a gentleman while International Dating.

Another option if her profile is in English is to still send the opener asking if she speaks English. Then, you can write her another message a few seconds later and just say:

“Whoops, I read your profile again. Your English is great!”

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International Dating Tip #6: Be On Top Of Your Texting Apps/Plan

Almost no one overseas uses basic “SMS” texting. Cellular plans are far different than they are here in America, and as a result – most foreign girls use free texting apps that work over both WiFi and cellular data. Examples of these apps are:

Whatsapp: ,

 Viber: ,

​ Line: ,

Facebook: ,                                                                

​Google Voice: ​

Usually a single country will generally only use one or two of these apps. It’s easy to find out which apps are used, just ask the girls on Tinder or do a bit of Google searching. Pick the most common two that are used, and download/install them. Get familiar with their interfaces and plan to text girls solely on these applications themselves.

Of course, you might ask then – do I need an international data plan?

The problem with that is that anytime you leave your apartment, you have to just hope that you can find WiFi somewhere.

While public WiFi is more often available abroad than in America, it’s still not something I like to completely depend on.           

                                                                                                                                                       THAI-FRIENDLY  Hookup sites


For that reason, it’s well worth the $50 or so to get a temporary international plan with your American carrier, or, if your phone is unlocked – get a SIM card specific to that country. Plans overseas are quite affordable because there is no monopoly on the cellular data market. The governments often regulate the market themselves. It’s not uncommon for you to be able to buy a SIM card and get unlimited local SMS texts and 2GB of data for only $5-$10 for an entire month. If you run out of data, you simply walk into a store and buy more credit, which they give you on the spot. Just make sure you use WiFi when you can so you don’t run out of data at an inconvenient time, and keep track of your usage throughout the trip.

American data plans are unnecessarily complicated with their rules, and overseas data plans are a breathe of fresh air in comparison. Be on top of it!

International Dating

International Dating Tip #7: Walk Them To and Through The Date

I don’t mean this in a literal sense. As I said before, gaming overseas is vastly different than in America. You won’t get punished for “texting too much” unless you text like an idiot or a chump. Therefore, it’s okay to communicate in the hours, and even minutes, leading up to a date, and this is even more important in countries with high flake rates.

Ask her what she’s wearing for you, what time she plans on leaving, etc. Tell her to text you when she gets in her cab or starts walking. Tell her to text you if she’s going to be late – in a nutshell, just keep in touch so you don’t lose her. This is how International Dating works in many areas.


Your job is to lead, lead, and lead her while International Dating. Foreign girls love this. They want a real man who is not afraid to take charge. So yes, you must plan the time and location of the date and lead her to it. As long as she is following you and not resisting, she is happy. Do not question it – it’s how things are actually supposed to work.

There is a fine line though, you don’t want to seem needy and insecure – like you’re worried she might flake on you. In a nutshell, continue to be a confident and cool guy while leading her to the date, and eventually – to the bedroom for a damn good time.

International Dating Tip #8: Be Aware of Greeting Rituals

When meeting a girl for the first time, the ritual is difference around the world. International Dating:

*Some countries hug.

*Some countries do the kiss on       the cheeks routine.

International Dating

*Some countries shake hands.

*Others do absolutely nothing but say hello.

I remember I caught one girl quite off guard when I went in for a hug upon our greeting - she was shocked that I got so “touchy” with her from the get-go, when I was just used to the American way of doing things.

While these girls will be far more forgiving than American girls (who will think you are less of a man for not hugging, or think you’re too touchy if your hug isn’t perfect), it’s still best to get this right the first time. After all, you are a guest in her country and her culture – these manners apply across the board, not just to girls you’re on dates with.

You might be asking how you find out what a country’s traditional greetings are while International Dating.

With almost anything these days, you can find the answer on Google. And if not – just ask her, or any of the other girls you’re communicating with, via text.

A simple, “Hey, what is the way you say hi to boys here? You’re not going to kiss me right away right? What if you have cooties?!”,  

is a good way to get a laugh out of her and get the answer you need.Of course, if her English is poor or you think the sarcasm will go over her head, be wary.

Note: she may need clarification on what cooties are.

International Dating Tip #9: Beware The Foreign Hunters on Hookup sites




Dumb American.

These are the words used to sometimes describe Westerners, and the women who like them are the hunters. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, Gringo Hunter, before, though the other two I mentioned are not as common.

Be aware of girls you meet on International Cupid or Tinder when International Dating. Many of them love foreign men. It’s not so much because they want a green card as they want foreign dick. I’ve heard of, and met, many girls who are the town cum dumpsters for foreign men passing through.

For example, in Colombia, one of my buddies banged a sexy Colombian chick. She had a date with me planned for the next day after she banged him. When my buddy asked who I was going out with, I showed him a picture and he nearly cried of laughter. Less than 24 hours of having his dick in her, she was going on another date with another gringo, having no idea that we were friends. That same friend spent nearly six months in Colombia last year and met many other foreign expats during his adventures. He’s an Eskimo brother with several of them because they were cycling through the same girls on Tinder.


My point is to be careful while international dating. More than likely, if you met her on Tinder, you’re probably not the first foreign man she’s had sex with. While I’m not one to judge a girl’s number of sex partners, you can’t expect them to tell the truth about how many men they’ve been with, or their sexual health. Knowing that a girl’s vagina has been a pit stop for so many other foreign men makes me cautious about going in raw until I’ve screened her a bit better.

This isn’t to say that all girls willing to meet you are hunters of foreign men, but be careful. While I believe that STD paranoia is mostly unnecessary – you do only get one dick. I’d hate to get it from a girl who I knew was a slut.

And yes, some girls do want a green card and want to move – but it’s not as prevalent as the media makes it out to be. Just don’t promise marriage and don’t put a baby in any of them, and you’ll be just fine. International Dating Sites are great fun, you will learn a great deal about the culture, and you will get some real action on these hookup sites.

International Dating Tip #10: Use Other Sites/Apps Besides Tinder

Some of them are an absolute goldmine of talent.

Most countries have specific websites dedicated to people of that country; i.e. Ukranian Cupid OR Colombian Cupid OR, Latin American Cupid, etc. You will find girls on the bigger worldwide sites such as Okcupid, Match, Badoo, and Zoosk, but from experience, they usually don’t have many girls in foreign countries.

But the country-specific websites do. And there are a lot of them.
Most of them are going to charge you for a one-month membership, so it may or not may be worthwhile for you, depending on your budget. You can expect the cost to be somewhere in the $25-$30 range. It’s usually worth it, simply because there is such a high quantity of high quality talent – and there are less likely to be foreign hunters, i.e. the type of girls I pointed out in tip number nine.

The language barrier will be higher, and interfaces not completely intuitive, but it’s only a one-time charge, and isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things.

In addition, you can usually browse the member profiles without paying for an account, so take a limited test drive. Check out the quality of the girls on the website, and then make an executive decision on whether or not purchasing a membership for your trip is worth it. If you do decide to purchase access, the same tips for Tinder outlined earlier (stay in touch, start two weeks out) apply to these websites.

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International Dating

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