Why I Will Always Love Colombianas

I returned to the promise land. Sexy Colombianas with juicy butts and thick thighs filled my days and nights. I was seeing some of my favorite girls from my previous trip, and they had left me drained. Time heals all wounds – and leaves Latin girls aching for a rough fucking from a man they like. These girls were treating me like a rockstar, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Coming over during the day, at night. I didn’t have time to get much work in. Moans were heard from my marginally average hotel room at all times during the day. Complaints were filed, but I didn’t care. I was back in paradise. I was back making sweet love with sexy girls every got damn day. It felt amazing. If you’re complaining about life since the advent of the Internet, you’re doing something wrong, fam.

A New Girl

I only had a short trip, and my schedule was packed to the brim with my old girls. Taking time to pipeline or hit up girls I didn’t smash on my previous trip wasn’t on my mind. That was ok. It’s difficult to be concerned with new pussy when old pussy gives you 3-4 orgasms a day. Still, the thought of new Colombianas filled my mind every time I saw a new fake ass walk in front of me.

salma hayek dooplegangerI had been pipelining a different city and ran across a girl coming to my current town the following. She was beyond keen to meet, so I contrived a plan to sneak her into my schedule. Not only was she keen, but she was pretty damn hot, too. In photos, she looked like a “9” or pretty damn close. She was like a teenage Salma Hayek with a fatĀ ass that Colombianas often have.

I set the date. Then I flaked on one of my old girls. She had already been over a few mornings ago. No harm, no foul. I grabbed dinner with one of my buddies and then headed back to my hotel to get ready. Set to meet at 7:00, I texted her at 7:00 to see when she would be arriving. After all, this is Colombia. She promptly replied that she’d be arriving at 7:30 and I set my alarm for 7:45 before taking a quick cat nap.

Colombianas & Time

My phone rings at 7:40. It’s her, “Hola! Donde Estas? Estoy aca.” Or that’s what I think she said in my half-awake state. I quickly grab my things and walk to the bar. Removing the dust bunnies from my eyes, I spot her standing outside. Not a “9” in person, she’s still pretty damn hot. She’s fidgeting uncomfortably, which makes me smile. Colombianas aren’t used to waiting on anyone, as they are continually late.

She sees me and smiles. We exchange pleasantries before grabbing a beer. The convo was smooth sailing, and she’s giving me eyes within minutes of finishing our first beer. She understands English, but hates speaking it. We spoke in Spanish, but I occasionally explain details of a story in English – very slowly. After a few pints, I decide I’m in the mood for a little dancing.

We bounce back to my place so I can call my friend. He’s arriving at a club within walking distance, so we decide to go, too. However, we were already in my room. On my bed. I’d be an idiot not to make something happen here. Plus, she was giving me the eyes. I leaned in, and we kissed. She moaned immediately, and I knew I’d be balls deep sooner than later.

cute colombiana thinI escalate rapidly. Pop her titties out. Pull out the dick. She starts blowing me. I reach to take her pants off, and she stops me. “Vamos!” she laughs, as she pulls my dick out of her mouth. Apparently, she wants to actually make it to the disco. Probably a good idea, as my friend was arriving. We arrange for her to spend the night as we put our clothes back on.

Always Assume the Sale

She calls her sister. Informs her of the plan to spend the night and asks her to bring her a change of clothes for work tomorrow. I can’t help, but laugh. She punches me on the shoulder lightly before we kiss one more time and head to the club.

Inside the club, I find my friend already macking on a few chicks. We chat real quick, and I let him get back to work. I hit the dance floor with my girl. She’s grinding on me like she’s ready to fuck. My hands are running all over her body and down her pants. Her fat Colombiana ass is keeping my dick rock hard. I couldn’t stop smiling. It was going to be a good night.

Beers are downed. I chill with my boy, dance with my girl and just soaked in the night for the next hour. I try to bounce her, but she asks to dance a couple more songs. She “asked” to stay for more. It was so sweet. I couldn’t say no. So we danced and made out for another 30 minutes. A shitty song came on, and I grabbed her hand. We walked to the door, as I high-fived my boy on the way out.

Back to the Crib

The five-minute walk back to my hotel seemed like an eternity. She kept grabbing my dick. Then she’d walk in front of me and sway her fat ass back and forth. It was so sexy. She was teasing me, and I loved it. The minute I opened the door to my hotel room clothes came flying off. She was naked and on her knees in front of me within 30 seconds of the door closing.

Snip20160510_18Condoms were an afterthought. Drunk and incredibly horny, I picked her up from the floor and threw her on the bed. She was sopping wet. No fingers or tongue were needed. I got on top of her, and she screamed right as I entered her. Nails were in my back within seconds. She was an absolute freak. We fucked for hours. She never stopped screaming and moaning.

Round two, I fucked her in the ass. Raw. Fucking Colombianas in the ass is another item I highly recommend. Highly. It was spectacular. Fluids and long jet-black hairs cover the mattress, couch and floor once we finished. My back was bloodied, but I didn’t care. She laid her head on my chest as we fell asleep. She kept muttering, “Excelente!” while playing with my now lifeless dick.

And There’s More

She woke me up at 5:00 in the morning, as she had to meet her sister, change and get to work. But she didn’t just say goodbye. She woke me up by sucking my dick. We started fucking, again. Just as loud as earlier in the evening/morning. My dick really couldn’t get enough of her fat ass and stunning face. A face, which I finished all over that morning.

She showered up and left to meet her sister. I walked back upstairs to my room jubilantly. The night was an incredible time. The sex was just so animalistic, so pure. We fucked the living daylights out of each other. Two strangers. In a way, I found it romantic. I quickly feel asleep in my fluid-covered sheets.

The Bad News

I woke up around noon and scrolled through my phone. Pipeline chick. Family. Old girls. New girl from last night with kissy faces. And the owner of the hotel…

Apparently, I was just a little bit TOO loud in the evening. Guests from two floors down were complaining of her screams. I apologized profusely. It wasn’t a big deal, as I was checking out in one night. I informed the landlord it wouldn’t happen again. Then I screenshot it and sent it to the girl. She laughed and then said it was my fault. I couldn’t disagree, nor could I care. It was a night I’ll never forget. That type of animalistic lust is difficult to find. And Colombianas do it best.

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