How to Use Tinder

Near, far, wherever you are – I believe that niggas will hate on Tinder. I’ve heard a million different reason why Tinder is the devil. Tinder is destroying nightlife. Tinder is giving girls too many options. Tinder fuels female hypergamy. Only ugly chicks use Tinder. I jerk off to Tinder bots on my iPhone while I cry myself to sleep at night. I sucked off a tranny I met on Tinder after it got me drunk one night.

Tinder isn’t perfect. I whole-heartedly agree. Yet, I know a number of guys who use the app to consistently bang attractive women. Tinder really makes things easy for guys who want to put up “numbers” in the dating game. The hate comes from guys who see how full-on retards use Tinder. While I agree any app that increases socially autistic individual’s dating options isn’t perfect, there is a way normal men can access Tinder to increase the sexual variety in their lives.

So here’s how the non-socially-autistic man should be using Tinder:

As One Option

A man should never use Tinder as his only (or primary) way to meet women. If you don’t have the social skills to talk to a woman on the street sober or make that hot chick at the bar laugh without being three sheets to the wind – you need to put down the iPhone and get out in the real world. Even worse – if you’ve ever been out at the bar and on Tinder, you need to Tinder detox.

Tinder is one of many ways a man should be meeting women. My personal favorite way to meet chicks is at night. I push for one-night stands, so I often won’t grab many numbers at night. I then get on Tinder to fill up my sexual calendar during Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This is a “healthy” way for a man to be using Tinder.

In Spurts

A man should use Tinder in spurts. I spam the hell out of Tinder when I arrive in a new city, but once I get the nightlife scene dialed in and a few fuck buddies coming through on a consistent basis – a stop using the app. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. Then if the “well” starts to dry up again, I pop out Tinder and do another round of spamming.

You shouldn’t be using Tinder every single day of the year. That’s not how a man with options would use Tinder. Fill you pipeline and then get out in the real world, work your numbers, and get laid. Rinse and repeat when needed.

For Sex

Tinder is great for finding girls to “smang” on the regular. Yet, you’ll want to avoid using Tinder to find a girlfriend. These chicks on Tinder are players. They are playing the field just like you. The revolving door of dick is non-stop for a girl on Tinder. I know more than my fair share of Tinder Eskimo brothers. If a Tinder girl tells you that, “she’s not like that” it’s because she’s been raw-dogged within the last 48 hours by a previous Tinder lover.

I’m not the jealous type, so I don’t care that these hoes are playing the field. However, you need to understand that any girl on Tinder is not dating material. I don’t care what you say about her or how she makes you feel. Unless she’s a virgin with her hymen intact and on Tinder – she’s not girlfriend material. You should be using Tinder for sex – don’t use Tinder for dating.

Be Selective

A man should use Tinder to increase sexual variety in his life, but he must be selective. Tinder takes a lot of time. If you’re mass swiping and talking to anything above a “5” then you won’t even have time to go out in the real world and talk to chicks. Be selective when you’re on Tinder. Go for quality. Go for variety, but don’t be on Tinder just to bang anything that moves. You’ll waste way too much of your life on an app if you’re on Tinder like that.

Tinder can be amazing for a man looking to increase sexual variety in his life, but every dude needs to access Tinder in the right way. If he doesn’t – he may turn into a socially autistic ass clown. Not really cool. If you’re looking to smash some cuties off Tinder ASAP, then check out my book The Tinder Template. I recently updated the book and am confident my book will take your Tinder “game” to the next level. You can buy it here.

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