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How To Use African Dating App to Meet African Women

How To Use African Dating App to Meet African Women

 25 July 2018

              Is it your ultimate dream to date an African beauty? But the problem is you are a thousand miles away from Africa. So what are the best options for you in meeting them? Well, you may spend all your money to travel to Africa or you just have to make your life easier by signing up on an African dating app.

We know you have a lot of questions as to how you will get started. Just sit back and read the rest of the article to find out the answer.

We all know that choosing the best African dating app that suits your liking is a very hectic decision. There are hundreds of African dating sites and apps to choose from, you just have to be firm on which platform you think is the most reliable that you will get a higher success in it.

Take note that some African dating app need payment for a monthly subscription to unlock its other features which will help you in your dating journey. Being a paid member in a dating app has its advantage since you will be assured that there are very few scammers and that you are talking to real people.

Once you have chosen the best African dating app for you, you will be amazed as to how many women you will meet has different types of personalities and qualities.

Out of all the African dating apps that are available, there is one dating apps which stands out and that is TrulyAfrican.

So what is TrulyAfrican?

It is one of the most reliable African dating site and app with thousands of members and is continually growing on a daily basis. If you are worried that TrulyAfrican is a scam, it’s absolutely not. It is a fast-growing African dating app that has a clear mission of connecting singles around the globe, especially in Africa. Most of their members are 100% real people since they have a dedicated team that automatically ensures users’ authenticity and takes action on reported profiles quickly.

How do we get started?

1.) You must create an Account. It is free to join!
You will never meet your African beauty unless you create an account first. TrulyAfrican”s signup process is actually pretty easy. It will only take you 5 minutes to create an account. They only need your basic information such as your email address, username, password, gender, age, and country. Finally, click that green “Create Account” button and you’re done!

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2.) You must customize your profile
Dating experts said that by having a detailed and complete profile will increase your chance of getting your success in online dating. Take a maximum of two hours to fix your profile. You should at least fill out all the important details about yourself. TrulyAfrican has also provided personality tests which you may also take time to answer.

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In choosing your photos, make sure it is decent enough that shows a clear shot of your face. You must not include unpleasant pictures such as you getting drunk, half-naked, or even pictures with your old girlfriends. Your photo must at least describe you as a good man to attract a lot of single African women.

3.) Browse through online African singles
If you are already confident of the outcome of your new and customized dating profile, it is now the perfect time to browse for African women on

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There are a lot of ways on how you can find your ideal match. If you are open to getting to know different kinds of people, you may use the Browse Page. But if you have an ideal person in mind, it is best if you use the Advanced Search.

4.) Start chatting African singles
If you have already followed all the steps above, it’s time for you to communicate with your matches.

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Make sure that all the messages you send are either your own, have a sense of humour, or something romantic. It should have the person’s name, a little bit of compliment, or share something about your similarities. Your first messages you send is your ultimate chance of getting a lot of replies.

5.) If you are having a hard time, ask!
The best thing about TrulyAfrican is they have a 24/7 support team that will help you with your concerns and difficulty when using a certain feature. Don’t worry as they are very friendly and fast in assisting your concerns.

What are you waiting for?

Create an account now in TrulyAfrican and turn your ultimate dream into a reality.

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