How to talk to Girls, how to get a girlfriend

How to Talk to Girls, we want to help you get girls, that's our main objective here at We are guys helping guys get girls, get more girls. We have focused on may different aspects of the process.

How to talk to girls

Online dating, how to flirt with a girl, meeting girls on the street, at work, through friends, using all the available methods. We like to cover every opportunity that is out there. That's the best way  to get girls, get the most girls.

Online dating pick up lines that used to work. Check out this great article from our archives.

How to Talk to Girls

Let's talk basics:

  • Approach a girl indirectly. This will allow you to engage her in a conversation without making it too obvious you are interested, just always be nice
  • Compliment her, and really mean it. ...
  • Be nice to her friends, this is very important as they make decisions based on the words of their friends
  • Joke with her, tease her
  • Tell her you're busy. ...
  • Give her some space. ...
  • Take a wingman
How To Talk To Girls

A mistakes often made, Don’t hit on girls who are at work. 

Even if the waitress at the restaurant is really good looking, it isn’t the best time or place.

You can get a lot of mixed signals because she may feel obligated to be nice to a customer, but really wants nothing to do with you.

It’s best just to avoid any confusion. Of course, you will see the occasion where she makes the first move, go with it.

How to Talk to Girls

If you want to get a girlfriend, fast, this is the way to follow. It doesn't matter who you are, any man can have a woman. You want to learn how to flirt with a girl. What you need to know and apply is the fastest way to get a girlfriend method. If you are in, or are headed to Latin America, LatinAmericanCupid is the way to find beautiful women who are waiting for you.

Some men can always find a girlfriend, while others only struggle. I am going to tell you the about the quickest way to get a girlfriend. Because every man deserves to have a women in his life.

Of course, not every girl you get is going to be “the one” for you; just like anything else in life, it takes time to find the which truly matches your dreams. This being said, “The quickest way to get a girlfriend” method will work for you and it will get you a “girlfriend” before you know it.

An overlooked key factor is to start treating people better, you must start considering the feelings of the people you spend time with. The has an effect like karma, it's contagious, and it will get girls coming your way. 

How to talk to Girls

As you might have noticed, this is not about getting the girl of your dreams, but “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” meaning that you have to move fast and act fast. If you find yourself in any of the Asian Countries, use Asian Dating to find a ready and willing partner,

Learn how to flirt with a girl, it's amazing what a little playful banter can do. Do as I say, and you will have a girlfriend [if not more] within one week.

Go where there are girls, How to Talk to Girls!! 

How to Talk to Girls

In order for you to find a girl, you will need to know where pretty women hang out.

This could be your office [I discourage this on the universal motto of “Don’t shit where you eat], the gym, public transport stations, festivals, busy shopping mall and so on.

Often this is different for each city and country. Find places where the flow of women is high. Many great topics are covered in our post about getting Filipina Girls.

​Change yourself, become a more desirable person.

If you want to change and make a difference to your life, be prepared to leave the old you behind. Because from this day onwards, you are going to talk to at least ten women each day. How to Talk to Girls, I do not care if they are pretty or not, you will need to talk to at least ten women each day. 

If you think that life will be easier when you approach only the less pretty women, then keep in mind that you will harvest what you sow. In other words; you will end up with an ugly girlfriend.

The Global Seducer talks about how to make a girl addicted to you.

Go with big numbers

You have to talk to at least ten women a day! How to Talk to Girls, Do not forget that. Also keep in mind that “talk” is more than just “good morning” and “Sorry”. So try asking for directions, pretend that you are from another town and ask for tips, tell her that she has a nice style and ask for outfit tips, ask her about cool things to do in town etcetera.  The essence here is to start a conversation. International Cupid is a fabulous dating site that covers tons of different countries, check it out free and give it a try.

Women are a Numbers Game

Life is a bit about mathematics really; a game of chances where the outcome is always related to the input. Even though the relation between input and outcome varies among people and situations, it is ever present.

What does this mean? Some guys might get 1 out of every 10 women they approach. You may only get 1 out of every 1000! In either case, there is no man who always has a 100% success rate.

Where do we stand so far? you have spent the last three days talking to at least ten women a day. This means that by now you know thirty names of different women with a little about their background.

How to talk to Girls

This could be more than all the women you have known in your entire life. And if you truly follow this tip, you will also realise the power of simply taking action.

HOME-RUN – The fastest way to get a girlfriend

You have now changed your life and taken a step forward by talking to more women and actively seeking activities which attract pretty women.
All these women you talk to, when you finish the conversation, you will need to do at least one of these three things:

  1. Ask her to meet the next day [or even that same day] for a coffee.
  2. Ask for her contact details, because you would like to keep in touch.
  3. If the first two failed, say goodbye. There is no need to hang around dead fish. You are either fishing for dangerous sharks or nothing at all.

The Art Of Charm Wrote a great article on approaching a girl in public.

How to Talk to Girls

It's not rocket science, girls are wondering how to meet boys at the same time boys are wondering how to meet girls. Make a move learn how to flirt with a girl, she wants to flirt back, give her the opportunity to reject you, embrace rejection and do it over and over, you will be amazed at the results you achieve in your favor. Tinder pick-up lines is a great  article that can really help you out.

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