How to Shower The Right Way

Learn to Shower the Right Way by Avoiding These Common Shower Mistakes

As easy as showering might seem, it’s actually a fairly tricky thing. That is, if you want to do it the right way.

Yes, you may have been showering daily for well over two or three decades now, but you’re likely yet to figure out how to do it in a way that helps your skin and hair get the most out of the process and, at the least, not have to deal with any kind of harm as a result of your daily showering.

Let’s quickly jump into what you may have been doing wrong all these years during your daily showering.

Common, Basic Mistakes

Men make so many common mistakes in the shower that simply avoiding them can help them take much better care of their skin and hair. The good news is that it just takes a little awareness about your “shower” approach to easily avoid these basic mistakes.

With that said, here’s a quick overview of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Using products with harmful chemicals: We know you don’t care about those weird-sounding names listed under the ingredients of your skin care and hair care products, but using products with too many chemicals is a recipe for serious skin and hair health issues in the long-term. Natural ones are your best bet here.
  • Limiting yourself to your face and hair: The other body parts need some care too, so make sure you spend some time on properly cleansing them as well.
  • Overusing your razor: Your razor tends to accumulate bacteria from your skin over time, which can lead to the production of harmful germs. It goes without saying that you must avoid exposing your skin to them, and hence replace your razor from time to time. The best thing to do is wait till after your shower and to utilize a DE safety razor with a fresh blade.
  • Not keeping a track of time when in the shower: Most men love to spend time in the shower, but what if doing so harms your skin and hair? Spending too much time in the shower is a common reason for a dry skin and hair.
  • Choosing products randomly: Not all products are created equal, which is as true as it gets when it comes to skin care and hair care products. If you’re choosing these products randomly, you’re probably making a big gamble. You would want to analyze your skin and hair type and choose the right, chemical-free products accordingly.

Taking a Very Hot Shower

We understand not many are a fan of cold showers, but if you’re using extremely hot water for showering, you’re doing your skin and hair more harm than good.

Your skin has different layers and they contain of both bacteria and moisture. And not all bacteria are bad; there are types of bacteria that your skin needs to stay in a healthy shape.

Exposure to extremely hot water can strip your skin’s top layer of both the necessary bacteria and moisture, which can lead to a host of skin issues, including skin redness, itching, inflammation and more.

It may also make your hair more prone to breakage as well as dry them out. So make sure you avoid using water that’s too hot for showering; lukewarm water would be a much more balanced option.

Using Too Much Product

Well, the thing is that unless the product is truly natural and not processed in any way, it cannot be completely safe for your skin and hair. However, most of the time the products you use tend to be heavily processed and contain many chemicals.

Using such products in higher quantities can be disastrous for your skin and hair in the long term. Besides making your hair dry and weak over time, they would also strip your skin’s natural oil, making it more prone to common skin health issues.

Experts recommend you must not use more than a dime-sized amount of product; it would turn out to be more than enough to cleanse your entire body.

Daily Shampooing

While there may be some that would argue against this, but the fact is that daily shampooing is a surefire way of causing long-term, sometimes irreparable harm to your hair.

This is because shampoos work in a way that end up trapping the oils in your hair, triggering dryness of your hair follicles and making your hair much more prone to breakage and other similar issues.

The first thing you should do to fix this is have a very careful approach to choosing your shampoo. It must be free of harmful chemicals, ideally something that only contains natural ingredients.

And then make sure you shampoo your hair no more than twice a week. If for some reason your hair tends to get dirtier than that of the average men out there, you can shampoo a bit more often, but doing it more than thrice a week may certainly turn out to be an overkill.

Excessive Exfoliating

While exfoliating once in a while is believed to be a good practice to keep your skin healthy, overdoing it may very well turn out to be worse than not doing it at all.

To do it the right way, all you need to do is limit the use of your face or body scrub. While some experts do recommend doing it two to three times a week, we think you may do just fine with exfoliating just once a week.

Exfoliating more often than you really need to would strip your skin of the natural bacteria that helps protect it from different skin issues such as acne and skin dryness.

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