How to Seduce Peruvian Women

Peruvian women are probably of interest to most guys visiting Peru. Sure, you'll want to check out Machu Pichu, do some nature shit, and hit the beaches to make an attempt at surfing - but there's nothing wrong with making time for a little sexy time while you're traveling. And Peru is the perfect place for a little loving on the road. Due to the girls in Peru fondness of gringos, you can meet some cute girls on your travels. Read below to find out how.

What are Peruvian Women Like?

sexy peruvian girlI've talked about girls in Peru a little bit before. The Peruvian girls are a fun-loving bunch that truly love men from western countries. White skin, blonde hair, and blue or green eyes will do most of the work for you in Peru. While Latinas who love gringos, are easy to get along with, and easy to get into bed may sound fantastic - there is one issue with Peruvian women: they are not the most attractive girls you can find in Latin America.

The average woman in Peru will not be all that attractive. Due to the prevalence of Andes genes, the girls in most cities in Peru will be a bit short, stumpy, and brown. They often will have curves, but not in all the right places. While a Dominican girl will often look better naked than she did in clothes, I found the opposite to be true for chicks in Peru. That being said you can still find some very sexy girls in Peru. You just have to do a little bit more searching.

Cities and Logistics

Peru is a country of over 30 million people. You can find cute Peruvian girls in a number of cities in Peru. However, if making sweet love to a Peruvian woman or three is an important part of your travel plans - you'll want to spend time in Lima. Lima is the capital of Peru and home to over 8 million people. By far the largest city in the country, you'll have more girls to choose from in Lima than anywhere else in the country. The girls in Lima also tend to be better looking than girls in other parts of Peru.

girls in mirafloresIn Lima, you should stay in the Miraflores neighborhood. Some say Barranco is a decent neighborhood, but I wasn't a fan. Miraflores is a large, urban district. It's 100% safe and filled with nightlife options. Most girls will have no issue meeting you in Miraflores for dates. During the day, you can meet her at a coffee shop near your place. At night, you'll find bars all over Miraflores. Just don't take her to Pizza Street for a date and you'll be okay.

You'll want to stay close to Larcomar or Parque Kennedy. Somewhere in the middle of both is fairly ideal. If you're closer to Parque Kennedy, then run your dates there. If you're closer to Larcomar - go on dates there. The biggest tip for men looking to get laid in Peru is to use instead of staying in a hostel or hotel. There are a lot of gringos in Peru. Most of them stay in hostels. By having an apartment instead of staying in a hostel, you set yourself apart from the pack of thirsty gringos running around Miraflores.

How to Seduce Peruvian Women

To have sex with Peruvian women, you won't need to make many changes to your standard game. Many girls in Peru understand American humor and sarcasm. They can speak English fairly well. Just have fun and flirt with the girls. A relaxed and fun vibe is all you need. There's no need to be an asshole to a Peruvian girl. She doesn't have game like Colombianas or Dominicanas, and she's not going to be a bitchy feminist. Just chill with her and flirt. Enjoy her company and push aggressively to get her isolated.

Women in Peru: Online Game

There are only two online dating sites in Peru a man should use. All the other ones seemed to be a waste of time for my friends and I. The two online dating sites I used in Peru were Tinder and Latin American Cupid. Both sites proved to be quite effective in helping me line up more dates than I could handle while in Lima.

You'll want to use Tinder if you're a younger guy. Any man under 30 (or who could pass for under 30) should swipe away while in Peru. There are a lot of girls in Peru using Tinder. And if they're on Tinder - then they're are looking to meet gringos. I saw girls I banged in Lima swiping through Tinder. They would automatically reject every Peruvian man. Only once a gringo came up, she would stop and look. Then she decided if he was bangable. And most of the gringos got the right swipe (even the awkward looking ones).

The problem with Tinder in Peru (mostly Lima) is that all the gringos are sleeping with the same girls over and over again. I met and became "Eskimo brothers" with more guys in Lima than anywhere else I've been. Girl on Tinder in Lima have been with A LOT of gringos. This is where Latin American Cupid comes in. Most gringos don't use the site in Lima. They are meeting a lot of girls on Tinder and don't have time for more.

This is exactly why you'll want to use Latin American Cupid in Lima. Less competition on the site gives you more value. You'll also find the average girl on the Cupid Media site is a bit higher quality than on Tinder. She'll still love gringos, but she probably got tired of all the backpackers she chatted with on Tinder. So she moved to Latin American Cupid. The site is a must for men over 30 in Lima, and useful for guys of all ages looking to get laid.

Women in Peru: Night Game

The one thing that separates Lima (and most of Peru) apart from other Latin American countries is the nightlife. I found the nightlife in Peru to be pretty damn fun. People mingle. Girls get drunk. Everyone is dancing. You'd be a fool to visit Lima and not party a little bit. As with every way of meeting girls in Lima, you'll have to search a bit to find out where are the sexy girls are. Luckily, I did that for you.

gotica lima mirafloresGotica: The absolute best club in Lima is Gotica. You should go every Friday and Saturday (occasionally it pops on Thursday) you're looking to meet girls. The place pops off, is in Larcomar, and you'll find the hottest girls in Lima here. I promise you'll find the best chicks in Lima in this club - BY FAR. The cover fee can be pricey, and there is usually a line. That being said - you can get in with some hostel party promoters or ask some girls on Tinder if they can get you on the list. You'll save $25 a night if you can. You won't need a bottle here. Just grab drinks and spit some game.

Other clubs of note in Lima include MIA, Bizarro, and Help. Help blows, but is often your best bet on Thursday nights. Bizarro is above average, but still lame. You should check it out on a Wednesday. MIA is a bit outside of Miraflores, but gets great reviews from the girls in Lima. You might be the only gringo in the spot, but there will be some hot Peruvian women in MIA. Bring some friends and share a bottle here.

Lima is known for its nightlife in South America. So things will change, and new clubs will pop up. Ask the girls you meet on Tinder for recommendations, but stick to Gotica on the weekends. Some say the nightlife in Barranco is decent, but you'll be dealing with broke gringos or Peruvians looking to get away from broke gringos (depending on the venue you choose in the neighborhood).

Day Game

Worthless. I wouldn't plan to do much day game in Peru. You just won't see that many hot girls during the day in Lima, Cusco, or any other city in the country. I tried, but the number of targets was so low I gave up and started going out more at night. If you're absolutely determined to give day game a try in Lima, you could post up in Larcomar on the weekends. Just don't blame me when you only see two worthy prospects and there with a boyfriend.

How to Seduce Peruvian Girls

If you're determined to meet some Peruvian women, then take my advice and invest some time in Lima. Stay in an rental in Miraflores. Use the potent combination of Tinder, Latin American Cupid, and weekend nights at Gotica - that should be all you need. Happy hunting, gents!

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  1. Very good report. How long did you stay in Lima? What would you recommend as the minimum amount of time? Which Latin American countries are the best for guys who don’t speak Spanish?

  2. You are an ignorant piece of shit….So because a girl is brown she is not beautiful? What kind of crap is that? ..maybe, it is just that you can’t get it up… If a lanky white girl, with no curves, who smells like crack, like most of you gringos do comes along I should consider her beautiful just because she is white?….You racist moron, beauty is not in the color of the skin……

    1. Having preference over soon colour is not racist. He prefers a more lighter Latina than brown. No reason to get upset that is his opinion and his subconscious descion on what he likes. I am %100 white young and attractive but I prefer indeginous/black/asian/Indian ect women. I think the more brown Peruvians better looking than the lighter skinned ones. To bad for the lighter skinnedfemales but that is what I prefer. Just because he doesn’t see the beauty in the Andes gene doesn’t make them not beautiful. Just because I do not see white women’s beauty doesn’t mean they are not beautiful. Girls are like food very preferences base. If let’s say I do not like bread then no problem someone who does like bread will eat and enjoy it.

  3. I love how he says not to take your Dates to Calle De Pizza ( Pizza Street) but says to Take them to Parque Kennedy. Here a hint Pizza Street is part of Parque Kennedy. Also seems this is an ad for the web site Latin American Cupid.

    I have been going to Peru for 25 years this guy does not know what he is talking about. Looks like he read some tourist guide to Peru and used that as his basis for the article.

    I have found great ladies all over Peru.

    1. Agree with you Jonnyspec. This guy has no clue what he is talking about. There are plenty of beautiful Peruvian girls ALL OVER the country. I’ve met beutiful and smart Peruvian girls in Trujillo, Cuzco, Chiclayo, Piura, Arequipa e Iquitos.

      The guy who wrote thist article; as you said, probably is a nerd looking guy that works for Latin American Cupid as a programer. And on top of that probably never been to Peru and got the name of the clubs from Tripadvisor.

  4. I want lady only only and only for sex not for headak . I don’t want any one interfering my personal life. Sex an bye bye . Now I’m in japan Tokyo.

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