How to Meet Hot British Girls

Beauty and the Beast

Hot British Girls might sound like an oxymoron if all you’ve seen from the land of Brexit is girls with pasty white skin, bad teeth and overhanging muffin tops due to horrible diets. The good news is however, there are plenty of Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsale look-alikes around that you can sink your straight, white teeth into.

Hot British Woman: Keira KnightleyThe best bit about British girls if you are an International Playboy is… one night stands are both easy and common. British girls get wasted at the clubs so it won’t be difficult for you to find something stumbling around at 2am that you can take home to enjoy.

Note: I’m not saying the girl you pick up at the bar or fast-food joint at that time will be model-material. But if you need to break out of a dry spell, you can forgoe your standards for one night and close your eyes and think of England. Besides, most British girls sound pretty amazing and have a nice accent. Shutting your eyes to some British women moaning your name? I’d do that any day.

I used a lot of techniques to meet British women, but my favorite was using Plenty of Fish. It’s the most popular online dating platform so if you want to meet hot British girls then click here.

The Best Time of Year to Get British Women

Summer is a great time of year to be in the UK and that’s just not for the British women – festivals and outdoor events will be poppin and it’s the only chance you’ll get to see the sun. Once the sun comes out, every British person’s mood will go up a couple of points and with everybody drinking outside, you approaches will be warmly received.

Hot Cambridge GirlsThe only downside is that University students (the demographic you want to target) will abandon the campuses between June and September. For a nice compromise between weather and college girls gone wild, late September is the best month to be in the UK.

College girls aren’t the only ones in England, but they sure are the sluttiest. Even the smart ones that go to Oxford and Cambridge have their fun streaks so you won’t want to miss out on them.

Seasonal Game for British Girls

If you prefer day game, visit the UK during the summer as you'll have more available targets wandering the streets. Summer in the UK is also the season for festivals and outdoor markets - ideal gatherings for day game approaches. Britain rains a decent amount so if you're looking for hot British girls then go out when the sun shines.

If you prefer nightgame, focus on weekday nights during the academic year (college -age girls) and weekends during the holidays. And don't stay home just because of bad weather, British girls will plough through snow in short skirts and heels to get to the clubs and get trashed. 

In my short experience it seems that they are actually more open to coming home with you. It's like they need some friction to warm them up or something...

Where to Go

The North-South Divide

England is divided both economically and culturally between North and South. Generally speaking, the North of England has lower living costs, is economically deprived but the people are friendlier. The South of England is more expensive and the people are colder and more "stiff upper lip" types.

Why should you care about any of this if you are traveling to England to get laid? Answer: If you are on a budget and want to find sluttier and less pretentious girls, focus on night game in the North of England. 

If you want to find a girlfriend who has an accent like the Queen and loves afternoon tea, head South to London, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

The Rest of Great Britain

If you decide to explore the rest of the British Isles and visit Wales, Ireland or Scotland, post up in Cardiff, Belfast or Glasgow. All three have good nightlife. Don't leave the bright lights however; the rural areas of those countries are wastelands and you'll be bored to tears.

Finding your dating niche in Great Britain

Guys who have a thing for Afro-Caribbean women should focus on London. London by far has the most dark skinned, curvy women. They also tend to be pretty easy to bring back home.

Hot Indian GirlIf you like Asian, Latin or Eastern European girls, stay in London and find the relevant clubs and neighborhoods.  It’s relatively easy to pick them up, but the Asian girls can be a little harder to find and sleep with.

If you like Indian women then the middle of the country (Birmingham, Leicester) is where you will find plenty of targets. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Indian women, but there are some pretty hot ones in Britain. I banged one twice over three days and she was definitely my first.  My conclusion: Indian women in UK are hotter than in the states.

Where to Find British Sloots

Slutty British Girl in LingerieSome guys don’t want to put any work in on the top-level girls. That’s fine. If you just want to bang a girl with an accent like a pirate in the alleyway outside the club, I’ve got you covered. These girls are NOT girlfriend material and some can be super trashy.

The first two places will have plenty of girls with fake tans and platinum blonde hair. These are not low class sluts, but are really high quality British women who are looking for a fun time. Some of them may be a little difficult to get your pipe in them, but the third option has girls so easy that if you can’t score there you should exit the gene pool immediately and take a vow of celibacy. They’re still pretty attractive too.

  • Essex
  • Newcastle
  • Liverpool

If you want to really get laid in the UK then you might want to double up your efforts and use the UK’s most popular online dating platform. It’s free to sign up and message girls so definitely check it out. I alone was able to get 4 dates in 8 days and I didn’t even use it that much. Plenty of Fish makes it really easy to meet women. Next time I go out to the UK I’ll definitely be using it more.

On Vacation

Hot UK Girl in BikiniBritish girls on “Beach & Booze” vacations are easiest girls on the planet by far (tied with spring breakers). You would think that’s just a US thing, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone needs a vacation and British college girls are no exception.

They are looking to party and they are just some girls who want to have fun. Girls found in these locations are the perfect combination of hot and slutty.

Take plenty of condoms and minimal game if you visit these places during the summer months:

  • Magaluf
  • Ibiza
  • Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
  • Greek Islands such as Kavos and Mykonos
  • Budapest Pub Crawl in Hungary 

Note: your mileage may vary if you are over 35 and aren't jacked. Competition is pretty tough. You're not in a country that treats foreigners almost like royalty like they do in Latin America. You're going against good looking, clean cut guys.

Fortunately, there's so many British girls looking to bang that it's still not a huge deal. There's a girl for everyone.

Finding Diamonds In The British Rough

If you are dismayed by British girls, focus on the non-Brits. The UK has such fame around the world that it attracts a wealth of exchange students, au pairs, hot girls who want to learn English, etc. Use the following to find these FOB innocent beauties:

  • Language exchange groups (, Facebook events, etc.)
  • ESL departments of universities and colleges
  • International culture festivals

Online Game

Tinder is very popular in the UK but can be brutal for older guys: don't be ugly is the name of the game. Like I mentioned, there is some serious competition - this isn't Latin America or other third world countries where it's easy as a foreigner.

PoF LogoWith that said, you’re almost guaranteed some action if you want to use Plenty of Fish. It’s easy to sign up and free to get some easy girls.

But don't dismayed, get some professional photos done and read the Tinder Template to get the edge and you’ll have great results.
Men beware: Attention whoring is high.

Plenty Of Fish is more popular in the UK than the US and should be used in conjunction with Tinder. POF can give you good results if you are older and/or looking for a serious relationship but be prepared to invest a lot of time in optimizing your profile and sending messages.

For the younger guys it's easy to find some flings and one night hands using POF.

Use the following dating sites/apps (In order of recommendation):

  • Plenty Of Fish (Free but paid for extra features)
  • OK Cupid (Free but you have to pay for extra features)
  • Match (paid)
  • Badoo (free)

Best Cities for Day Game:

London is a city made for daygaming. Everybody walks in London, there are lots of parks and the city attracts the most beautiful women from Eastern Europe and the Rest of The World.

Guy getting day game on at libraryOne thing to watch out for is the plethora of daygame pick up artist (PUA) workshops going on in London. Don’t approach in a rehearsed or mechanical way or she might think you are another seduction student.

Fortunately, a lot of the students send to be pretty sad so they don’t represent a lot of competition. Hit on them, smile, be friendly, and don’t be nervous. Then, they’re as easy as yours.

Best Cities for Night Game

Northern cities in England are great for cheap drinks, wild nights and loose women.  It is the cheaper part of England like we mentioned. The girls here aren't as clean cut as in the South, but they tend to be easier and hot in a more skanky way.

Southern cities (London, Brighton, etc.) are too expensive and people are more image-conscious and less inclined to let their hair down. If you have serious bank roll and want to swill champagne with royalty in high-end VIP venues, London nightlife is ideal. The girls here are a little more shallow but they'll happily give you pipe once you're able to drop some money for good drinks.

However if you want to down Yeager Bombs with down-to-earth people who don't care how well connected you are, try any of these cities:

  • Newcastle - game girls in the high-end clubs on the Diamond Strip and stay in the city center for ideal logistics
  • Glasgow - Check out Sub-Club and Garage
  • Liverpool - go the clubs and bars on Mathew Street
  • Manchester - Game in the Deansgate area and in/around the Arndale Center

Ideal look for the UK

What type of guys do well with girls in the UK? It's pretty much the opposite of the Philippines or Thailand: being white does not mean high value in the UK. Remember, your exotic value lies in how different you look to the local men. Everybody is white there so if you're a white guy you have a lot of competition. The ideal look/genetic make up for guys who want to score in the UK is Latin/Mediterranean.

Here are a few more genetic/cultural advantages or disadvantages for players visiting the UK:

- Non-British (but native) English accents will give you high value - American, Australian, Canadian accents.

- Black guys will do well in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the North of England. In London, you will not stand out.

- Asian guys are pretty much as the bottom of the totem pole unless they have looks, money and style. Sucks for them, but white girls don't like asian guys.

Fights and Cockblocking

Due to Britain's binge drinking and football (soccer) culture; fights outside the bars and clubs on Friday and Saturday nights are a common sight.

These aggressive dudes and brawls should not deter you but be aware if you are aiming to snatch girls away from guys. Play it safe by targeting female-only groups - there will be plenty of them.

Enjoying the decline

While the majority of British girls are busted (binge drinking and binge eating will do that) the saving grace is that there has been so much immigration to the UK in recent decades that you can find many exotic-looking girls with that British accent that turns you on.

Seriously, white, asian, black, middle eastern, there is EVERYTHING.

While many British guys will leave for Latin America, Eastern Europe or Asia to find women, there really is no need if you have half decent game. If you are in the top 20% of the male population looks-wise, picking up hot British girls is like shooting plenty of fish in a barrel.

If you’re not then it’s still very possible. You’ll just have to work a little harder.

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  1. After doing so many girls that I lost count, I can honestly say that there ain’t any hot girls. There are girls that are slim. The human body is naturally slim so that’s not a big accomplishment. They have a cute face and that’s about it. Without the makeup, the hair done etc the so called hot chick is all of a sudden a dime a dozen average girl.
    As for having less chances if you are over 35 and not jacked it’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. First of all, being over35 doesn’t mean shit. Even though I am way under 35, I see it all the time. If anything, it boosts your chances. A man in his best years! Regarding being jacked, you do not need to be jacked at all! Be in shape that’s it. Especially for the average girl that the mediocre idiot calls hot, why would you need to be jacked? LMFAO. The so called hot girl is simply slim and usually malnourished to keep a flat belly. Why would you need to be jacked for a girl like that? Lol.

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