How to Seduce Chilean Girls

Chilean girls aren’t as popular as the other Latina flavors, but they still matter to me. All Latinas Lives Matter! So El Conquistador is back in the building with another excellent guest post. If you find yourself in or headed to Chile, you’ll want to check this out. The knowledge dropped on Chilean women here is solid and actionable. 

Day of Arrival

Back in 2011, I arrived in Chile on a cold, dreary winter’s day in August (Southern Hemisphere guys) and as I sat on the bus from the airport to the center of Santiago, I looked out the window and thought that I was in Krakow or some other gray, ex-Soviet block country.

This was my first trip to Latin America, and I had this vision that it would look like the images on the covers of the course box of Rosetta Stone Spanish. I had pictured sunshine reflecting off white buildings and a smiling woman in a large hat selling Avocados. Santiago didn’t look anything like that. I cursed what the Pinochet regime had done to the country and hoped that Chilean girls would make up for it.

Wikipedia Time

Here are a few general facts about Chile. The country has arguably the strongest economy in Latin America, so it’s a perfect place to progress your career if that’s your goal. You’ll have much better job prospects and pay here than most Latin American countries. Economic stability brings the benefits of safety and a low crime rate (don’t worry, I won’t talk about politics in this article).

chilean womanThe only downside of this is the cost of living. There are much cheaper countries in Latin America if you are willing to rough it. Santiago has a similar look and feels to Lima, Peru – without the beach. It’s like Peru’s younger brother without the history. I’d say visiting anywhere other than Santiago is pointless if your goal is to get laid. You can find some nice areas near the coast, but it’s pretty much a wash outside of the capital. For that reason, this article is heavily focused on Santiago.

Where to post up

Ok, we’ve got you to Santiago, now it’s time to find the best areas to live in. I stayed in Bellas Artes, and I would recommend staying there or Bellavista if you are only visiting for a short time. These are the party/ hostel areas, and you’ll have plenty of foreign backpacker sluts to choose from: Brazilian, American, Spanish, etc.

P.S: If you plan to stay longer in Santiago, it’s best to start in one of these neighborhoods and get the lay of the land. Then find a long term rental in whatever barrio (neighborhood) suits you. 

If you find yourself cockblocked by roommates don’t worry; you can find plenty of sex hotels in the center of the city with a Jacuzzi in the corner of the room. Not that I’ve been to any of these you understand, I’ve just heard about them. Being in the hostel area of Bellavista means that there will be plenty of Chilean gringo hunters sniffing around. These girls have already preselected themselves as being interested in sharing a bed with a foreigner.

Chilean Girls 

Now imagine the kind of girls from Argentina (Caucasian) and now imagine the girls from Peru (more indigenous looking). Chilean girls are somewhere in the middle. Think of your average Spanish person but a shade darker and with poorer fashion sense. As you get to the North of the country, the people share the Andean look of Peru and Bolivia.

sexy chilean girlPlacing Chilean girls somewhere in between Argentine girls and Peruvian girls is a good comparison because while Argentine girls have a reputation for being conservative and unapproachable, and Peruvian girls will lie on their back for any guy with white skin and blonde hair, Chilean girls are in between those two extremes.

From my day and nightgame approaches in Chile, I have found the girls to be more open than Argentine girls and also more interested in US culture. As I mentioned earlier about developed countries having their downsides, you will see more girls with “alternative” dress styles in Santiago. This, allied with greasy Chilean food (try Churrasco and Empanadas – heart attack on a plate) means they don’t compete with Colombian girls looks wise.

Game and Getting Notches In Chile

Ok, so you know what to expect when you get to Santiago. You also know the best places to stay, so now let’s get on to hunting for some Chilean pussy.

Firstly, what is the ideal male look for Chile? Like most Latin American countries, racism bubbles under the surface and non-Caucasians will drop a couple of points on the looks scale(the exceptions being Brazil and the Caribbean islands). That being said if you aren’t white but you are from the US or Europe, you will still have higher value than local guys. Below the local Chilean guys, at the lowest end of the totem pole, are men from Peru and Bolivia. This is due to many immigrants coming to find work in the country with the strongest economy in South America and the resentment this has caused amongst the locals.

Online game

The standard tools – Tinder and Latin American Cupid – will get you plenty of numbers in the major cities in Chile. I hooked up with a 5’11” Chilean girl with DD tits using Latin American Cupid in Santiago. I also got some numbers using less popular sites like Badoo and OkCupid, but they can be hit or miss. My philosophy is – if it’s free then give it a go for a couple of days. If you find the site is full of scammers or the girls are busted then just delete the app.


I don’t have much to say on nightgame in Santiago as I mainly partied at the hostels and ran dates on girls I met during daygame or on the Internet. One insider tip I can give you is that the hottest club girls go to the discos in Las Condes or Vitacura.


Santiago has some many parks (Parque Balmaceda) that are close to the universities and have plenty of targets if the weather is nice. Regarding how to approach, this is my advice: If you Spanish is average to weak, open confidently in English and then begin to throw in a few Spanish words if you see her struggling. English levels in Santiago will be about the same as in Lima. Significantly more people will speak English here than La Paz Bolivia or anywhere in Colombia but be aware that many won’t know more than “hello” and “how are you?”.

This tip I’m about to give you is Spanish game gold: Drop a few Chilean slang words into the conversation and the girls will be cracking up laughing. Using a few local words works so well because it shows that you are interested in their culture and that you don’t take yourself too seriously – both attractive qualities.

Ugly Spanish

Chilean Spanish is the worst accent to learn and the hardest to understand. Your biggest challenge (even if you are conversational in Spanish) will be understanding the dialect. It’s on par with Dominican Spanish for comprehension difficulty. They use a lot of slang, speak quickly and drop consonants. As I mentioned about approaching and gaming Chilean girls, drop in a few local slang words, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand, laughing and ready to go home with you.

Here are a few Chilean slang words to get you started:

  • poh (so or then) Placed at the end of a sentence.
  • weon (dude) This word has many other uses in Chile.
  • gallo/galla (guy/girl)
  • Cachai? (“do you get me/catch my drift”?)

Going on Dates

Before I wrap up, I’ll leave you with a couple of things to do in Santiago that could also double up as date venues. The first is a visit to Cerro San Cristóbal, a large hill in Bellavista that has a big Virgin Mary statue at the top. Once you walk up to the top, you will have a good view of the city because you above the layer of smog. Chileans will take all visitors up here, and it’s a great first date idea.

chilean girlsMy second “must do” in Santiago is to drink a coffee in a “Cafe Con Piernas”. In Spanish, this literally means “Coffee with legs.” In the city, there are small coffee houses where the all-female staff wear short skirts, high-heels, and stockings. These aren’t strip joints by any means as the girls are dressed conservatively from the waist up and serve you coffee without any dancing. Think of it like a cross between Hooters and Starbucks. Come to think of it, you might not want to take a date to a “Cafe Con Piernas.”

Chilean Girls – Overall

Chile is like the quiet cousin in the Latin American family that everybody ignores. It’s not even the dark horse that nobody talks about but has lots of potential beauties (Paraguay). Chile does not even generate debate or get noticed for negative reasons, such as the complete lack of beautiful women in Bolivia. While Colombia and Brazil and rightly talked about as pussy paradises and Ecuador is not worth it, Chile is just kind of ignored.

If you want to learn more Spanish slang words and phrases that you can use to make Latinas laugh so you can get them attracted to you, check out PickUp Spanish. If we have something for you, great. If not, I hope you enjoyed the article.

Un abrazo,

El Conquistador

11 Replies to “How to Seduce Chilean Girls”

    1. Hey Josh, 400-450 USD per month will get you a one bedroom place in Bellas Artes. A Cafe Con Piernas is a great place to relax with a coffee and check out some of the best legs in Chile. Terrible place to get work done online; I couldn’t focus

  1. This is super lame and wrong. First for talking about girls as objects, second for thinking you have “more points” than local men (most girls prefer local or latinos from other countries) and third for putting chilean women as not so pretty.
    Its true that in our culture its not our priority as a woman to look good (like in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina) but I still see beautiful girls everyday here. Mostly natural beauties (something you cant really see neither in Colombia or Brazil). Thats a plus about us chilean.

    Guys, DONT BELIEVE THIS RIDICULOUS WEBSITES, theres no way a gringo would ever understand latinas after all

  2. If your getting this much attention from people in Chile with your posts your doing something right. This type of information is great and the analysis is spot on.

  3. All you Redpillers seem to forget one thing: Chilean women are sexually liberated. More than a few Marxist enclaves and a whole lotta one night stands are 100% acceptable (see: a popular female comedienne not giving two shits speaking about it). Underrated for sure, if you be trying to get them notches, son.

  4. These only works for the white guys, if you are black either from europe, america, the worst is black from africa. they will never accept you. chileans are racists. and i fucking hate this country. they have no respect for we blacks. to hell with your white skin and white stinking pussy. i love my black girls puss. and black girls will fuck you way better than those ugly stupid racist chileans.

  5. Some interesting points. Many are realistically acurate but you need to remember that everyone is an individual soul and personality. We’re not dealing with a commodity here.

    A kind demeanour, smile often with some eye contact, be genuine with your praise and compliments and make her laugh an not take yourself too seriously. Took a Chilean from vitacura tonight on an arvo date for cheese, crackers, a little wine ona rug by the beach. Didn’t try to kiss her, just the odd leg or arm touch with funny comments, and being friendly and fun.
    Don’t be pushy and they will love to see you again. Be yourself and not fake. Enjoy the moment and don’t worry if it doesn’t happen.

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