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How To Pleasure a Woman, Red Pill Orgasm, Satisfy your Woman

Red Pill Orgasm, How to Pleasure a woman

Satisfy her, Red Pill Orgasm, Make her come

As humans, we are fascinated with intercourse,  mostly How to Pleasure a woman. This is perfectly normal. As red pill men, our fascination with women and sexing them is slightly above average. When a man stumbles upon this corner of the Internet, advice on sex is typically one of the first things sought after. Yet, most advice on sex and women cumming simply sucks ass. How To Pleasure a Woman, read this book, it will be a great asset, as when you make her happy, she will be driven to return the favor.

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How to Pleasure a woman
How to Pleasure a woman
How to Pleasure a woman

Make Her Screem With Dekight

We have an article on 3-qualities-women-look-for if you're looking for someone to practice these techniques with. Look here, Latin American women.

Books on sex advice usually fall into one of three categories: mindset based, technique based, or a combination, with the mindset preached being that of putting the woman on a pedestal.  

No book I’ve seen has covered the proper mindset one must have to arouse women cumming along with the proper and advanced techniques used to stimulate her physically.

If you happen to be traveling south of the border, this book will give you all the communication skills needed to LAY hot Latinas. 

The book by Halfbreed of Red Pill Game is a game changer for men looking to improve in the bedroom, How to Pleasure a woman, on the floor, in the car, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever. Not only does Red Pill Orgasm cover the proper mindset to make your women cumming with a powerful orgasm, he also covers the proper technique, from beginner to advanced. The book goes into the proper mindset men must have when seeking How To Pleasure a Woman.

Halfbreed dives deep into how gaming women effects the bedroom, how to properly display and use dominance in the bedroom, using this technique.

 How to communicate to women verbally and non-verbally in order to arouse them, both in and out of the bedroom. Halfbreed also combines the mindset with actionable advice that enables men to use dominance and an attractive mindset outside of the bedroom to encourage results for women cumming. How to Pleasure a woman, read this book.

How to Pleasure a woman

Once the foundation, the mindset, is set, the Red Pill Orgasm delves into proper sexual techniques. Halfbreed covers it all: foreplay, oral sex, sex positions, “Sets of Nine”, rough sex, anal sex, and more. The book goes deep into the proper technique of How To Pleasure a Woman, women cumming, each element of ones’ sex game by providing detailed descriptions of each technique.

One thing I feel might have been left out is the advantage and experience you will get from cougar, let en experienced women guide you.

A big part of the reason why this book is worth your money is because Halfbreed explodes mainstream myths about the female orgasm. Unlike the male orgasm, when women cum, it’s mental as much as physical, meaning if you can’t be the dominant man in her life, Halfbreed’s physical techniques will be only moderately effective at best.

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How to Pleasure a woman
How to Pleasure a woman

While some of Halfbreed’s techniques on How to Pleasure a woman are stuff I’ve learned about and already use (such as his advice on how to orgasm without ejaculating), I appreciated not only his more original advice, but his explanations behind why it works. For example, I had no idea that it’s harder for a man to last longer in bed in missionary position versus cowgirl position (blood pools at the end of the penis when you’re standing up, increasing pressure).

If there’s one thing I can fault for, it’s Halfbreed’s frequent use of sentence fragments and comma splices. How To Pleasure a Woman, it won’t matter to the average person, but the English pedant in me found it annoying. Aside from that,  is a must-buy if you’re interested in rocking your girlfriend or wife’s world.

An added benefit Red Pill Orgasm adds to buyers is the chapters on sexual stamina and energy work. The chapter on energy work was a personal favorite, as I have never researched much on the topic. It was interesting how Halfbreed gave readers an understanding of moving energy through ones’ body, then relating it back to sexual performance. The chapter on sexual stamina also provides actionable advice for men struggling with a quick trigger for women cumming.

I did have a few issues with the book. First, while Halfbreed did provide detailed description of the techniques, as men we are visual creatures. I would have liked to see photos and/or video (links) included for further explanation. Second, and this is not exactly a complaint, I would have liked the chapter on energy work to be expanded upon. The chapter was new to me and more information on it would have been interesting.

All and all, Red Pill Orgasm was a solid read. The book gives actionable advice to readers on every aspect of sexing a woman, starting outside the bedroom all the way to finishing her and you off in it. If you are a beginner to women cumming, to an intermediate level playboy, Red Pill Orgasm is a must read, How To Pleasure a Woman, learn it, you'll be happy you did. 

How to Pleasure a woman
How to Pleasure a woman

Make Her Screem With Dekight

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