How To Pick Up Latinas In 10 Minutes Without Being Fluent In Spanish

My personal friend, El Conquistador, wrote this article on how to pick up Latinas. His product, Pickup Spanish, is an absolute necessity for any man planning to travel to Latin America. I’ve seen the man work in Spanish and it’s smooth. Hell, I even can utter some smooth Spanish lines after I used his program for a few months and went out with the man. Take it away, El Conquistador:

There she is. Jet black hair down to her ass. Tight jeans, heels and caramel complexion. You’re walking down the street during a sunny afternoon in Medellin, Colombia or Buenos Aires, Argentina (maybe even Miami, Florida.) and you see a Latina “9”. You don’t say anything. You let her walk out of your life forever and curse yourself: “Damn! I wish I knew Spanish.”

Listen amigo, if you read and apply the advice in this article, you won’t have that excuse anymore. By the end of this article you’ll have your Spanish Language Toolbox locked and loaded. You’ll have Spanish lines ready-to-go for: stopping the girl, creating attraction, getting her number, gaming her online. And so on.

I’ve used these lines myself and I’ve coached other guys in Latin America to do the same. I’ve stood a few yards away watching them get the number of a Latina with an ass that would make J.Lo cry. Realize that when you learn a new language, you are mostly memorizing phrases for common situations: “where is the library.?” “One beer please.”

What follows is how to pick up Latinas in Spanish 101:

Don’t you wish your Spanish teacher back in 10th grade had taught you how to pick up Latinas in Spanish?

Let’s jump into it. Vamos.

  1. Pre-Opener/Salutation

Before you deliver your opening line you need to get her attention and get her to stop. This is sometimes called a ‘pre-opener’ in game circles.

Here a couple of polite ways to get a stranger’s attention in Spanish:

oiga (ohee-gah)


disculpe (dees-cool-peh)

excuse me

  1. Opener

Now that she’s aware of your existence, it’s time to tell her why you stopped her:

te vi y te queria hablar (teh bee ee teh ke-reeah ahb-lahr)

I saw you and I wanted to talk to you

  1. Compliment

O.K., you got her to stop and now she’s all ears. Time to get her smiling and let her know your intentions.

eres la mujer mas hermosa que he visto hoy (eh-rhes lah moo-her mahs ehr-moh-sah keh eh bees-toh ohee)

You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen today

sexy latina girlYeah, I know. In English speaking countries this line sounds cheesy. But realize this, Latin American countries are much more traditional and being a ‘romantic gentleman’ will earn you big points.

  1. Backstory

The first question that a Latina will ask herself when she meets a gringo is: “Is he here on vacation? Does he live here?” (Her internal dialogue will be in Spanish, but you get the idea.) Use either of the following two lines and you achieve a couple of things. Firstly, she will be curious about you and attracted because you are an exotic foreigner. Secondly, she will go easy on you because you’re not a local – people are usually kind to visitors.

no soy de aca (noh soh-ee deh ah-cah)

I’m not from around here

acabo de llegar en el país (ah-cah-boh deh yeh-gahr ehn ehl pah-ees)

I’ve just arrived in the country

  1. Ask for the number

Don’t hang around or you will begin to stumble with your Spanish. Get in, get the number and get out before you have to (gasp!) have a conversation in Spanish.

¿tienes whatsapp? (teeh-eh-nehs whatsapp?)

Do you have Whatsapp?

¿me das tu numero? (meh dahs too noo-meh-roh?)

Give me your number

pon tu numero aca (pohn too noo-meh-roh ah-cah)

put your number in here (hand her your phone as you say this – don’t bother trying to understand her reeling off the number in rapid Spanish)

Once you’ve got the number, use either of these two lines to eject smoothly:

Adios (ah-deeohs)


Te hablo (teh ah-bloh)

I’ll call/talk to you

  1. First text message

Now, you got her number on the street or in the club the night before. What do you send as your first message? I’ve got you covered:

hola soy _____ me diste tu numero por tinder/ en la calle

Hello I’m ____ (name) you gave me your number on Tinder/on the street

sexy group of latinasI won’t give you the pronunciation for this because you won’t be speaking it, you will be typing it into your phone.

*Bonus phrase:

¿Te acuerdas de mi?

Do you remember me?

  1. Online Dating Site Openers

What are the best dating sites in Latin America?

Sites like Badoo, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish can work as well. So, how to pick up Latinas online? What’s a good opening line that you can use on these sites in Latin America?

Hola amor ¿como estas?

Hi love, how are you?

Saludos, _____(name). ¿como andas?

Greetings, _____(name). How’s it going?

Ayyy dios mio! Digales a tus pardes bien hecho 😉

Good Lord! Tell your parents good job 😉

  1. Suggesting the date

After a few messages back and forth, you’ll want to suggest a meet up. That way, you know if she’s serious about meeting up with you. Here’s how you bring the subject of a date:

¿quieres ir a tomar algo un día esta semana?

Do you want to go for a drink some day this week?

  1. Venue change

If the date is going well you’ll want to get her back to your place so you can see what that latina ass looks like once you get the tight jeans off. This line is smooth and will give her some “plausible deniability”:

vamos a mi casa a (bah-mohs ah mee cah-sah ah)

Let’s go to my house/place to…

  1. tomar vino  (toh-mahr bee-noh) – drink wine
  2. ver una pelicula  (behr oo-nah peh-lee-coo-lah) – watch a movie
  3. bailar  (bahee-lahr) – dance

There you go. From meeting to your bedroom in 9 lines. You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish, but you do need to be able to communicate. If you want to learn how to pick up Latinas, start here.

If you liked this article and want to get specific with your Spanish goals, then check out the website Have a look and you’ll soon know if we have something you’re looking for. Either way, hope you enjoyed the article. Click here to buy Pickup Spanish.

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