How to Pleasure a woman

How To Make A Girl Like You, How To Get Laid

Do you want HOT WOMEN to Approach YOU

Do you want to learn how to make a girl like you?

This is the best and most effective way to get the girl. This will be one of the most rewarding letters you’ll ever read.

At the end of this short message you’ll be able to fix what’s been stopping you getting the women you really want, and to get laid. Use the personality  that’s you, so you can draw women to you at will … so hotty’s will come to YOU … and so you can finally sleep with girls you REALLY WANT.


Too good to be true, you ask? How to make a girl like you, this is the WAY TO DO IT.

I will give it to you, this information isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t have faith, if you can’t believe in yourself, if you don’t think you can get laid, it’s ok, you can just move on.

If we do have your attention, if you are a believer, then I suggest you to read on…

Because what I’m about to reveal could radically change your sex life.

This all will happen quick, before you finish this short message, you will learn secrets of how to make a girl like you.

Finding this great asset to get ass has really gotten me excited. I hope you will get energized like I am right now just because I feel so confident sharing with with you.

The burning question: How To Make A Girl Like You? Has been answered here,

This material has been written by one of the best seduction coaches in the industry, Sebastian Harris.

Sebastian has been labeled the best international dating coach in the world. Do you ask ” how to make a girl like you “? Read on.

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Sebastian has been featured by many high end media channels: Elite Daily, LifeHack, Menprovement,SoSuave, and dozens of others.

He had been born with some birth defects, and like many do born this way,

He hid his birth abnormalities any way he could.

Finding ways to avoid social gatherings. Only really depriving himself of the great joys in life.

Like many of us do, he fooled himself into believing that he was happy being alone, that there was no real point of pursuing women. That he had no chance to get laid.

I did this in many ways myself. Always avoiding face to face interaction by saying things like ” what’s the use, she’s probably won’t like me, or she probably has a boyfriend.

I know many of you reading this have felt this way to, it’s easy to make excuses not to talk to hot girls, or not to go to the party. He didn’t have any idea of how to make a girl like you.

These are both mistakes. I know that I feel much better after getting politely rejected than I do if I walk away wondering “what if”?

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Are you ashamed of something?

  Try to learn to tell yourself that  She would be lucky to have you  And that she’d be happy to talk to you.  She is probably waiting for someone to talk to right now.

 This is a very common feeling that all men have, some guys have the ability to just push themselves to do it some, guys are lucky enough to have the outgoing personality and, some guys just walk away from her, angry with themselves about the fact that they didn’t do anything at all.

It can make you angry with yourself, to a point of really bringing you down.

Sebastian has worked with many guys who were at their breaking  point, how to make a girl like you, they would ask he’s learned a great deal from this and it really helps him help others.

Many of these guys share the same story… They are always asking how to make a girl like you ?

 Sometimes a  girl or a series of girls can say something that can really put you in  a  bad spot and can basically  weaken your spirits, and emotionally harm you. This will definitely bring you down, weakening your chance to get laid  When it comes down to how to get a girl to like you, this is a detriment to your ability to show confidence which will never help.

This can lead you down the dark road of self doubt … misery … and fear of rejection.

Many guys never found that one little thing they’ve been  Missing.


 These guys realize what little bit of effort and some research they could do a lot better and up their game big time period. Then could stop settling for these mediocre women.

 The Choice is yours all you have to do is go and do it say Hi and then  Let her lead a little bit too you know.

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 If you’ve taken the time and put in the effort to read this you know that there is more out there for you, so read this material, get the book and you’ll be amazed at your success. She will pick up on it, you get complimented on it by her. This is a great way how to make a girl like you.

 I know that you have confidence in yourself and I know that you know you can do this, all you have to do is put in the effort.

 I know that you realize you’re just missing one little thing too, and that’s what we need to do is take the time to read the Rise of the Phoenix and you might just pick up that 1 little thing you need, that 1 little change in your game that will help you get all the women you want, it could be on this page it that you’re reading right now, that he could picks up the note pages helps you get through it.

 We are here to tell you that that’s exactly what it is, so keep put the effort forward and read The Rise of the Phoenix you’ll be amazed at your success. You will be able to get laid at will. You’ll  Wonder why you asked a question how to get women?

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 The story about the bird with a long tail and what you can learn from it.

 Here’s a story that you may be  Surprised to hear. You’re a really good looking guy and you’ve got some game, you can put yourself next to a decent looking guy with the same  game and the girl is going to choose the average guy over the better looking guy every time

I don’t believe it? You say?

Well, it’s a lot like birds with long tails.

It has proven female birds are more attracted to male birds with a long tails since it hinders his ability to survive.

Since he must  pull that thing around, other predators can grab him by it, this basically makes his life muchmore difficult.

Due to the fact that he still survives, he shows these ladyBirds that he is very strong and is a survivor.

This shows her that he will provide her with strong offspring.

Women will see the same thing in men. When an average looking man or even an ugly man shows her he has some game, she is much more impressed than if a handsome man did the same.

If you can present yourself well and with confidence, despite average looks —or having some kind of “defect” — women will be attracted to you 10 times more .

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This is the reason why you’ll see amazingly beautiful girls with homely looking guys.

It’s not for his money,

Not because she’s a hooker or an money hungry bitch

It’s because he has game despite being average. This actually show s why he’s actually above average. How to make a  girls like you?  This book will show you.

His mindset is this:

“The hell with it. I don’t have to change myself to be a champion. more likely, when I embrace my flaws, then I’m even more of a winner.”

Hot girls sense this strength and zero in on this mindset without realizing it.

These girls can read right into guys who have this state of mind. These hot girls are drawn to these men  like catnip.

I realized this strategy and when I got it down, I suddenly became a million times hotter to women. I could get laid anytime I wanted.

Read on and you’ll learn this strategy like an expert.

How to Seduce Women, are You Groveling for Dollars While Standing on a Mountain of Gold?

Simple men all over the world over have no idea of the power they possess, how to make a girl like you?they ask, It’s quite simple.

Men are constantly trying to change their attitude into something they’re not, this is crazy. (I’m guilty of this)

Not being true to themselves, to be another one liner copycat, disgusting faults. Again,simply being someone that they are not.


The attractive, thing men do is let his true self shine. And never, EVER be ashamed of it.

Take my story for example…

When I first started “gaming” I was terrified to take my shirt off.

I have a giant scar running all the way down my chest and belly, and I thought it would make women puke.

After enduring years of suicidal thoughts and anxiety attacks, I finally got the courage to take my shirt off with a girl.

As we laid in bed she ran her finger down my scar.

I was so nervous I was shaking.

My self-esteem was pegged squarely under her foot. And all she had to do was stomp!

“God, this scar is so sexy,” she said.

My eyes popped.

“What?” I said. “Why do you think that?”

“Because it shows you’re a survivor,” she said.


…before she got on top of me

It was then that it hit me. How to make a girl like you, it’s simple.

As men, we need to be proud of the wars we’ve fought. We need to take pride in getting though them. How to make a  girls like you?  When we get laid we need to give ourselves credit for a job well done.

We need to see our faults and scars as badges of honor.

We need to know we’re champions … and girls would be LUCKY to have a guy like us.

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Then you can make that final decision about yourself, when you just say: “Screw it. I’m going to totally accept myself just how I am”… then, be like a Phoenix, you’ll be a new man.

Rising from the ashes of your former self you experience a success with girls that will surprise and astound you.


After that day I’ve been totally obsessed with seducing women.

Training side by side along with the best seduction coaches in the field, like:   Alan Roger Currie, Sasha DayGame, How to make a  girls like you

How to make a  girls like youJohnny Soporno, and Steve Pavlina.

How to make a girl like you

Alan Roger Currie, Steve Pavlina, Sasha Daygame, and James Marshall…and Sebastian

He made mistakes seducing girls all over the world. How to make a girl like you, I asked too. And I learned women are always the same no matter where you go.


Yes, two girls in my bed, again!!

These rules of seducing girls that work in the United States will work in  Germany… England …   Czechoslovakia …Thailand …ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD YOU ARE.

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Editors from All Over the World tried to get  me to Feature My Techniques and to show them so they could use these tools and to also write about them.


My approach was perfected to such a fine point I finally achieved “sexual choice” with girls. How to make a girl like you? I’ve got it.

That means any woman … any time … from anywhere … If I decided to get her.

The success of his students is very important, and it shows. 

I’m so proud that I’ve successfully helped thousands of guys get their own “sexual choice” with women. Helping men get laid really is a great feeling.

And eventually, after years of experience, I catalogued everything I know into my breakthrough program: “Rise of the Phoenix” … so you can have your choice of women, too!

How to make a  girls like you

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

How to make a  girls like you
How to make a  girls like you
How to make a  girls like you

The main concept of Sebastian’s program is to give men the choice and confidence to let their true persona come through. To learn how to make a girl like you is amazing and a wonderful asset. And to show a radical self-acceptance that girls just cannot resist.

This is not the same old “approach lines” program you’ve seen a tons times before.

Yet this program shows you how to be the real YOU.

It also gives you a large database of approaches, techniques, and strategies so you come out ahead in every transaction.

So far, this program has been hailed as one of the best seduction manifestos to ever hit the market.

I get letters every day from excited men that say this is the program that finally took their game to the highest level.

When you master the strategies I’m about to show you, you’ll exude a confidence and bearing that will separate you from 99% of other men.

And you’ll be able to seduce stunning women 99% of men are too afraid to look at…

You’ll finally understand what it’s like to get the girls you really want, to understand how to make a girl like you, and to get laid when you want.

(and stop settling for women that don’t even come close to making the cut).

Women will come to you, rub up against you,  flirt with you,  and squeeze their numbers into your pocket.

They’ll go home with you and even have sex with you in  your car.

You’ll experience what it’s like to pull the panties off a hot model as she waits with her legs spread to take you inside her.

You’ll get instant dates … same night blowjobs … and you’ll finally have sexual choice — whatever that means for you!

All these things will be yours when you invest in your own copy of “Rise of the Phoenix” today

Here Are Some of the Secrets You’ll Discover in This Groundbreaking Program…heon

  • The #1 mistake all of my coaching clients made BEFORE they approached the first girl. This kills your motivation to meet women, makes you feel insignificant, and it forces women to see you as nothing but a worthless dogs.

  • How to make a girl like you? This book will amaze you.

  • Everyone knows you should try to impress girls, right? Wrong!

     A secret way to discover if a woman is interested in you or if she’s just faking it (Hint: don’t look her in the eyes. Look 0.5 cm to the left)

    How to NOT be put in the “he’s a wimpy pussy” box by women. Seriously, you already do that with your best friend.

    Use With Caution: The one body part a woman wants you to look at (it makes her so incredibly horny that she can’t think of anything else but your dick in her mouth).

    The one word that, once you understand its true meaning, allows you to approach 100 women a day, 365 days a year without feeling anger, regret, or humiliation.

    A scientifically proven way to make any woman fall in love with you (Hint: it’s a drink but it doesn’t contain alcohol)

    3 under the radar signs that instantly reveal what she wants to do with you (Hint: she either wants to sleep with you or she wants you to back off). How to make a  girls like you, Know these signs and you can read her like an open book.

How to make a  girls like you


If at any time in the next 60 days you don’t think that this is the best, most practical, and most effective dating & seduction eBook Course you’ve ever read (I believe in it more than in gravity)…I’ll refund every penny of your money. No hard feelings and no questions asked!

Are you still not sure if having the power to seduce the kind of girls that 99.99% of men can’t even look at without shitting themselves OR three Strawberries & Creme Frappuccinos from Starbucks (that cost the same) are the better long-term investment?

Well, I just added 4 FREE bonuses that you get if you order today.

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International Dating Domination: How to Meet 183 Exotic Foreign Women Without Lifting a Finger

How to make a  girls like you

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

International Dating Domination: How to Meet 183 Exotic Foreign Women Without Lifting a Finger, How to make a girl like you ?

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The Unethical Text Message Cheat Sheet: 42 Copy-and-Paste Texts That Force Her to Reply

How to make a  girls like you

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

The Unethical Text Message Cheat Sheet: 42 Copy-and-Paste Texts That Force Her to Reply

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How to make a  girls like you

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Inner Game eBook from the mentor of Neil Strauss, the author of The Game

How to make a  girls like you

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

We’ve even included one additional bonus from a legendary seducer. He’s one of the founders of the seduction community and the mentor of Neil Strauss, the author of The Game.

unanounced bonus testimonial neil strauss

If you decide to take action TODAY, you get instant access to:

How to make a  girls like you

How to make a  girls like you
How to make a  girls like you
How to make a  girls like you

And the special surprise bonus…

How to make a  girls like you

The value of The Rise of the Phoenix eBook Course (+ ALL the Bonuses) is $254.98…and if you act now, you don’t even have to pay the regular price!

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Will there ever be another discount/lower price in the future?

No, there will NOT be another discount. I will also NOT offer it for a lower price than today’s price in the future. Today’s discount gives you access to the lowest price I can offer you. Considering that the feedback from over 1627 satisfied customers I got so far exceeds my wildest expectations, today’s investment is basically a giveaway. It doesn’t make any sense to wait because I guarantee you that I will NEVER offer the Rise of the Phoenix eBook Course + the 4 FREE Bonuses for a lower price. However, I do NOT guarantee that today’s $40 OFF COUPON is still valid tomorrow. The next time you land on this page the price could be at $59.99 again. Today you can have the one-time chance to save $40  and the longer you wait, the higher the chance that you have to pay more…and the longer it takes to have the success with women you want.

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I asked myself the same question when I decided to give you this $40 OFF COUPON today. Heck, even the regular investment of $59.99 is much less than what other dating coaches charge. Think about Jason Capital’s eBook 77 Ways to Make Her Want to [email protected]#k You. It costs $77. Dan Bacon from The Modern Man charges $97 for his eBook The Flow. And my mentor Sasha Daygame charges $105 for his eBook The Direct Daygame Bible. I must be insane to give you access to the Rise of the Phoenix eBook Course + 4 FREE Bonuses for a one-time payment of $19.99. Well, maybe I am. I definitely leave a lot of money on the table to give YOU the chance to take action today and to have a beautiful naked girl in your bed tomorrow. I know what it’s like to feel helpless when it comes to your dating life, so I want to help you as best as I can. Since I don’t want the price to stop you from getting the results with women you dream of, I’m making it as affordable as I possibly can.

Is my purchase safe and will I get instant access?

Yes, you will get instant access. As soon as you click the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button, you will be redirected to a secure checkout form that is protected with McAfee Secure, Norton Secure, and Secure Payments. Your payment is 100% safe. Once your order is complete, you get instant access to a download page where you can download the eBook Course and the 4 FREE bonus products.

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Is my purchase guaranteed?

Totally! You have 60 days to try the Rise of the Phoenix eBook Course and the 4 FREE bonus products. If at any time, for any reason during those 60 days, you are unhappy with my product, I will refund you 100% of your money – no questions asked. And you even can keep your free gifts! I just ask you to give Rise of the Phoenix an honest try.

Do you have a question? Shoot me an email at  [email protected]

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