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How to Learn Spanish Fast For Flirting

sexy dominicana girlIf you want to know how to learn Spanish fast for flirting, you probably haven’t found much info out there to help you. Most Spanish courses won’t teach you how to flirt. This program will really help you learn how to learn Spanish fast and pick up hot Latina’s, click here. All the podcasts, apps, textbooks and CD courses out there are too general and politically correct to teach you anything about talking to girls and having sex with Latina women. Remember, the publishers create these courses to be as generic as possible so they can expand their market to anyone, young or old, male or female, who want to learn Spanish. The majority of people who go to Latin America are on vacation, so they need to learn to say things like:

How to Learn Spanish Fast For Flirting

That’s all fine, but what if you want to go to Latin America to meet and hook up with some voluptuous Latinas? In this article, I’ll cover three elements in how to learn Spanish fast. I’ll also give you some ready-to-go Spanish lines you can use on your next trip to Colombia or Argentina.

The Bachelors Guide to Central American is a Fabulous guide.


My definition of focus is eliminating everything but the essential. When it comes to learning Spanish quickly, you must decide what you need to learn and more importantly, what you do not need to learn. Definition is your best tool. The more clearly you define what you will be doing with the language, the fewer words you will have to learn and the sooner you will get good at flirting in Spanish. Now you have a target and a good idea of what you want to say. There are many reasons for learning Spanish, and there are courses out there that cater to those needs: – Spanish for Medical Professions, Spanish for Tourists, etc. Decide right now that you will learn “Spanish for players” and focus on learning how to have conversations with Hispanic women. Ask yourself these questions before you begin learning Spanish:

  • What do you want to do with the language? (Target language)
  • Who do you want to talk to? (Target persona)
  • What do you want to talk about with your target persona?

The best course out there for teaching you the Spanish you need to charm Latinas is Pickup Spanish. One alternative (albeit less complete) is the flirting skill available through the Duo Lingo app.

How to learn Spanish fast: Prepare And Do Your Homework

Option A: Write down your go-to lines that you use to game in English (to start a conversation, to escalate, to change venues, etc.) and have a native Spanish speaker translate them for you. Alternatively, you can take a look in the Pickup Spanish course for tried-and-tested Spanish lines. Option B: Rehearse stock responses. Most conversations with new people, especially abroad, follow a familiar pattern. Trust me, in Latin America you will get the same questions from every girl:

  • de donde eres? (where are you from?)
  • y que haces en mi pais? (what are you doing in my country?)
  • estás aqui de paseo? (how long are you going to be here?)
  • a que te dedicas? (what do you do for a living?)

Memorize responses to these questions so that you seem fluent, and you spark attraction in the girl. Go a step further and think about how you can turn responses to common questions into compliments and flirting opportunities.


Take the pressure off yourself by realizing that, how to learn Spanish fast, as a foreign guy learning Spanish and communicating with Latin women, the bar is set low. You can be terrible at speaking Spanish and still flirt effectively. Having a gringo accent, mixing up your conjugations and generally butchering the language is “cute” to many Latin girls. Speaking from personal experience, once your Spanish is fluent, you will be seen as impressive and intelligent rather than exotic and attractive.

Start Communicating Today

Now that you are focused, well-prepared and failure-proof, it’s time to learn how to take action and communicate with Latinas.

Online Game

Nothing beats real life practice (can you find any Hispanic women in your home town?) but chatting to Latinas online is a good way to flirt without the fear of public ridicule. I recommend guys get on online dating sites such as Latin American Cupid and start collecting contact details. Move your prospects to Whatsapp and Skype as soon as possible and up the flirting. Whatsapp voice messages are great because you can prepare what you want to say and play her voice note over and over again if you can’t understand her the first time.


The Tinder Template Will help you get Hotties on Tinder

Day Game

Once you’ve had enough of being horny in front a screen, find some cheap flights and take a trip to Latin America. Masculine Profiles has already covered many pussy paradises on this blog. Get off the beaten path, don’t go to all of the gringo places and speak to girls who don’t know any English – you will make more progress that way than in 5 years studying. There are two unique aspects of Latin American culture that require adjustments to your day game approach:

  1. Cheesy Compliments are Gold

Latin American culture is more traditional, and compliments that would get you laughed at in the US will make a girl swoon here. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • te ves muy linda (you look lovely)
  • me gusta como eres, muy simpatica (I like your personality, real sweet)
  • me encanta tu …. (I love your ….item of clothing, hair, etc.)
  1. Strong Family Units

The only thing you will have to watch out for in the day is girls with their families so you will have to flirt a bit with the mother and compliment the father:

  • es muy linda como su mama (she’s beautiful like her mom)
  • esta es su amiga/hija? (is that your friend/daughter)
  • me permite hablar con su amiga? (can I talk to your friend?)

Above all, have fun with it. Practicing your Spanish and flirting should be fun, and if you are not having fun, then the girl won’t be either. Make mistakes, when she corrects you – congratulations, you two are interacting.

Night Game

Flirting in Spanish does not change much when the sun goes down. However, loud music in many venues will make comprehension difficult. The way you get around this is by speaking less and dancing more. Spanish Night Game Hack Type some phrases into your phone and if it gets really loud or she can’t understand your accent, just show her your phone. Here is one I used with success in a nightclub in Barranquilla, Colombia:

  • me das tu numero? (Can I get your number)

Mini-Relationships and Regulars

Once you’ve seen your Latina more than a couple of times and she is one of your “regulars,” it is imperative to keep up the flirting. One way to do that is to drop some terms of endearment into your Spanish. Trust me, they love it. Here are some of my go-to names for my favorite Latinas:

  • (mi) amor (love)
  • (mi) amorcito (sweet love)
  • (mi) cielo (heaven/sky)
  • linda (beautiful)
  • preciosa (precious)
  • (mi) vida (life)
  • carino (darling)

Get Your Reggaeton On

If you really want to know how to learn Spanish fast for swooping Latinas, the best thing you can do is fall in love with Hispanic music. Here are two ways that being a reggaeton /salsa connoisseur will help you slay more Latin pussy:

  1. Love themed lyrics

Latin American cultures are very passionate, and the music reflects this. Many of the songs speak about love, sex, women, heartbreaks, etc. Maybe I’m just a sucker for love. Learning the lyrics or even a few lines from popular songs in Latin America will teach you how to talk to women in Spanish. Here are three of my favorite Hispanic artists to get you started:

  • J Balvin
  • Nicky Jam
  • Romeo Santos

Studying these guys’ songs will teach you a lot about flirting in Spanish and how to be a Latin playboy.

  1. Seduction tool

fine dominican girl 1Latin music will become your best wingman as you learn the art and science of seducing Hispanic women. Music is an essential part of their culture; it runs through their veins. Try this: put on some popular music in the company of a Latina. You will see her body start to involuntarily spasm at first – the neck will bend, she will begin to shift in their seat and catch the beat of the music. In less than a minute she will be up on her feet, swinging her hips and grinding up against either her friends (or you if you’re quick on the draw). It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday afternoon at home and she is in her work uniform, they can’t help it. When you want to make a girl comfortable with your touch in the club, you’ll use music and dancing to start getting physical. When you get her back to your place, and you want to escalate, you’ll whip out your laptop and fire up your tried and tested playlist. Music and dancing will get you there. Hell, you’ll even fuck to music so that your roommates and neighbors can’t hear. Every guide on about how to learn Spanish fast for flirting should include Spanish music. It is the most direct route to the hearts and pussies of Latinas.

Para Concluir 

Knowing Spanish is a great leveler for guys who might not have the ideal look (tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed) for Latin America. The Aryan-looking guys will match with every girl on Tinder and will get eye fucked from across the dance floor of the disco, while guys who don’t have the same characteristics will struggle if they try to rely 100% on their look. If you know Spanish, your trump card is flirting with every woman you come across during the day – the hot receptionist at the gym, the cute checkout girl at the grocery store, the curvy “estellista” cutting your hair. I know a guy who is 5’2″ with dark skin who lives in the Dominican Republic. He doesn’t do any online dating because he never gets any love due to his look. He compensates by being fluent in Spanish and approaching like a terrier during the day. He eliminated his weakness, capitalized on his strength and found his niche. He bangs roughly 3-4 new Dominicanas a week. When thinking about “How to Learn Spanish Fast For Flirting,” that’s something to think about…

Un abrazo,
El Conquistador

P.S.: If how to learn Spanish fast for flirting is on the top of your priority list, don’t forget to check out Pickup Spanish.

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