5 Replies to “How to Have More Sex – A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Bait’”

  1. Solid ideas man. I’d rate Dog #1 on this list even though I don’t own one – too much hassle and responsibility. Balcony would come a close second depending on the weather.

    ‘Baits’ work because you offer the girl plausible deniability – and because in a woman’s mind getting into your room is a huge mental barrier. Once she ‘shows up’, she will be more open to sex. It’s a bit like going to the gym – the hardest part is showing up.

    My own couple baits:

    Umbrella: It rains A LOT in my city, so I never take my umbrella on a date and ask her to come with me to get it if it’s still raining. Once at my warm place it’s easy to offer some tea and tell her we should dry up…except she ends up even more wet.

    Board game / Videogames: Depends on the girls’ personality but I’ve had tons of success with this. Believe it or not, chicks love doing crazy stuff on GTA V and they get in a playful mood. Monopoly or other board games work too – and you can add sexy rules to get her open to the idea of being fucked against the wall.

    1. Great idea! I’d so be down for some strip Monopoly with a chick, but I’ve never tried that. I ran umbrella game once during rainy season, but I prefer to just leave a city if it’s too rainy.

      Think if you had a bottle of red wine, a balcony with a view, and a dog – you wouldn’t even need “game,” per se. Just spam pics of your view and dog out to your chicks and see who is game to come through.

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