How to Have More Sex – A Beginner's Guide to 'Bait'

She showed up in a tight dress and heels. A petite girl. She smiled as I walked out the front door to greet her. We exchanged pleasantries, and I got a quick glance of her ass. It didn’t fit her frame. An ass like that shouldn’t belong to such a petite girl. I felt something spring to life between my legs. Today’s gonna be a good day. The problem was she wanted to go out dancing, and I hadn’t eaten dinner.
We chatted, and I quickly decided I wanted to eat food and get her naked. It took some convincing, but I finally got her to come up to my place with, “Let’s go upstairs. I’ll cook us some dinner. We’ll drink a little wine, and then we can go dancing after.” She looked upset, but I saw her wheels turning. After what seemed like an eternity, she smiled and replied, “Ok, but you’re cooking for me, right?” I laughed, “Of course, babe.” And we walked up to my apartment.
We never went dancing that night. I cooked her a nice meal, and we drank a bottle of red wine. Two glasses in and she wasn’t thinking about dancing any longer.
She was horny, and my bed was ten feet away. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next. It was the first time I utilized some new techniques I just read about and I can say she DEFINITELy appreciated them.

How to Have More Sex

I know a lot of guys who are so close to having more sex than they could ever imagine, but they continually mess up one thing. The book on ‘how to have more sex’ starts with getting more girls into your room and on your bed. They don’t know how to ask a girl to have sex in a polite manner. Most women will balk if you straight up ask her, “Hey, you want to come back to my place after we finish these drinks and bang for a few hours? Then I’ll make an excuse why you can’t spend the night and kick you out.” Just isn’t going to work well.
On the other hand, if you say, “Hey, I’m tired of vodka sodas. I’m kind of in a wine mood. Let’s have a glass of wine at my place after this drink” then you’re going to upping your batting percentage. If you can just utter those words above about an hour and a half into every one of your first dates – I guarantee you’ll sleep with more chicks. More girls in your home will equate to more sex.

A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Bait’

To have sex with more girls, you need ‘bait’ to drop on a date. Or if you meet a girl out. However, you’ll often be in somewhat of a ‘bubble’ when meeting a girl on a night out that you won’t need any ‘bait’ to bring her home. A simple, “Come with me” often will suffice. She may have questions or need to tell her friends, but you’ll be heading to pound town.
On dates, you’ll usually need a little finesse. She probably won’t be as drunk on a first date. She probably won’t be in a party mood (where anything goes). So you’ll have to create a situation conducive to sexy time. This means you have to get her back to your place without hinting at sex, even though you both know what’s going to happen. It’s a tricky game, but one you’ll have to play.

How to Have More Sex Using ‘Bait’

So you’ll have to ‘bait’ her to coming back to the crib. It’s a lot less shady than the word ‘bait’ sounds. You’re just inviting her back to your place for a reason other than having sex. Guys have been using this strategy for years. I’m certainly not the first to come up with this concept.
At one point, you could invite a girl over to watch a movie and get laid. This usually wouldn’t work on a first date, but more of a follow-up. It was also ideal for college guys. The “Netflix & Chill” phenomenon has made this a little bit cliche. So I stopped using movies as a way to get laid a while back. Instead, I began using a number of things depending on the situation, if I’m drinking, and where I’m located.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of ways to invite a girl back to your place without tripping her sex sensors:


The easiest way to get a girl back to your place is by offering her more booze. Every single guy that gets laid has used alcohol to get a girl in his home and naked. It’s not complex. If you’re already drinking, there’s a natural segue way into drinking more. Most mid-20’s chicks prefer wine over beer or drinks at the bar. So it’s an easy sell to offer her wine at your place. If you girls balk at this, then start scheduling your dates an hour before the bar closes (can be 11 PM in some places on weeknights). She’ll have no other option unless she wants to go home. “Hey, if you’re up for it – let’s have a glass of wine at my place. I’m not a big fan of beer.”


Drugs are another classic ‘bait’ that men have been using with success for the past 30-40 years. If you have weed, then it’s pretty easy to offer a girl some after a drink or two. Cocaine is also popular in certain areas, although that can backfire on you in some places. Just understand that’ll you’ll have to partake as well.


Chicks love food, especially when they get drunk. Just look how many late-night eating places have popped up in bar districts around the United States. Use this to your advantage. Offer her pizza. Offer to cook for her. It’s simple. I’ve had a number of chicks agree to come home with me while out at night, but right before we leave ask me, “But I’m hungry. Do you have a frozen pizza?” Of course, babe.
Cooking usually is better for a second date or a no-date bang. Remember what type of food the chick likes when pitching a cooking date. If a girl drives to a drinking date next to your place, you can offer her food to “sober up” because you’re such a nice guy.


Again, if she has to drive home – then you should be the nice guy you are, “Yeah, my place is right around the corner. I’ve got some coconut water. It’s great for sobering up before driving.” You can combine this with food for a stronger effect and better results.


Not a big fan of this move any longer, but it’s still good for younger guys. Watching movies is also still good for girls you’ve already banged. You won’t want to use this on a first date you had at the bar, but movies have their place in your ‘back to the crib’ repertoire.


You’ll struggle to sell music unless there’s a reason behind it. Unless she just wants to bang, you can’t say, “Let’s go listen to music at my place after these drinks.” You can say, “Let’s go listen to music and drink some wine at my place. The music here sucks, and it’s too loud.”
Music is also great when traveling. “Yeah, I’m not really into salsa music much. So I don’t like to dance salsa much.” A Latina may balk at this statement. Then you follow-up, “You like salsa more than reggaeton?!” She’ll respond. Usually, she won’t be able to decide which she likes better, but she’ll vehemently claim she loves both. “Ok, well let’s finish these drinks then you have to show me some “good” salsa music.” She’ll laugh and agree. “Cool. I have a bottle of wine at my apartment. You can show me there, but it better be “good” babe.” Smirk and go pay your bill.


Combining music with dancing is also a good idea. If a girl wants to show you salsa or bachata music she likes, you can also suggest she teach you some steps. After all – you’re just a gringo with two left feet. This works wonders when traveling. I also talk about twerking in the US when these topics come up. This makes an easy bounce back to the crib, too.


If you travel a lot, then you can use your photos to get her back to the crib. The key with this move is using it on a girl who has a real interest in traveling. Girls who don’t want to travel (a rarity) wouldn’t be too interested in this ‘bait’ for obvious reasons. Ask her questions about where she wants to travel at the start of the date. Then remember these places when offering to show her your travel pictures.


Girls like balconies with views. I do, too. So this one is easy for me. I always try to rent apartments with balconies and then offer girls wine with a view to get her inside. I’ve had better success with this than almost anything else. “Hey, would you want to finish these drinks and then have one glass of wine on my balcony?”


If you’re an artist (painter, sculptor, musician, writer, etc.), you can offer to show a girl your work. I don’t use this one at all, but my friend Kyle kills it with the guitar. If you can make this one work for you, it can be lucrative. Girls have a thing for artists.


It doesn’t get much easier than, “I have to let my dog out” or I have to feed my dog” as ‘bait’ to get her home. If you’re curious about how to have more sex – a dog will help. You can also show pictures of your puppy on the date. Then offer the chance to meet your puppy and some booze as ‘bait’ at the end.

Other Pets

Honestly, any pet works to get girls back to your place. Cats can work. My good friend even had a pet rat. Girls never rejected his offer to meet his pet rat. It was so weird that the chicks just couldn’t resist a chance to meet the rat. He would get girls instantly into his room to drink, listen to music, and play with the rat. He got laid a lot.


If you’re going on sober dates, then bouncing back can be a bit harder. I found that daytime dates were easy to get back to my place because I just had to take my supplements. “Yeah, after we finish eating, do you want to come back to my place for a bit? I want to hang out a little bit more, but I just worked out, and I have to take my protein shake.” This works better if you’re in shape.

Phone Chargers

This one is easy. If you see she’s running out of battery; you can offer her a place to charge her phone – at your place. Just have four to five chargers on hand (ever popular model). If she says her phone died, it’s as easy as, “No worries. I think I have that charger at my place. We’ll finish these off and then you can charge while we have one glass of wine at my place before you head home.”

How to Have More Sex – Just Use ‘Bait’

How to have more sex? It’s not too complex. Get more girls in your bed. The easiest way to do that is by offering them something they want that’s none sexual and conveniently, is located at your place. While it sounds odd saying ‘bait’ – the methods above will give you a good reason to invite girls back to your place in almost every situation. The rest is up to you.

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5 Replies to “How to Have More Sex – A Beginner's Guide to 'Bait'”

  1. Solid ideas man. I’d rate Dog #1 on this list even though I don’t own one – too much hassle and responsibility. Balcony would come a close second depending on the weather.
    ‘Baits’ work because you offer the girl plausible deniability – and because in a woman’s mind getting into your room is a huge mental barrier. Once she ‘shows up’, she will be more open to sex. It’s a bit like going to the gym – the hardest part is showing up.
    My own couple baits:
    Umbrella: It rains A LOT in my city, so I never take my umbrella on a date and ask her to come with me to get it if it’s still raining. Once at my warm place it’s easy to offer some tea and tell her we should dry up…except she ends up even more wet.
    Board game / Videogames: Depends on the girls’ personality but I’ve had tons of success with this. Believe it or not, chicks love doing crazy stuff on GTA V and they get in a playful mood. Monopoly or other board games work too – and you can add sexy rules to get her open to the idea of being fucked against the wall.

    1. Great idea! I’d so be down for some strip Monopoly with a chick, but I’ve never tried that. I ran umbrella game once during rainy season, but I prefer to just leave a city if it’s too rainy.
      Think if you had a bottle of red wine, a balcony with a view, and a dog – you wouldn’t even need “game,” per se. Just spam pics of your view and dog out to your chicks and see who is game to come through.

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