How To Get Laid On Craigslist

*This thread taught and inspired me to dabble with how to get laid on Craigslist. I found a system and tried things out. I figured out how to get laid on Craigslist. You can too. However, I recommend having some fun with it and then stopping. You’ll get sick of trying to get girls on Craigslist really fast. After a lot of personal experience I no longer even dabble with the site even though it’s the best website to get laid guaranteed. You can use many of these ideas to help.  The Tinder Template is designed for online dating, so many of it's material is suited to other forms of online dating.

Craigslist is one of the dirtiest corners of the web. Make no mistake about it. This is not Tinder. This is not OkCupid. Hell, this isn’t even Plenty of Fish. You don’t come to Craigslist to find a wife. You don’t come to Craigslist to find a girlfriend. You don’t come to Craigslist to even find a fuck buddy.

No. Craigslist is a one-time thing. You hit and you quit. That’s all there is to it. Just a one night stand. How to get laid on craigslist?

If you want to know how to get laid on Craigslist, you are going to be using Craigslist for experiences. Always wanted to bang the 42-year-old MILF with huge funbags? You can find her looking for some good dick from a young stud on Craigslist. Or maybe you have a thing for the light-skinned fit chick at the gym with the huge booty? Yeah, she’s creeping on Craigslist to looking for some late night fun too. Hell, even the divorced chick with the great body that comes into your office looking all innocent, but clearly has a wandering eye….

She uses Craigslist every now and then too. The thing is – no one admits to using Craigslist to get laid. To be honest, it’s kind of fucked up. No one wants you to know they sometimes creep on Craigslist to find some stranger. Yet, there are a number of women (and MILFS) using the site on the regular to find experiences they can’t in their day-to-day lives.

You won’t be able to get get laid right now using craigslist, but this post is going to help you learn How to get laid on craigslist. Read on to learn about finding sex on craigslist, the easiest way to get laid tonight.

At we offer Tinder consulting services. Check them out here. They are built around Tinder, but again, the basic principles are the same,

How To Get Laid On Craigslist – The Quality Of Women

Now you may be thinking that there are no attractive women on Craigslist. You probably think only the dregs of society use the site to find a little random sex every now and then. And you’d be fucking right. However, you probably have realized by now – the dregs of society can be pretty fucking sexy on occasion.

You won’t be banging super models on Craigslist. However, I doubt many of us fuck straight “9’s” and “10’s” on the regular anyway. The good news is you can find a number of cute to sexy girls on Craigslist looking to get piped down under the right circumstances. These handbooks are great.

I never had a bad experience, but the shallow nature of the practice ensured I had my fill of Craigslist girls after a few months and I won’t be going back. Meeting chicks off Craigslist can be fun though because they usually don’t ask to cuddle. The quality of women are hit or miss but if you want to get laid tonight then it’s totally possible.

Here's a post that will help you when you get the date.

How To Get Laid On Craigslist – What Not To Do

Craigslist can be a huge waste of time for many men because they start off by doing all the wrong things. Just like all forms of dating, you won’t find success if you don’t do things the right way.

Getting laid on Craigslist

Tinder Profile

Here’s what you must avoid:

1. Responding To Ads

Never respond to any ads on the site. Never post anywhere, but the “M4W” Casual Encounters section. Everything else on Craigslist is a waste of time and the strangers on craigslist are even stranger.

2. Showing Your Face

Never! Never! Ever! Use a photo of your face on Craigslist. It’s just bad practice and could come back to haunt you down the road. Crop the face and you should have no worries. Oh, and make sure you don’t crop a photo you have somewhere else on the web.

This can lead to weird craigslist stalking incidences and you never know when using your picture might come back to you. Feel free to exchange photos before meeting up with someone or you definitely might regret it.

3. Using Your Main Email Address

Create a phony email address for your Craigslist endeavors. The spam can clog up your “normal” email address and you don’t want one timers having access to your personal email. Big no no… unless you like spam.

4, Not Placing A Call To Action

Always give a girl direction on how to contact you and what to say in the email headline. This ensures you will deal with a real live woman, not a spammer.

How To Get Laid On Craigslist – Spammers, Gays & More

Make no mistake about it – you will get spammed hard once you post an ad on Craigslist. However, you’ll be able to notice spammers pretty quickly once you get the hang of things.

Most spammers don’t actually read your ad. So as long as you place a call to action, you should be able to immediately tell who is a spammer and who is real.

When in doubt, you’ll want to always ignore a potential spammer. Remember, you’re dealing with the dregs of the Internet (and thus, mankind) here.
A great way to identify spammers is by inserting a short paragraph and telling them to include a random word in the headline of the message. For example, somewhere in the middle of the post I’ll put [So I know you read this, start your message header with ORANGE] and I’ll ignore messages without the ORANGE header. This may have cost me a few times getting some craigslist hookups, but I also deal with a lot less crazies and wasted time.

As well, some gay dudes and trannies will try to hit you up. Ignore them too -unless you’re into that. It’s all a part of the process.

Here's another how-to article that can have some pointers that could help:

How To Get Laid On Craigslist – The Basics

This guide will teach you how to get laid on Craigslist by placing an ad(s) in the “W4M” section of the Casual Encounters area. This is a form of dating that is extremely passive once you get it set up, but it will not be consistent.

You may bang a chick or two a month from these methods or you may not bang any. Your location will play a huge role. Some places will have a ton of action. 

Other places will see none. Don’t get discouraged. Remember – this is a passive system. You’ll be meeting other girls through other means – normal girls.

What You’re Selling On Craigslist

If you want to get laid tonight using Craigslist, you’re going to have to be “selling” something about yourself. Women don’t use Craigslist to meet “nice men” or even normal men. Women are using Craigslist to have sexual experiences.

The big three sexual experiences a woman can have are: having sex with a man that has a huge dick, experimenting with BDSM and hooking up with a guy that has an incredible body.

Almost every other experience a woman wants to have sexually she can find throughout her life. If she gets off on power, she’ll fuck her boss. If she loves excitement, she’ll have a few one-night stands. However, its hard for women to screen for men in person who are hung, look great naked or will be their personal Christian Grey.

Enter Craigslist.

A sexually experienced woman often will then turn to Craigslist to find the experience she hasn’t had yet. So the only way you’ll get fast, easy sex with her is by offering her the experience she wants.

For example, she may want:

1. A Huge Cock

A lot of women that go on Craigslist looking for sex want a big dick. This should be no surprise. However, if you plan to run “big dick game” on Craigslist – you must understand a few things.

  1. First, a big dick on Craigslist is always over 7 inches and at least a bit girthy. If you’re not truly that big, I’d avoid this type of gaming on Craigslist because it’s just going to waste your time. Nobody likes false advertisements. Horny Goat Weed can be  BIG help here, try it here.
  2. Second, the penis is not a pretty site to see. Thus, you’re often better off insinuating you’re hung and throwing a nice bulge picture up. Trust me, she’ll ask for the dick picture if she wants one. If you’re not big, check this out.

Here's another link to one of our great how-to posts on getting laid in Miami:

A Great Body

This is another easy way to score chicks on Craigslist. If you have good body shots, you can crop your face out and use them on Craigslist. Women are just as shallow as men and will always respond well to chiseled abs, bulging biceps and ripped lats.

Here's a few great books on getting laid on Craigslist, click here,

Just make sure you always crop and edit your face out. And don’t use body shots you have posted at other places (Instagram, Tinder, etc.). If you don’t have a good body, check this out.

Erotica Writing

This is how to get laid on Craigslist for every single man. No matter your looks or your cock size, some women want to experience BDSM. Thus, if you can write a bit of erotica – you can get laid on Craigslist. Just think of sexting a woman a bit and then add something to it. There are examples below. This guide can help even on CL.

How To Write Your Ad – Always Pick Two

Now that you know what to “sell” to these classy gals on Craigslist, you need to know how to sell it. Luckily, that’s actually pretty easy. The best way to ensure your ad gets response from real girls is to select two of the items she wants and combine them. If you have a great body, you can use a cropped body shot and a bit of erotic writing to arouse her. If you’re hung, you can use a bulge picture and some streaming writing to turn her on.

If you have a tiny dick and a shit body, you’re shit out of luck. Kidding! You can still write an extra steamy ad and combine the ad with a sexy photo you found on the web. Everyone can learn how to get laid on Craigslist using these amazing casual encounter ads examples.

Always Include These In Your Ad(s)

You’ll want to make sure you always have:

  • Erotic Writing
  • A Photo
  • A “Reply With” Line To Avoid Scammers
  • A “Make Sure To Send Pics” Line

How To Get Laid On Craigslist – Ad Examples

Here are five of my favorite ads. I found some online. I created some myself. I tweaked a few.

1. The Best Ad

This was the first ad I found here. I’ve tweaked it to my personal tastes and you can too.


Dominant, Handsome, & Strong Man To Fill You Up


Imagine…My big, hard cock thrusts deep inside your dipping wet pussy. You moan with each stroke as I go deeper and deeper inside your tight pussy. Every inch of my dick deep inside of you, filling you up…

Tired of little boys who are afraid to give you what you really want? Want a handsome, strong young guy to throw you around and give you the great fuck that most guys are too scared to give you?

I’m here to have fun with a sweet, sexy girl. No drama – just smiles and orgasms.

I have a very fit body and a sexy personality.

I like to get a little rough. Hope you can handle it

D & D free. Will only reply to responses with pics. Put “Fill me up” as email title so I know it’s not spam.

t here...

2. Appeal To the Housewives & MILFS

This is another version of the first ad I created to appeal to housewives and horny MILF. It’s not hard learning how to find MILFs through craigslist. Read this almost guaranteed to work script if you want to learn how to get a MILF.


Dominant, Young Stud For Horny Housewife


Just imagine. . .

My thick, hard cock thrusts deep into your tight, wet pussy as you wrap you legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I pick you up – my cock still inside you and slam your back against the wall. You moan in ecstasy.

Your back slides against the wall as my cock slides in and out of your sopping wet pussy. You gasp as you legs start shaking. Each and every stroke of my big cock has you losing control. Your breath starts to heavy as my strokes speed up. You moan just a bit louder as my cock thrusts deep inside you one last time…

Tired of grown men who fuck like little boys? Looking for a handsome, young stud to give you that rough, deep fuck most men are too timid to give you?

Just looking to have fun with a fit and fun MILF / Housewife. I have a charming personality and fit body. 

I’m also a little rough in bed. We’ll see if you can handle it. D & D free and I expect you to be the same. Put “Rough & Deep” as email title so I know it’s not spam. I will only reply to responses with pictures.

Read this through and understand why this works if you want to get a MILF. Most MILFS have some fantasy and really are just looking for a really good, hard fuck. Learning how to fuck a MILF isn’t hard because they either want to dominate or be dominated. There’s no in-between. Most of them like it hard and fast though so it’s easy if you know to give it good and hard.

3. Straight Erotica

This ad is pretty fucking dirty. It gets flagged a lot because it’s essentially a rape ad. However, women get really fucking turned on by it. This is a great ad to use with a stock photo – if you don’t have a good body or a big cock.


Here’s How You’ll Be Forcibly Taken Tonight


You feel your body being spun around, and immediately your face is in your pillows, as your arms are forced behind your back and bound. With his weight on top of you, you can’t move. He grabs your hair to lift your head. You open your mouth to scream, but quickly find it stuffed with a ball gag, which is quickly secured at the back of your neck. You feel your panties being yanked down your legs and past your feet.

You lay there, on your stomach, with his weight on your back, holding your down, unable to move. You know he’s going to fuck you right here, so you decide to lay motionless in the hope that he will finish quickly and leave. But instead, you feel yourself being lifted from the bed and half-carried, half-dragged over to a desk.

He bends you roughly over the desk, so your feet are still on the ground, your stomach and face are pressed up against the desk and your pussy and ass are hanging in mid-air, waiting for him to take you. You realize, shockingly, that you are wet. Not just a little, but dripping wet. Your brain screams that it doesn’t want him inside of you, but at the same time, the rest of your body desperately does. Fortunately, you think, you probably won’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

You feel the bindings keeping your wrists behind your back loosen. He roughly grabs your arms and places them over your head. You feel rope tightening around your wrists, and as you test the new bindings, you realize you’re attached to the desk now. Moments later, you feel similar bindings around your ankles, spreading your legs wide. Now strong hands take their place at your hips.  You feel pressure against your sopping wet pussy.

 You take a deep breath, knowing your body is about to be invaded by his hard cock.

…Reply with “What Happens Next” so I know you’re real. Don’t forget to include a few pics.

4. Exactly What You Want

This is a great ad to just straight up ask for girls who have what you are looking for. You can ask for fake tits, real tits, big asses, fit chicks, MILFs, teens, etc.


I Only Like Fit Chicks


Are you a fit chick looking for someone to give you that rough fucking most men are too scared to?

Tired of “making love” with a weak man who doesn’t take what he wants?

Then you’ve come to the right place. . .

Just remember I only like fit chicks with nice asses – especially perky, petite asses. Or even better: fit, firm asses.

DDF. NSA. Send pics and put “Fitness” in the title of your response.

In case you didn’t know DDF means drug and disease free and NSA means no strings attached (don’t worry the NSA of the government isn’t related to this at all!). I personally like the women I fuck to be DDF and NSA, but if you like to live dangerously go ahead and exclude that part.

5. Tell A Story

This is another great ad for men who don’t have much to work with in terms of pictures. You can tweak the ad to fit who you are.


Defiance Leads To A Red Bottom


You open the door to handsome young man standing there dressed in a blazer.

We make pleasantries quickly over a glass of red wine. As I take my last sip, I give you a stern look and say, “Go to the bedroom. Remove all your clothes. Bend over the bed and wait for me silently.” You quiver as you slowly get up and do what Daddy told you to…

You hear the door open and you feel the blood rush to your loins. Your pussy is wet for Daddy. I sit down next to you on the bed and begin to untie my shoes. You try to look up, but I firmly grab the back of your neck and shove your face into the bed. You hear my belt come undone and my pants drop to the floor. Your body tingles as you feel my body behind you. I lean over and whisper into you ear, “Good girl. Now suck Daddy’s cock.”

I grab a fistful of you hair and you slowly wrap you lips around my hard cock. You can feel how wet your pussy is as you suck my dick. As I begin to shove my dick down your throat, you gag. This turns me on. I pull you up by you hair and kiss you passionately. Then I throw you down on the bed.

You feel my hands grab you hips as I turn you around and bend you over. You feel me get behind you and moan as my hard dick slowly enters you sopping wet pussy. Each and every stroke you feel my big, hard cock deeper and deeper inside you.

Your hands touches my abdomen as I go too deep, but Daddy doesn’t care. I pull your hand behind you back and give you a firm spanking for your defiance. You moan.

We both knew you would end up with a red bottom.

…I will only reply to responses with pics. Put “For Daddy” as email title so I know it’s not spam.

How To Get Laid On Craigslist – Photo Examples

If you have great body shots, abs, a nice bulge picture or a goof picture of your big cock – you won’t need to find pictures like this. However, some of you won’t. So you’ll need to combine some erotica writing with a sexy photo that is similar to the ones below:

*You can find better ideas by searching the media here.

Emailing & Kik

I’m not going to overcomplicate things here. If she responds to your ad and is real – she’s interested. You’ll want to come across as a normal human being over email. Exchange a few photos and begin ironing out logistics. Guide the interaction, but make sure you come off as normal.

Get her number or Kik. I prefer Kik because you can stay fully anonymous. However, some girls won’t have it. From here on out – it’s logistics and striking while the iron is hot.

The System – Refreshing The Ads

Now you can set up an ad or two and let it sit forever. Yet, you’ll probably end up with a response or two. However, you can bump your post every 48 hours. Make sure you do this if you want to keep getting responses. Also, you should re-write and re-post your ads each week. Just delete the old one(s) and make a new one(s). You’ll get priority placement and more responses.

Learn how to find sex on craigslist and you’ll be guaranteed to get hundreds of choices to add to your personal experiences of Craigslist.

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26 Replies to “How To Get Laid On Craigslist”

  1. This article is as real as it gets i have had many cl encounters and these are very similiar to the methods i utilize . i tip my hat to you

  2. Great tips! Different but interesting “masculine” perspective…except for the “dregs of society” load of moralizing WASP BS: that blows–unless ur into scat, in which case…u forget that when it comes to NSA sex, there’s no universal scale, so ur number 9 girl would probably b someone else’s 2 or vice versa…dating/marriag standards are society-wide, but fucking is fucking for all genders. Another thing, a short clear ad gets more results than your telenovella eroticas…if you’re man enough to accept my constructive criticism, maybe you’d be interested in a t-girl’s (tranny, if you’re nasty!) perspective…

  3. Great article , as someone who has been laid quite a bit from craigslist I only want to reiterate your point on not responding to ads but posting ads being the best strategy . I did an experiment once and put up an ad in the W4M section just to see the kind of response women get. I got about 80 responses that same night and I believe 130 total in the next month ( people were still emailing that post a month out yes) . You’ll do a lot better if you write and ad that lets women shop for you versus being one of a womans 80 options for the night.

    My second bit of advice is that CL is a numbers game. the more attractive you are the better your results. I have lost a significant amount of weight and as I build a better body I definitely get more attractive women and more frequent messages. I think having duplicate ads and cycling them in the morning and at night has worked best for me.

    If you have a nice body this is probably unnecessary but I know for me a big part of my appeal is my ability to capture womens imaginations with my words not necessarily my looks ( though I’d argue I’m pretty cute… I’m biased).

    Otherwise great article.

  4. One thing you didn’t touch on is when girls want you to go to a link for security reasons. To my experience, these are just for collecting personal data. I wouldn’t respond to any posts that require this.

    1. I 2nd that-
      If they want u to go to a link for security purposes – They want ur info
      then to another site u go to and ask for ur credit card to charge on. SCAMM

  5. Nah the date verification “women” Just want their few for you signing up. Either delete or put in Spam and collect whatever pictures they keep sending you.

  6. Looking for a women for my roommate to have a good time. Hes easy to get along with and have a good time hes 5’9 and black. He really enjoys wemen. His name is Derrick

  7. Any person necessarily produce severely content I’d personally state.. hairy website service in seattle Right here is the brand new I actually seen your internet site page and so way? My spouse and i surprised together with the study you have made to develop this actual set up astonishing. Superb task!

  8. Just tried this.

    Seems like all I get is spam lol

    On average how many real replies would you get per day?week?

    I messaged some posts and got replies within 20-30mins though. Thought this would get better results.

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