How to Get Laid More

With all the struggles facing guys in modern times, I wanted to show men exactly how to get laid more. If you don’t want to sleep with more girls – then stop reading this now and politely leave. Do you, boo boo. This isn’t a post about the morality surrounding casual sex and a hedonistic lifestyle. I don’t care about your Judeo-Christian values or liberal viewpoints. These tips on getting laid will lead that hedonistic lifestyle you may desire.

How to Get Laid More (from a guy who slept w/ 80+ women last year)

I fucked 80+ women last year. I don’t stay this to stroke my ego. I simply state this to tell you I know the deal. And I’m not even that good. I have multiple friends who slept with 100+ last year. If you really want to know how to get laid more – then read on.

This is exactly how to sleep with more women (tips are in no particular order):

Make it a priority

club-girlsIf you’re reading a post about how to get laid more – then I have to assume you are making your love life a priority. This is the first step. You don’t have to make getting more girls the number one priority in your life. Actually, that would be counterproductive. You just need to commit to putting in a real effort at chasing chicks.

Don’t expect to get laid if you’re chilling at home or having a beer with the buddies during poker night. You need to go out to some bars, clubs, beaches, fairs, etc. and just talk to some chicks if you want to get laid more. Hell, get out there and you may even get laid tonight.

When you go out throw your ego out the door. This means fucking anything that gives you a hard on for a certain period of time. The boner test should be in full effect. Everything above a “six” is bangable when you’re trying to get laid more often.

Real playboys follow the “always be fucking” school of thought more often than not. I can’t tell you how many times I’d bang a “six” in the early evening before heading out. And then when I was out I’d pull or meet a girl I’d end up sleeping with a chick who was hot as fuck. Chicks can smell the stink on you and they love it. Trust me.

A mindset of creating memories

You may think women only want boyfriends or women don’t like players. This is not true. Most women don’t like the idea of players or playboy on a conscious level. A woman likes the idea of following her emotions. She wants to feel wrapped up in her emotions. She wants to feel like she is on an adventure. She wants to be taken away. She wants to create memories with an exciting man who makes her feel something.

You should go out at night, on a date, or during the day with the plan to create memories with a woman. Fill her up with emotions. Create a bubble between the two of you. Develop some type of emotional connection with her. Look at her like you want to fuck her hours on end. Create an adventure (that hopefully ends in your bedroom) that she’ll never forget.

**This section is all about creating powerful memories and emotions with women. They love it. That’s why girls love bad boys. I’m not a bad boy personally, but bad boys excite women a lot by triggering tons of emotions. When they first meet a bad boy it’s thrilling and fun because they create some awesome memories.

Just fucking smile

I’ve yet to meet a player that doesn’t smile all the time. You’ll read a bunch of faggy stuff online talking about “aloof alpha males” who walk, talk, and dress like James Bond. This is the worst advice you’ll ever read. There is no such thing as the strong, silent type that women swoon over in modern times.  In the real world, there is no place for men like this.

Why? Because nobody pays attention to them.

perfect smirkThe best players I’ve ever met smile all the fucking time. They enjoy life. They are positive humans. They are fun people to be around. These smiles aren’t the corny or cheesy smiles that stink of approval seeking. No, these are genuine smiles that foster connections with other – especially girls. They’re loud, and the life of the party.

Occasionally, a smirk is also incredibly useful.

Get in great shape

If you want to sleep with more girls, then you need to be in better shape. No matter what you want to believe – women are attracted to your physique just like you are attracted to their bodies. You like big titties and a thick ass. She likes ripped abs and big muscles even if she claims it doesn’t matter.

It’s human nature. Stop fighting it. The ideal physique for a man is looking “BIG” in a button down while still having visible abs. This is not easy to achieve, but is very doable for nearly every man. You should be lifting weights four times a week (minimum). If you’re not already, then start now.

Lifting is a great start but don’t forget to go on a fucking diet too. Don’t complain if you lift 5 times a week but eat pie and ice cream 3 meals a day. Being on a diet is half the battle. It’s a sacrifice, but if you really want to sleep with more chicks then it’s well worth.

Use performance enhancers

If you’re not using performance enhancers, then you’re leaving pussy on the table. I use performance enhancers in the gym and in the bedroom. Most playboys I’ve met do. All of your manosphere and RVF idols do. Testosterone is a hell of a drug. Cocaine is too, but that’s a whole different topic (and not what I’m talking about right now).

In the gym, you should be taking a pre-workout and a post-workout. I’d suggest this pre-workout to start and this post-workout. This is the absolute bare minimum. No questions asked. If you’re over 30 and wanting to sleep with more girls, you should be on testosterone. Steroids and HGH are other good options, but testosterone is a great first step. It makes life easier, you looking bigger, and you getting more girls to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, you can enhance your performance in numerous ways. I take one to two of these before every date. I use 3-5 sprays of this every night before I go out for a night of drinking (highly, highly recommended). These protocols allow me to fuck longer and harder, especially when drinking. If you’re drinking on a date, I highly suggest red wine to increase blood flow to her genitals (and yours). Benders should be accompanied by Cialis or Viagra – if you plan to get laid. There’s no shame in popping pills, gents.

Stop dressing down

Another piece of advice you’ll find around the web is to rock V-necks and other basic attire when going out on a date or at night. Again, this idea is retarded as fuck. I used to buy it, but I’ve changed my ways. Think about it – do you prefer a woman in jeans and flats or a woman in a skimpy black dress and high heels? Women are the same way. They love a man dressed to the nines. It’s not rocket science so stop dressing like a bum.

suits suckIn the USA, the hatred of dressing well is almost ingrained in our culture. Remember how Entourage referred to people who dress well as a “suit” in a mocking manner. Then the guys rocking crusty graphic tees were getting all the pussy. Shit only works if you’re a famous producer or actor.

Unless you have specific “sexual stereotype” you can portray by dressing down (for example, Chris from Good Looking Loser as a swole douchebag), you should be rocking jeans, button downs, blazers, and suits on the regular. While this is slightly location dependant (I’ve been told Cali is a different ballgame), you need to dress better than the competition.

Trust me when I say dudes that dress like this:

how men should dresshow a man should dress

Get more chicks than guys who dress like this:

Man in v neck

Players wear accessories

Women notice details. Again, this isn’t groundbreaking. I’d estimate 80-90% of true players rock accessories and jewelry all the time. Suit or blazer with a pocket square. A watch. Aviator sunglasses. Bracelets. Necklaces. Earrings. Some will say you should only wear two pieces of jewelry or accessories at once. Not true. You can wear three and even get away with four at times.

You’ll have to find some shit that works for you. In my opinion, the smoothest combos out there today is the blazer/suit with pocket square combo combined with the watch and multiple bracelets set up. Tell me some shit like this doesn’t look dope:

man with watch and bracelet

Along these lines – you should also be impeccably manicured. It’s not gay to get your eyebrows waxed and your nails manicured.

Always be approaching

You have to talk to more girls to sleep with more girls. If you want to always be fucking, then you have to always be approaching. I’d be a fraud if I was telling you about how to get laid more and didn’t tell you to talk to more girls. Talk to girls at during the day. Talk to girls at night. Just open your mouth and see what happens.

You can’t just say “Hi” or “Hey” and expect to get laid, but you shouldn’t ever be using lines or routines. You have to work on few things in your approaches if you want to get laid more. First, you need to become more observant. Be aware of your surroundings. Comment on anything and everything you see. Observations always make the best openers. Comment on the club. Comment on the weather. Comment on how she walks. Comment on how she looks if you have to. Here are some of my observations from this year I can remember:

  • “Why is a cute girl like you sitting all alone? You’re anti-social aren’t you?”
  • “Good lord, it’s dead in here tonight.”
  • “Hey! You can’t look at me like that and not come say hi to me.”
  • “You kinda look like cat woman with all that leather on.”
  • “Are you from Peru? You’re way too tall to be Peruvian.”
  • “You remind me of a flight attendant.”
  • “We really need to work on your form.” (as she was playing beer pong and couldn’t make a shot)
  • “Hey, girl! Are you like a hipster or something? Those glasses are way too hipster for Colombia.”

None of those were really smooth. Just commented on something that went through my brain. That’s all you have to do. Then open your mouth. Don’t forget to throw in a smile after you say it. Then keep talking. You’ll also want to touch a woman when you talk to her and smile with your eyes.

Use online dating

The fact of the matter is you can’t sleep with 75+ women a year without online dating. I haven’t met anyone who has done so. I know it’s possible in places like NYC where the nightlife is never ending, but it would still be difficult. Heavy drinking and partying really takes its toll on your body. If you find a guy who fucks 50+ women a year from strictly day game, I want to meet him.

If you want to sleep with more girls, then you’ll need to use online dating. Don’t believe the hype. You can meet hot, normal chicks from online dating on a regular basis. Online dating is the new normal in today’s sexual marketplace. The key is to not rely on online dating as the only way you meet women.

As of now, Tinder is by far the most popular online dating site in the world. You’ll find a number of girls on Tinder almost anywhere you go. Tinder is great for guys 18-35. If you’re older, then you may want to avoid Tinder. For more information on Tinder “game” – check out my book, The Tinder Template.

OkCupid is still a viable dating site. Plenty of Fish is a shit show. If you’re using OkCupid – I’d highly suggest checking out this book created by my friend, Kyle.

In the USA (and other western nations), you may want to check out Many men have been finding a good amount of success on, but you may need a couple dates before the girls you meet on Match will put out. is the best bet for older men in the west.

Outside of the west – online dating is the same, but different. I use Tinder, OkCupid, and a Cupid Media site when I travel. I suggest you do the same. The combination of the three sites will ensure you meet as many girls as your heart desires from online dating. Below you’ll find a list of Cupid Media sites in different countries (highly recommended):

Latin America


PS: Cupid Media sites are paid, but in many countries – they are worth it.

Travel a lot

Speaking of travel – you should be traveling as much as possible when learning how to get laid more. Even if you only have two weeks vacation, you can turn that into two 10 day trips with proper planning. In ten days, you could have an amazing time in the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, and many more countries.

perfect sunsetMaking sweet love to a few girls in a short trip is highly likely for guys with a little game and a strong pipeline. Plus, you’ll instantly become more interesting to women back home when you get back. Traveling is the ultimate “chick crack” for the office drone western woman.

If you’re traveling to make sweet love to girls (shouldn’t be the ONLY reason for your trip”, then go to places where you don’t look like the local men. For example:

  • A black man should go to Austalia.
  • A Latin man could go to central/eastern Europe.
  • A white guy can visit Latin America.

PS: I’ve witnessed Asian guys do incredibly well in Latin America, as well.

Logistics are more important than “game”

Your “game” will see a huge improvement once your logistics are locked down. A studio apartment within a five-minute walk of bars and clubs will improve your game more than just about anything else. Convenience is king. Girls don’t have patience. One emotional spike combined with a quick bounce back to your place will ensure you’re having more sex than you could ever imagine.

Along these lines – the city you live in will play a huge role in how many girls you sleep with. Large cities have an anonymous feel that lends its hand to casual sex in a rapid manner. The rule of thumb is anything larger than 2 million people in the metro should suffice.

Optimize your dates

Guys who get laid a lot do two things: they get girls drinking and they get them back to their apartment – as fast as possible. Nothing else matters when on “date” or whatever you want to call them. Get liquor in her system and get her to a place where sex can happen – as fast as possible.

While “no date bangs” are common, you can run a normal date recipe in the same manner. Drinks by a bar next to your place. Bounce back to your place by dropping some form of bait. Music on in your place. More drinks. Make move. Here are some of the best “bait” to get her back to the crib:

  • Wine
  • Drinks
  • Puppy
  • Cat
  • Rat (yes, I have a friend who uses his pet rat to get girls inside his place)
  • Need to take protein shake
  • Guitar
  • Record player
  • YouTube video
  • Food
  • Travel photos
  • Cocaine
  • Balcony

The list could go on and on.

Her eyes can’t lie

As you develop your “game” and begin learning exactly how to get laid more – you’ll be able to read women easier. A woman’s eyes cannot lie. She may try to hide them. She may not want you to see what she is “feeling” in the moment. Her eyes will tell you everything you need to know.

If she gives you the doe eyes, then you can extract. Once I notice the eyes, I go for the extraction within five minutes. She may attempt to reject your offer. You should keep pushing. Up whatever you’ve been doing that has spiked her attraction. Ask again, but lower the stakes. For example:

“Hey, let’s go back to my place for just one glass of wine. Then I’ll call you a cab.”


“Let’s go back to mine for just one glass of wine. Then I’ll give you some water to sober up before driving home.”

If she’s been giving you doe eyes, then she won’t be able to say no for too long. I promise.

Lay pipe right

To keep girls around in casual to semi-casual relationships and mini-relationships – you have to lay pipe right. Lame dick will not keep her coming through. I’ve already discussed some performance enhancers in this post. There is much more to it than that. Practice makes perfect when talking about sex. The more sex you have the better you’ll be.

Better sex could be a whole series of posts by itself, but I’ll cover a bit here. First, you need to be dominant. This post is a decent place to start. Just remember to spank her, choke her, pull her hair, and look at her like this:

sex eyes

Hold eye contact. Tell her what to do. Make some noise. Grunt. Moan. We are meant to behave like animals. Fuck her like the savage beast that you are. If you have sexual confidence issues, you should check out Good Looking Loser.

Sex toys are also fun and girls love them. I have used this and this. They’re great.  Also – remember to keep a condom on you at all times. They blow, but some girls won’t sleep with you without one. These are by far the best condoms I’ve found.

How to get Laid More

As you can see, it’s easy to sleep with more girls, but at the same time complex. If you incorporate my advice regarding how to get laid more – I promise you’ll find more women in your bed and in your life. How you handle all the newfound female attention is up to you. No matter how many chicks you sleep with – I do hope you’ll foster emotional connections with some of them along the way.

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  1. Solid Post.
    “You just need to commit to putting in a real effort at chasing chicks.” Banging a high number of women is a LIFESTYLE.
    Lots of say guy they want to be players then they wife up the first girl they get!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. It definitely is a lifestyle, and I’m not advocating this life as something for everyone. A lot of guys prefer relationships (which is why they wife up ASAP). Just telling guys how to do it – if they want to.

  2. This is really a great post rereading it for like the third time. The smiling part is so key. I think men get caught up in being this “uber-alpha” and they forget that they are supposed to be human as well. Great post always good when I need a refresher before heading out.

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