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How to Dress In Colombia? A Gringo’s Guide

In the toolbox of every international playboy, certain traits and advantages are always emphasized: language skills, logistics, bankroll, fitness, and game. Having spent significant time in Colombia, and having hung out with many players who have made it their second home, I'm convinced fashion belongs in the same category. It's vital to know how to dress in Colombia. Colombian Cupid dating site is one of the best ways to get to know a bunch of these beautiful women before you even leave home.

The Fundamentals of How to Dress in Colombia

  1. When In Rome

The key is to stand out from the other gringos - most of them are wearing cargo shorts, flip-flops and baseball caps. Go to a gringo bar in Medellin or Cali to see what I mean. It's not hard to look better than those guys.

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how to dress in Colombia

  1. The Basics of how to dress in Colombia

Dressing well in Colombia shows that are you have your life together and that you might be living there long term. Most gringos are only in the country for a few weeks, and the girls know this. Looking sharp hints that you respect and can blend into the local culture.

  1. Female Standards

Colombian women put a lot of effort into their appearance (entire afternoons spent at the salon etc.) so she expects you to do the same - it signals wealth and power. Pay attention to the details - the shine on your shoes, the fit of your shirt, and so on. She puts a lot of stock into how to dress in Colombia.

  1. Dress For The Occasion

In a high-end Bogota nightclub, you should suit up, and the minimum you want to be wearing is a button down shirt. You can still go to Gringo Tuesday and dress like a bum, but you will see a vast difference in the quality of women.

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  1. Grow

Height can be a big plus in Colombia. The good thing is that the local guys are not that tall, so you can compete in night venues even if you are average height. A good pair of boots with a solid heel can give you valuable inches for night game.

Main Cities & Climate, how to dress in Colombia by altitude

 Where you go in Colombia will have a significant impact on your wardrobe. Most guys will go to the four main cities:

  • Barranquilla and the Caribbean coast is super hot, so it will be difficult to suit up. Think Hamptons during the summer and you will get an idea of how you can dress well in Barra: boat shoes, khakis, shades, etc.
  • Cali is also a bit too hot to suit up. Having said that, all the malls are air conditioned so you can still throw on a nice shirt, jeans, and shoes. Just make sure you get a taxi door to door, so you don't mess up your look with sweaty pits.
  • In Bogota, you can easily suit up, and Medellin to a certain extent, too.
  • how to dress in Colombia

    Psychological Influence And Day Game

    Dressing up for day game is a little-known trick for improving response rate to your daytime approaches. How to dress in Colombia for your day game is huge. Academics (such as Robert Cialdini) who have studied "influence", have done experiments where the same man had his request denied or accepted depending on whether he was dressed in a suit or not. Colombian Cupid dating site will help you greatly to get comfortable with some of these beautiful women before you even leave home.

    These scientific findings are significant in cities such as Bogota, where girls are fearful of attacks and muggings. Wearing something that suggests you have your own money and thus, don't need to rob anyone will get you a much longer audition with a Colombian girl on the street.

    Prices & Places on how to dress in Colombia

    If you are in Bogota, check out a tailor called Guillermo Ortiz. A custom made suit there will set you back $200-350 depending on material. If your budget does not stretch that far, check out the Arturo Calle brand of suits and Zara has many classic men's items that can be taken to a fitter.

    To finish off your look, a pair of leather, handmade Colombian shoes can be had for between $50-150 USD.

    how to dress in Colombia

    ​​​​                                      Groom Thyself

    After getting your wardrobe together, you'll want to smooth out the rough edges. Realize that many Colombia guys get regular pedicures and manicures. Colombian women value this effort because they go the extra mile themselves. Just remember to maintain your masculinity. Manscaping below the belt is also mandatory in Colombia


    Body & Physique

    I'll mention muscles because a big part of your style is how clothes look on your body. Or to put more accurately, how your body makes the clothes you are wearing look.

    Unlike the US, UK and Australia, Colombian girls are not impressed by huge guys. Not many Colombian guys are big – 220+lbs roid heads will attract ridicule and disgust rather than lust. You certainly want to be in shape and being fat will hurt you, but not so much as in the Anglosphere.

    You certainly want to be in shape and being fat will hurt you, but not so much as in the Anglosphere. Fit and athletic will be good enough in Colombia. Being a fun guy who has resources is way more important, but understanding how to dress in Colombia is still important.

    You do not wants to be mistaken for the lower class (this part of South America is very much centered on the class you are in within the society), torn jeans that are intentionally torn is not done here, it must be because you make no money and cannot afford new jeans), clothes that are baggy and don't fit are not seen as "the fad" here (you must not be able to afford clothes that do fit well), informally dressing because it looks “cool” is also not done here.

    Colombia is very much of a class-conscious society, how to dress in Colombia, the A-number-one way that people show society that they are respectable citizens and are not a criminals is by dressing well and appearing of higher class

    Poor people often own only one decent set of dress pants that they wear daily and clean and press them every night. These Colombians do what they have to do to try to fit in.

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    We are sharing this, how to dress in Colombia article, to help you understand that when you dress casual (casual by their standards, every day by ours), you automatically put yourself in the lower class from the viewpoint of the Colombian women you are there to meet, these girls will not want to be seen with you. They will not want to offend you either, so you could have far more money that anyone in the club, be wearing expensive torn or faded jeans, and they will think you're poor and stay away from you. 

    The point is, dress sharp, it's easy, make it work for you.

    Un abrazo,
    El Conquistador

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    2. All of these pictures are wrong. Theres no selvedge denim, thrres no boat shoes and there are no sweaters under well fitting blazers, it’s hot. “class conscious” means getting mugged. Dress like you’re poor for where u came from. Itll be avg here.

      Boss is a common fake label here, bro. Wear your real boss or grab some fakes for a little less. No one can tell the difference. In fact your real boss is probably fake here, bro.

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