How to Date Colombian Girls

Colombian girls are one of my favorite topics. They certainly aren't perfect, but our vibes tend to match pretty well. One of the best ways I can describe the women I met in Colombia is fun, but affectionate. We both were looking for no-strings-attached affection. Casual sex isn't all that great without some level of emotional connection and attachment.

Casual sex combined with emotional connection and high levels of affection was what I found in Colombia. It was addicting, and it didn't hurt that the women were kind of sexy.     Columbian Cupid dating site is the best way to go. You can start communictin before you even cross the border. Set up a few dates and you're already ahead of the game. You can use Latin American Cupid dating site if you'll be traveling the region, and if you're globetrotting, use International Cupid Dating Site.

What are Colombian Girls Like?

Colombian Girls

Outside of the affectionate nature of Colombian girls, they tend to stack up well from a looks standpoint, too. The best part of Colombia is the variety of women.

You have skin tones from pasty white to black. You have rail thin girls, and you have the thickness. You have girls with no boobs, girls with big fake boobs, and girls with big real boobs. You have runway modelesque girls and girls with hips only found in mid-2000's rap videos.

The average Colombian woman will be on the shorter side. She'll have brown skin (not black, not white, not native). She may have fake tits or she may have real ones, but it's likely she'll have a decent sized ass. The average woman in Colombia will look better than the average American girl naked, but she won't drop your jaw like the average Dominican girl when clothes come flying off.

I've talked more about the women in Colombia here:


Best Cities to Meet Girls in Colombia

I spoke in-depth about the cities in Colombia tailor made to meet Colombian girls. The fact of the matter is you can meet hot chicks in every Colombian city. While the easiest girls are often found in Bogota and occasionally on the coast, some claim the best-looking girls can be found in Medellin or Cali. If you speak Spanish, then Periera is an excellent option for a quick trip. It's hard to go wrong in Colombia, as long as the city has a good population.

 Violence is still common. Don't let the stories of sex and adventure online fool you. You can get hurt acting like an idiot in Colombia That's the key, though. If you're acting like a fool, you're going to run into trouble. If you act like a mature adult with some street smarts, you can avoid a majority of issues. Not all of them, but most.

Violence, Logistics, & Lodging in Colombia

The key to meeting more girls in Colombia is living in the right neighborhoods. I cannot stress the "right neighborhoods" nit enough. The country is still violent. You'll hear stories of robbings, kidnapping, and more in Colombia.

colombian girls

If you act like a mature adult with some street smarts, you can avoid a majority of issues. Not all of them, but most.

Colombian Girls

The easiest ways to avoid problems in Colombia is to live in a lovely area and not fuck prostitutes (aka prepagos). Then only take taxis you called through apps on your phone. Don't walk around at night. Only buy your drugs through trusted drug dealers. Or don't buy drugs at all. Rent apartments with doormen. Don't let girls get too drunk, and always remember that Latin culture is a passionate one. So keep strong frame and expectations with any girls you're seeing.

Colombian Girls
If someone who looks suspicious is walking down the street, then cross the damn street. Don't hang out in parks at night. Don't carry much cash. Buy a "burner" phone for Whats App and Easy Taxi. If it gets stolen, you're only out $40-50 USD. Hit the clubs with a friend or four. Pay attention to your drinks. Don't confront Colombian men or try to take their women. This is especially true for older men dressed to the nines with young looking women. Befriend them first, and then see if the women are available. If a Colombian dude is with a girl who is single (and he's not sexing her), then he'll gladly introduce you if you're cool with him.

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It's all common sense. Just don't be a dumbass and you should be alright. The most important aspect of visiting and living in Colombia safely is where you live. I'll break it down here for you. You'll have to do your research. Boots on the ground is always preferred, but here are the best neighborhoods in the main Colombian cities:

  • Bogota: Chapinero, Zona T, Parque 93
  • Medellin: Poblado, Laureles
  • Barranquilla: Prado, Prado Alto, La Conception, & every area in the north of the city (north is best)
  • Cali: Granada, San Fernando/Miraflores, Ciudad Jardin (not as good as others, but very safe)
  • Cartagena: Boca Grande, Old Town (old city), Getsemani

Stay in any one of these neighborhoods and you should be relatively safe. Some areas you can walk around, and you'll never, ever have an issue. Other areas are safe, but require a few more precautions. For example, you can stumble around hammered drunk in Zona T (Bogota), and I'd doubt you'll have an issue. Stumbling around anywhere in Cali, Colombia could be problematic.

Colombian girls are a lot of fun. They love sex, but they refuse to feel like prepagos. You can pull chicks in hostels, hotels, and sex hotels. As long as she feels "classy" then you'll be okay. I prefer apartments. The cooking date is a clear-cut closer in Colombia. Plus, you'll find higher quality girls if you rent an apartment. Looking when you land is always the best, but if you have a short trip, you can find decent options online.

How to Meet Girls in Colombia

So you want to visit Colombia and meet some girls? You heard nightlife blows in Colombia. Plus, you don't wish to bang a couple of gringo hunters that every other guy who visits the country penetrates, too. Relax. You can meet Colombian girls with ease. It'll take effort, but the fun, friendly, and approachable nature of the women in this beautiful country makes the process enjoyable.

Online Game

You'll want to start online, especially if you're new to Colombia, new to traveling, new to Latin women, or have no Spanish speaking ability. A lot of the women you meet online in the country won't be "dateable" or of the highest quality. They will be fun, flirty, and pretty damn sexy.  Plus, the girls using online dating in Colombia are self-selecting to like foreign guys. 

So she'll be searching for men just like you. English levels will be higher than average, too. The sites to use in Colombia will vary from city to city. In Bogota, a steady diet of Tinder and Colombian Cupid will be all you need. In Medellin, you'll want to check other sites (along with those two), especially ones that not every foreign guy uses (read: Badoo, OkCupid, PoF). Tinder isn't as good in Cali as it is in Bogota. Colombian Cupid and Latin American Cupid are better. Barranquilla is small enough that you'll need to use Tinder, Colombian Cupid, and more to fill your pipeline. The same goes for Cartagena, Periera, and other smaller cities.

Download  ​TheTinder Template (I did well following the script I present here on Tinder in Colombia). Pony up the cash for Colombian Cupid. This isn't really optional unless you have a month or more in the country. Use profile pictures that show your blue/green eyes, blonde hair, muscular body, or well-dressed style. If you don't have pictures showcasing any of the four - get new photos.

Open girls in Spanish unless she writes in English on her profile or mentions she speaks the language. Get her Whats App after 4-7 messages. Then spam her with attention through messages, voice messages, photos, and videos - until she actually shows up for a date. Colombian girls love attention, but so do girls from just about every country in the world.

P.S. If you’re looking to date or hook up with a few sexy Colombian chicks, Colombian Cupid is probably the easiest place to find them. This is particularly true if you have a short trip (like a two-week vacation) and are looking for a hassle-free way to meet cute Colombianas.

You'll have to pay a few bucks for a subscription, but Colombian Cupid is definitely worth it.

Day Game

If you live in the right areas in the main Colombian cities, you'll find day game opportunities plentiful. Some guys go direct. Some guys go discrete. Some guys just go. I'd advise you to open in Spanish and use indirect game. Then switch to stating your intentions within 30 seconds to a few minutes. I'd usually just ask something basic like I was a new tourist to the city. I'd quickly switch and tell the girl she was pretty, and that's why I wanted to talk with her. Of course, in broken Spanish:

"En realidad - eres linda, amor. Y por eso que tenia ganas de hablarte."

She'd usually giggle after I'd say this. Then I'd ask if she has a boyfriend. Not great game? Maybe. Did it hurt my chances of making sweet love with her? Never. If she didn't have one (they never admit to having a mans, as it's Latin America), then I'd say we should have a drink and maybe go dancing. Then I'd get the number.

Keep your day game simple in Colombia. Don't spam approach. Be friendly. Show some social savvy. Smile and flirt. You'll be rewarded. Lastly, if she makes eye contact with you - then she wants to talk to you. This is especially true if she is walking alone. I had a couple of girls snap their necks looking at me after we exchanged glances. I had to go talk with her after that.

Night Game

Night game isn't great in Colombia. That is 100% true. The number of times my friends and I pulled one night stands in Colombia wasn't high. Once you venture out of Bogota - the number gets even lower. Colombian girls don't go out at night to find men to have sex with. Women in Colombia go out at night to dance and show their stunning bodies to the world. They go out to embrace their feminity. They don't go out to find men.

cute colombian girl
You'll have to search hard to find clubs that are tailored made for picking chicks up in Colombia. That being said - I will give you one tip to make nightlife in Colombia much more enjoyable: don't fight it!

Meet chicks online. Meet girls as you go about your day. Then go dancing with them over the weekend. This is how it's done in Colombia. Instead of trying to change the culture to fit your needs - just go with the flow and play by their rules. Sure, it'll cost a bit more, but the country is cheap now.

The tip I'll give you is only to take hot, dateable girls dancing. You'll be pissed if you roll into a Colombian club with a "7" on your arm and every other guy in the club has a cuter chick than you. Online girls should be met before you go to the club with them. Secret Internet fatties are everywhere, gents.

Dating Colombian Girls

 Latin American Cupid 

As you begin to meet Colombian girls, go on dates, get to know them, and make sweet love - you'll want to understand a few more things:

  • Romance: Colombian women love romance. They want to feel that you're sweeping them off their feet. They want to be swept up in the seduction. This may sound complicated to create, but the vibe of many girls in Colombia make it easy. You'll begin to feel romantic, too. Don't be afraid to let a little of your inner softy out in this country. Love has a different meaning in Spanish. Don't hesitate to use the "L" word with latinas.
  • Be the Man: You have to lead any interaction with Colombian women. They want to embrace their feminity, and the only way this can happen is if you embrace your masculine side. Be flirty, be romantic, but be stern and lead the interaction at all times.
  • Flakes Happen: Colombian girls are flakey. This is 100% true. If you don't learn to understand this fact - you'll go nuts in the country. I've seen a number of guys get frustrated with girls continually flaking. Thye just can't accept the fact that it's going to happen in Colombia. I didn't mind it. Sure, it was annoying scheduling 2-3 dates a day just to ensure one girl shows, but I liked the flexibility it gave me. I could flake, too. The girls would understand.
  • Speak Spanish: Some Colombian women speak English. The best ones don't or don't like to. The more Spanish you know, the better you'll be. This doesn't mean you have to have Spanish to sleep with babes in the country. That's not true, but better Spanish does help.

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colombian girls


Number of Dates

In Colombia, you may be going on more second and third dates than you're accustomed to. This is normal and bound to happen, especially outside of Bogota. I'd start with a first date that involves drinking and run the date as you would in the United States. Down a few drinks and push for a bounce back to your place. I got about 50% of my dates back on date one. For reference, this percentage was over 90% in Peru. If she won't do it, then see if you can get a make out in and bid her goodnight.

colombiana sexy
Try to have date number two at your apartment. Start by offering her a bottle of wine on your balcony. If she balks, then continue pitching the date and add in cooking her dinner. If she doesn't budge on coming straight to the crib for dinner on date number two, then you have a choice to make: take her dancing on a weekend or drop her. If she's a hot, high-value chick - take her out dancing. If she's not - drop her.

If she refuses to come over after two dates and a night out on the town, then she's playing you. Be more careful of playgirls in Medellin.

Keep Women in Colombia Around

I like Colombian women, but I wouldn't say they're are far superior to women from other countries until actually dating them comes into play. These girls are fun and nice. They like to take care of their men. I loved having a Colombian girl come over and cook for me. Homecooked meals, kitchen blowjobs, and homemade sex tapes. Yeah, if a woman in Colombia is into you, then you'll be taken care of quite well.


There's not much more to say. Colombian girls have their faults just like all of us. Some guys absolutely hate the women in Colombia. The girls from the country have a unique vibe that doesn't match with a lot of dudes. My vibe matched well, and I really enjoyed my time in Colombia. If you like cute Latinas and the possibility of surgical enhancements - then I'd advise you to check the wonderful country out, too.

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  1. I stay right here in DC and slay tons of Colombian au Pairs;never have to leave my city. They all act like sex is sacred and they won’t do it then they turn into freaks by the third date.

  2. Its pretty much consistent.. The day game is on point .. I’m a day game affectionado .. I’m in Cali got strict rules though.. If you ain’t a 9 or above .. Friend Zone, period.. Don’t waste time hosting less desirables.. Don’t spend nothing above coffee and pan level unless you can get spot on the team . .. Its a numbers game here.. Dudes here don’t have apts solo.. But they do get chicks.. Obviously (plenty with kids).. Don’t need a car.. Uber money will do .. You can rock the best Restaurants for chump change.. You can maintain a dream team for pennies on the dollar.. USD & Euros makes you King.. But not totally necessary.. Gota have some espanol swerve.. Maintaining is not dropping cash daily.. Many don’t have the time to be with ya daily(work,family ,kid responsiblies ect) .. ( bad mistake, for them ) but to your advantage.. Leaves you free to interview.. I adore it in
    Colombia can’t think of a better place to Base Camp out of..( I only miss the Peanut butter and the Chocolate ) but I’m good!

  3. Highly offended by it! I’m Colombian, these stereotypes are the reason foreigners think all Colombian women are scorts, have fake breast, and will do anything for money! We are smart, femenin, hard working and the most important full of integrity. This post just promotes “Sex turism”. I considered myself attractive, smart and I will never compromise my moral integrity for money!
    The fact that you’re giving tips how to date a Colombian shows how fucking insecure you are. Just be your self and you’ll able to find an amazing “Colombiana”, with all those insecurities I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of whores. Money is all you need for that matter!

    1. Highly offended by the truth ahahaha. Worst advice you could give is “just be yourself”, Colombian girls don’t care about your personality, they probably don’t even know what means having one. Just plata plata

    2. Ahhhhh …. I don’t mind at all …it’s plenty of putas and it’s legal ..their kids get hungry you know .. …I wish to bring my solterones gringo friends to get them laid .. haha .. guys go to locombia ..bring your dollars and have fun…yolo ..

  4. After all of the drawn out posts and ideas of dating them here’s a simple question.Since it takes that much effort why date them at all?I’ve lived in Medellin for 13 years now.I’m a Caucasian American blue eyes woo woo so what !!!! I moved to Medellin because it’s cheap and good weather that’s it.Women hit on me quite often but that doesn’t blow my hair back.No has the most meaning in any language,I use it daily,use it often. Chow

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